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Alien Ark

explore planets, collect artifacts and craft aliens · By Nuke The Moon

Tips & Tricks

A topic by Lovis created Jan 18, 2016 Views: 1,517 Replies: 6
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How to start?

First, try to follow the tutorial. It advises you to visit the first planet.
Make yourself familiar with the controls. Use the Arrow Keys or W,A,S,D to control the Spaceship, but don't fly into the sun, it will grill you :-)
If you entered the first planet, head straight for the first Artifact. It's marked with an "A" on the mini map. Collect it by landing close to it. You can land the ship by pressing the SPACE bar.


There are 3 different Types of Artifacts: Operators, Values and Attributes.
Combine all three of them to get Bonuses for your Space ship, such as higher Fuel Capacity.

Energy (Fuel) and Shield

Always plan your routes to the Artifacts. Collect Shield and Energy but make sure you have enough left for your way back to the planet portal.



The Mini Map

"A" - This is the location of the closest artifact. In this case, it's 0.3 km from your position.

"(S)", "[E]" - here you can find Shield / Energy

"(E)" - here you can find the Planet Portal to return to the Solar System.

"(R)" - Find the Race here. That's basically your mission objective. Try it, but you might need to collect some Artifacts first...

Collecting Artifacts

It can be tough to get very close to an Artifact, so you should strive to improve your Item Collection Radius as soon as you can.

Landing Tips

Press SPACE to land your ship.
You should always try to land orthogonally to the ground, pointing the cockpit to the sky. Try to move upwards a little before landing.
This way, the Slide is less (you can also improve this property with artifacts) and the chance of hitting something upon start is basically 0.
Remember that starting costs you some additional Energy, so you should not start-and-stop over and over again.

Hi Lovis,

I tried your game as it looked so good in the devlog already :) But i do have a bit of a problem. The moment I try to enter the first planet (pressing Enter on the keyboard or left mouse click - while flying over the selected planet) the game stops and is closed down completely. Am I missing something? Oh I am running the windows version on Windows 10.

Developer (2 edits)

Hey Merijn thank you! Did you try the new version 1.0.2? There is much going on if you enter a planet.. It is difficult to say whats the problem. If it is still a problem in the new version let us know.

Hi Nuke, I tried the new version and that works well! Thanks! I will need a bit more practice flying that rocket...


Nice :) Have fun!

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I am really sorry. It looks like a awesome game, but I don't think its my cup of tea. Looks alright though...


Thank you for the feedback anyway :)

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