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Love the game! I had to force myself to stop.

At the beginning the tutorial is incredibly hand holdy for such a difficult game. For the more complex tricks I can see why it's there, but I don't think text is a good way to teach the tricks. The videos in the background work well though.

Imho you should get rid of the talking and move all of the tutorial into the background, or at least make the tutorial skipable. With the current difficulty of the levels it is clear that the game does not target the casual gamer but someone who has played games before and likes a bit of a challenge. I think it's safe to assume a certain degree of competence.

Very impressive. Can't wait to have a look at the code.

Great name, weird idea, and even though it's debug graphics I kind of like the look.

I played some more and enjoyed it. I like the variety in enemy design, it's well communicated how each one works, really well done. 

What I would have liked to see is some sort of branching levels. Something like a fast route that is hard but super fast, but when you fail that you could still take the alternative route which is easier but a lot slower.

There were again a lot of shards placed in some remote corners and now that I know what they are for I was more motivated to collect them. I think I understand the motivation to place them off the main path, to pose a challenge and encourage exploration. But after getting two upgrades my interest in shards went back to zero as the upgrades where underwhelming. Frankly I did not notice the increase in jump height and run speed. Maybe instead of an increase in jump height give the player a weak double jump instead? I guess you have to keep the upgrades small to not unbalance the game, as you can not predict which upgrades the player will choose. All levels have to be beatable and challenging for all upgrade combinations, right? I imagine this could be a ton of work to balance right.

Maybe it would be a good idea if the shards weren't a currency and instead just gave the player a boost. Either instantly or one the player can spent at will. This way shards of the path would hold the appeal of an investment "Will this detour make me faster in the end?" I think this could open interesting level design options and player choices. The upgrades could then be collectibles in the level. It would not matter as much if the upgrades are insignificant as the investment for the player is smaller. I regretted my upgrade decisions and wished I had spent my hard earned shards on something more effective. If I had just found an upgrade in a level I would have been ecstatic. It would have made me more willing to explore the levels, too. This would have the benefit that you could know which upgrades the player could possibly have at each point of the game, making it less work to balance.

I stopped playing at the 2nd giant encounter. The unskipable cut scene where the giant stands up is just too damn long and I could not endure seeing it one more time. It's ok to make a hard boss, but if you make me suffer through a cut scene instead of letting me back into action as soon as possible, I will be gone quicker then a free steam key on /r/gamedeals

I like the game and I think it has potential.

The part that was most fun was the rapid movement, zipping by obstacles swinging from point to point. This is where the fun was for me and I would like the game to focus on that and to encourage and reward me for doing so. I think these collectible white dots (I have no idea what these are or do) just distract from that. The game was considerably less fun for me when at first I tried to collect all those dots. Once I decided to ignore them I had a lot more fun.

The graphics are very stylish and well done. Personally I think the whole neon pink/green look is overused these days but that is just me I guess. All those effects are juicy as fuck, good job in that regard.

The level "encounter" was very weird. I was stomped by a giant, could no longer move and was stomped again. The level restarted I got stomped again by the giant but this time he didn't finish me off, but instead walked by. I recovered and finished the level and tried it again but there was no giant this time. I don't understand what that was about. Was that supposed to happen?

I think I finished the first zone. Progress was displayed at 44% but I have no idea where to continue from there. There doesn't seem to be a second zone. Is that just where the demo ends?

I hope you answer all those technical questions Bartek Szczeciński raises, as I'm curious myself how you achieved all that with LibGdx. I hope you find the time to post some code samples or what ever, this could drive some traffic towards your game if you post on /r/gamedev

Great game. The times required are really harsh, but that makes for a fun challenge.

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it :)

You use your mouse to cut the hedge. Hold left mouse button, drag the scissors (red line indicates where the cut will take place), release left mouse button to perform the cut. That's it.

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Galactic Ovary Department

I'm a bit late to the show so I couldn't really put in as much time as I would have liked to. I'm still satisfied with the result (considering my time constraints).

As an employee of the Galactic Ovary Department (G.O.D.) it is your job to spread life in the universe.

Fly your ship close to planets to spread it's precious load across the solar system.


  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Deaccelerate
  • A - Steer left
  • D - Steer right
  • Space - continue

Source available on Github

For your art assets use public domain or creative commons stuff if you have trouble making it yourself. This jam allows this. is your friend.

I'm Janus and I'll be working solo.

I have a bit of Game jam experience by now, with 5 Ludum Dare compos under my belt and one other game jam here on itch. Of course I made all with LibGdx.

My best game so far is Art Treachery which not only runs on a Raspberry Pi (Win, Mac, Linux too) it also will be displayed in an arcade machine in the British Library.

Thanky you for posting this :)

I'm crunching hard on my entry. I don't think I will finish on time so I will submit my incomplete game now.

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Thanks for the details.

Is diagonal input possible with the joystick, for example up and right at the same time?

Also can we use pre made assets? What are the limitations, which licences allowed? For example could I use music licensed under Creative Commens Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs?