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This game is a beauty! Reminded me a bit of collecting artifacts in mass effect

nice atmosphere and puzzles

hidden feature: AltGr ;)

the background was really cool, it sarts easy but after the chargers get involved its really tough :). as far as i can see there were no gravitational forces on the planets, maybe this would have been a nice additional feature. good work!

@CiderPunk :

blocks would have been nice, maybe in a future post Jam version. Also you are running out of Health, not Time. I started implementing randomly spawning Aid-kits to restore some health but couldn't make it on time. Would have been a big plus!

stayed on this one longer than on other entries, overall good Work!

good game and graphics, you can play it with someone or make it a 1 player multitasking game :D the second option is pretty hard

i like this one, nice graphics, can be pretty tough though :). good job!

nice game! sometimes i get stuck in the ground :D

graphics, audio and mechanics fall together into a nice coherent game, well done!

@miffy thanks. yes i wanted more than i could deliver. Since i am somewhat new to libgdx i underestimated the time i had to put into the project. I had to experiment a lot and had no real gameplay 2 days before deadline. But its ok i learned a lot :D

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The Deadline is approaching and I couldn't write log entries as much as I wanted to. Partly because I couldn't settle on a gameplay as I had to dive into new topics an play around and see what was possible, and partly because of lack of time to code in the first place. At least I documented my microachievements on twitter.

But now i have free time straight until the deadline :). I'll try to finish this game. If I can't do it for the Jam then afterwards. From time to time I think I can take pauses from coding and write about stuff I've done. Let's do it

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(this log entry is overdue)

Let's start with this whole dev log thing. I was going back an forth in my mind with the idea and don't know yet if i can make it happen, but I came up with a Master-Plan. Before I'll elaborate on that lets start with some insights into our Story.

"Space Gladiators" (working title)

The Game takes place in F-City, which is orbiting the Earth. Initially build by the world-community under the project name "ISC" (International Space City), it was meant to serve as a space harbour for planetary exploration and also was the number one and only destination for space tourism. As the city grew it became more independent and was ruled by the citizens. But one day the government of F-City was overthrown by Red Roin who was until then a major figure in the underground of F-City.

His rule was harsh and fierce which he and his loyals justified as being necessary for the survival of the city. Children were taken from their parents and raised under his control in slavery. Some of them learned how to fight in combat once they turned 10. Gladiator fights had become part of the entertainment industry in F-City. With the age of 18 those children had to take the challenge in the F-City Arena. If they win the challenge which consists of 5 rounds they were promised to be freed and gain acces to all districts of the city.

So where does our story start?

Your name is Dest, you are 17 years old, you are one of those enslaved children and tomorrow is your birthday .....



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Finally came up with an idea and created the Dev Log, i think it will be challenging but starting with a minimalist game and iterating on it may lead to success. I'll have to use AI and Tiled for this, which i never did until now.

Now doing some research. More on the game later.


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Hey everyone,

I was playing around with libGDX some months ago and started programming my first game which i couldn't finish yet.

So the reason for my participation is to learn more about game dev in the process and to finish a small project, which hopefully keeps my motivation up for further projects.

Tools i will use are:

Inkscape, Krita, Spriter, Garageband, box2d

Happy Jamming!!