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Thank you for the feedback anyway :)

Thank you Yahweasel for the video! I really appreciate it! :)

@pangri Thank you :) We are working on a simplified but polished mobile version of the game. If you people want to get information about that follow us! As a small indie studio we can not have enough supporter ;)

@spacecat We are working on a mobile game based on Alien Ark. Due too the limitations of smartphone / tablet controls we are focusing on the race part of the game. It is a lot refactoring work to do and also some new stuff to add. We will try to sell it for some coins.. Hopefully some people are interested in this type of mobile game. Spread it to the world :)

@Handmade Games Thank you! Note that the code was made under time pressure.. :) If you are interested in the procedural planet generation take a look at our open source library for that. It contains a litte editor to create infinite worlds. Unfortunately we had no time for documentation until now. Just follow @NTM_Games for updates.

@apricotjam If we got time we bild a linux version as well. But the jar-file from the mac/win version should run on linux as well. If you are interested in the world gen code take a look at: This is the library we wrote and used. It will be documented as fast as possible.

@mmachide We relay appreciate your nice feedback! The fly / land mechanic is not perfect. We tried to make it less frustrating by make the ship indestructible for some seconds on launch.

@Grayt Apps Thank you. I wish we had enough time to implement the save function to make the progress persistent. This is missing for a complete game.

@Radnap Glad to hear that you like the game. This is very motivating to try even harder. We choose the music to get a mystical retro-scifi mood. Maybe this is not the right mood for everybody. Unfortunately the "impression that the ship is really slow" is not just an impression :) The ship attributes need more balancing. Currently it is a bit frustrating slow at the beginning.

@agmcleod Luckily we had the chance to work on it every day.

Nice and scary too :) I did not defeat the big alien until now.

Nice animations and music! This is another game where you search an artifact :) .. and is that the Final Fantasy menu sound?

Nice game! I am about to understand what every item is good for :)

Thank you David! Reminding of No Man's Sky was not intended but we noticed that while we developed the game :)

Nice :) Have fun!

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Hey Merijn thank you! Did you try the new version 1.0.2? There is much going on if you enter a planet.. It is difficult to say whats the problem. If it is still a problem in the new version let us know.

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Looks nice! This its an interesting article. Maybe you should change the missile sound :)

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Hello, this is a new progress update of our game Alen Ark.

We want to have random generated planets to explore in the game. To create interesting landscape we are using our own tool called Opus that we will release with the sources of the game. This tool comes with a handy editor that combines noise functions and store the results in chunks.

In this video every height value of a mesh is represented by a rectangle in the mesh. To create a connected surface we improved the mesh creation algorithm. In the next video we can see that the surface is now a grid of connected triangles. The normals of every vertex of a triangle is pointing to one direction (instead of calculating the average of the neighboring triangle normals). This leads to a non smooth shading look. We also alter the topology of the grid in some cases to achieve a better looking mesh.

We are also experimenting with the style and colors of the game. The following concept was made to find the right look. Do not expect that the final result of the planet screen will look exactly like this concept :)

Stay tuned and visit Nuke The Moon and follow us on twitter

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in this dev log we will show the progress of our game Alien Ark. "We" are Nuke The Moon and Friends.

In our fist meeting we discussed the main mechanics of Alien Ark. It will be a roguelike planet exploration game where you land your space ship on procedural generated planets. On the planets you can find several artifacts. Combine those artifacts to create new alien crew members that will improve the attributes of your ship. Improve your personal landing skills to save precious fuel for your ship.

The game contains three screens:

The Solar System

Navigate your ship trough the solar system to enter the orbit of the planets.

The Planet Surface

Land your ship on the surface to collect artifacts and items. Choose a good landing place to avoid damages to your ship.

The Ship

Combine 3 collected artifacts to create new alien crew members. The crew members can improve the attributes of your ship like fuel consumption, required landing space etc.

Stay tuned to get more news about the progress of the game :)


we are Nuke The Moon And Friends: 3 experienced Java / libGDX developers and a talented game artist from Hamburg Germany. The official channels of Nuke The Moon are @NTM_Games and But we have personal channels as well @lovisbrot, artstation/mechanika and @HofmannLuca. We cant hardly wait to start developing and see the work of other teams. Have Fun!