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Thanks!  Yeah I forgot I made this and playing after all this time I am definitely spooked myself.  Just bummed that it got DQ'd from the game jam I was in, I probably would have learned more Game Maker.

It took me over a year, but I have released an update I think you'll like.

Any game (preferably something that can run in Web / Windows) prominently featuring the fox is acceptable.  For example: if you wanted to recreate a Tetris like game and all the pieces were different colors of the fox.

Check out entries from our last jam to see how the lobster image was used:

Week 1 has ended, hopefully you've started work on something!  But if you don't even know where to start, maybe these fox facts will help you out!

* Foxes eat insects, small reptiles, and birds.

* Foxes store extra food in hidden caches.

* Fox hunting, which is now outlawed, was made possible using scent hounds (usually Bloodhounds, Beagles,  or the aptly named Foxhound).

The Citizen Kane of Royalty Free Lobster games.

This is amazing, a little difficult but fun and great use of lobsters!

Thanks for playing & love the thumbnail!  Also I've been working on an update to make it more than just a senseless punch fest, hopefully you'll check it out :)

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed!  Try the new build, I just added score tracking :)

The game looks interesting, but I can't play it mainly because I can't see what is happening and don't know the controls are.  It looks like you have some screen scaling issues, would like to see a post jam version to fix this so I could play!

Love this!  Great UI stuff, story is always appreciated, and love that SFX and those graphics!  Great job on this!!!   There was some issues with screen scaling for the intro text crawl (some of the next was off screen), and not sure if I running into stuff actually did any damage or anything, but other than that it was awesome.  Also loved the meteor in the background of the first stage and like that all the stages looked very unique.

I like the idea, you don't see the old GTA style games done anymore.  It is pretty hard to play without a map or some sort of compass to the drop off location or some more specific building identifiers (everything looks the same).  Also sometimes the controls feel a little weird, like I'll go forward and then all the sudden change direction while I am just pressing the gas button.

Very funny idea!  I have no idea how the scoring works, but love the concept and the dialogue is great.  Also love the Banjo Kazooie-esk grunts that play as the dialog progresses.

I like the different car looks, was the idea that you wanted to have powerups that drop?  Also controls feel a little stiff and there seems to be a weird bounce to everything.  Nice job though, makes me curious to try and make a game with Phaser!

Love how everything looks, I will have to try out those Mixamo models because that is awesome.  I do find that sometimes I take damage from some invisible enemy and I'll just die  in a certain amount of time from it.  Which is kind of frustrating, wish I could just endlessly beat up on monsters.

Nice simple game, good music and sfx, and the sprites and effect look great!  Always impressed to see what people can do with Pico-8.

Great job with the UI! Also I love achievement hunting, that was a nice touch. I keep getting killed by Berserkers, trying to find them weapons! I wish you at least started with some form of attack to defend yourself

Yeah I wanted to make multiple levels of finger training so that clicking could scale along side solar power autogen, but just wasn't able to fit it in on time. Glad you played to the end! :)

Interesting idea! Although I think standard RTS drag and drop selection of units would have worked better than placing flags. Also some sort of indicator that when aliens are on a planet that they are taking it over, I wasn't sure if I was doing it right until the creep appeared on the planet.

Very creative and lots of fun! Love the audio, especially the main robot move sounds.

Looks great and fun idea! Poor robot, some people are so mean to him, but he's always smiling.

I do wish there was a way to run and I also wish you could tell who you can interact with other than memorizing names, like maybe mouse cursor change to a bubble.

Good ol' Tower D! Love that there is no flying units and you can just obliterate everything. I do wish there was an end round and the units were a little bit bigger, but overall really fun! Played and an hour already flew by :)

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I love Tiled, I've been using it for years! Also I love that support for it hasn't wavered after all this time; the Tiled team always been pretty great about frequent and regular updates. Keep up the awesome work and props to making this tool which has saved me countless hours of trying to make my own inferior toolset :)

I really like Man vs Machine or Replaceable! Maybe we can have a vote at next meetup?

Really got down to the wire, but I was able to put the finishing touches on Mars Base Sim and submit! A lot of stuff didn't make it in, but I really wanted to focus on making a complete game experience with win/loss conditions and in that I succeeded! My UI is pretty ugly, but hopefully Overlap2D figures out issues with HTML build so that I'll be able to use that for next time! :)

Here is a preview of the 1.0 version in all of it's button pushing glory!

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I was tired of not knowing all the things, so I combined screens! Here is the new main screen (trying to figure out how to set areas to default sizes so everything doesn't shift places when you add a new item):

And here is the current state of the Rover minigame (currently a very slippery slidey rover, which is still something I need to fix):

Progress! Spent too much of the holidays partying and playing games rather, but determined to get something submitted by January 17th! Each section of the main screen will be a widget with it's own component mini game - the main one being clicking for more charge. The rover one I am still playing around with, but it'll probably be a whack a mole style game where the rover sensor will detect minerals that will pop up on the screen and you'll have pick them up manually.

My first idea ballooned out of scope almost immediately, but I really liked it, so I went against my instincts and tried to go for it anyway. Bad idea! The idea was for a one man traveling Space Band that gets sent to space stations to restore sanity to engineers that have been isolated for too long. They idea was for a point and click like adventure where you'd have to find out what kind of music they like, macguyver parts of the ship into the necessary instruments, compose a song, and the perform it. It just became really art/music heavy, two of my weakest skills and especially dreadful as I am working solo.

So I've scrapped everything and I'm back in the game with a much simpler idea: a Mars Base Simulator. It will be a single screen game where you are the first human to Mars and you'll be responsible for building out the base. Unfortunately a Martian dust storm has thrust you into darkness, so all of your equipment which is solar powered has been disabled. It looks like you'll have to power the entire base with the manual charge button on the head console, time to get to clicking and switch over gear from solar to finger power!

At the moment, this game sounds very similar to cookie clicker, but hoping to add enough differences to make it feel like it's own thing. One idea is that the first thing you'll be able to power will be a 3D Printer that has just enough material to print a rover that can mine more material to build other components to make maintaining the base easier. Hoping that each component with have it's own mini-game mechanic, so it won't just be all clicking!

Here is a screenshot of what I have so far, very simple so far! I had to scrap all my Overlap 2D stuff because it caused a ton of issues with HTML build, which is the target platform for this game. Hope that get's fixed soon, because I was really looking forward to using Overlap 2D as it made it incredibly easy to layout ui elements, but oh well, have to make progress somehow and more importantly need to finish before the deadline!

If this was a normal length game jam, I'd be in trouble! I am being really indecisive in these first two days with what I want to do; I've done a couple space games recently and I think I'm starting to space out on new things to do. I have a couple ideas, but nothing set in stone, yet. By tonight I am hoping to have an idea locked in, fill up my task board, and maybe even start coding!

I'm Jason. I left my job as a mobile developer to found Broken Shotgun. I've been a huge fan of LibGDX, but I have been recently experimenting with other game engines that have more comprehensive tool sets & IDE's (Unity, Unreal).

I am excited to play around with new stuff like Overlap2D, Spine, and not to mention all the new updates that have come to LibGDX since I've been learning other stuff!

I usually work alone, but I'm always looking for people to collaborate with! If you still don't have a team and want to work together, reply to this comment! :)