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Sea of Goblets DevLog

A topic by Sea of Goblets created Dec 20, 2015 Views: 616 Replies: 4
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After brainstorming yesterday I decided to make some strategy game about a conflict between planets in a solar system. The graphics will be minimal, maybe pixel art to give it a retro lookI will post more detailed infos as soon as I see how the first prototype turns out and provide a link to a repo.

I did not have much time in the last days, I was quite busy with christmas preparations and family and the next days will be similar but then I will certainly find more time.

In the meantime I developed the game idea a bit further:

The game will be called Galaxy Conflict and is a strategy game similar to the well known board game Risk. Instead of countries the player has to control and conquer planets in a solar system.

In this solar system a lot of planets are traveling and orbiting around the sun. The player and 3 AI players are trying to conquer the whole solar system. The other planets are controlled by factions without expandation ambitions.

For each planet a production mode can be chosen:

  • Defense
  • Ballistic Rockets for attacking planets within a certain range
  • Fighters for attacking and conquering other planets

Will see how the mechanics turn out ...

Submitted (2 edits)

I have now added a random generated galaxy with planets and factions ruling them:

Next step will be the fighting system. There will e no random results or luck as the battles always followe these mechanics:

- 1 defense unit will destroy 2 attacking fighters before getting destroyed itself

- 1 fighter will destroy 1 fighter before getting destroyed itself

- 1 fighter will destroy 2 missile units before getting destroyed itself

- 1 missile unit will destroy 2 defense units before getting destroyed itself

There will be some additional rules about the fighting e.g. the fighters have to destroy the defense units before the missile units can be attacked but I will try to keep this as a simple a possible.

I have been quite busy coding in the last days and I am really content with my progress. A one-month-game jam is really a nice thing, one has got enough time to try new things and tweak a bit but not enough time to polish everything to death. Additionally minor code smells are acceptable. I changed some points of the game mechanics as they seemed to be too cumbersome and impede fast gameplay. So I dropped defense and ballistic and added infrastructure instead. The player can decide whether to produce fighters or improve the infrastructure instead. With an improved infrastructure, fighters will be produced more quickly if the player switches back to fighter production. The screenshots already shows some fighters (pixels) orbiting around the planets. Image and video hosting by TinyPic In the next days I will post the link to my repo if someone is interested.

Finally we submitted Galaxy Conflict and this jam was really great fun!!

Hopefully there will be many more annual libGDX gamjams and we promise to care more for our dev log next time which we really neglected this time. I am really looking forward to play all the other entries!