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Thank you ! that means a lot :) 

This is a runnable jar file you just need the latest java install and double click should run it. 

:) nice, played a round with my son he seemed to enjoy being fatman

Getting stabbed by homeless people while chopping up carrots has never been so fun xD nice game!

Lol very fun game, first couple of levels i thought it would be a cake walk because of the unlimited jumping but after 4th or 5th level it got quit challenging.

haha love the idea of the reporter trying to get to the scene first xD really nice.

great game :) i really like that some levels have different ways to complete them.

@Mojko. you need to have java 8 installed in order to run it. then you double click your runnable jarfire. I should have made that more clear. Either way all it is is some animations and very primitive movement in the game scene. I had to set a timer for it to run out since i didnt actually program any game mechanics into it xD.

i was expecting a generic side shooter . This is much more man :) l was not disapointed.

i think i found a bug in the slug cave. when getting the blue icecream at the lower left side of the cave i lose the ability to wall climb for ever and then i become stuck.

very fun game :)easy to pick up but its hard to master.

Really like this game. great simple idea it really works :)

@Darren - Thanks man , really appreciate your comment :) Yeah there is still lots that i meant to add but just didnt get the time to do so. Like secret secluded areas in space that can only be reached via warp engines(unimplemented module). Also had plans for an over all end goal aside from all the different ways the game could currently end based on your decisions.

Ill write a dev log post on it lol again thanks :)

love all the screen effects .

enjoyed this gaem :)

very nice game :) it is well polished.

great game man :) going to keep my eye on this one.

@pnktrepwood - yeah i initially planned to add more event types and pace the game accordingly but unfortunately i ran out of time . Glad you liked it :)

couldnt beat the first level haha its tough :)

tried it out man , looks neat and pretty old school , i like the concept although i didnt understand how the resource management worked. i took over the whole map regardless :) built battleships until all the little buildings were red and then mine.

Thanks :)

haha nice man , made it to the level with the blue guys then it got pretty tough. i was too slow and they would just wreck me. Fun game though :)

woah man , as someone before put it. This is brutal haha love it:)

man i sure do love isometric games :) i had a feeling elias was up to no good...

Holy s-- dude this game is amazing! The only thing that held me back at the start was not knowing the controls. Went to the page and read up the controls and then i was off. seriously dude nice game :) all it needs is a minimap so that i know where im being attacked.

@Broken Shotgun - yeah i meant to give players the choice to either receive a mining module and engine boosters(which is what you currently start out with) and a rail gun and some energy shields. Module hunting is a but hard at the start i agree. I was also told this by my tester.

@Sea of Goblets - i actually have a current build in my local directory that marks places that you left loot at. So if you over mined a node and didn't have enough capacity to carry it all you could come back later. But idk if we are allowed to change the download jars now that the submission period has ended.

Thank you both for your compliments :) you are very kind.

its actually really good, would have liked to play a more complete game of this.

made it to level 10.. those chargers are pretty insane hehe

perfect 5/7

That said... i still played til the very end hehe

The solar panels become too op. i think i only clicked up until i could buy my first solar panel.

i died and then it would kill me each time it respawn me.

boss got rekt

i could not figure out how to collect the meteors after messing about for about 10 minutes.maybe im just bad

yeah if you visit the game page there is a small how to play written to help get you started. I couldnt fit it in the game

Thanks man :) was just making sure.

Created a new topic More Rules Pls

Can you explain the rules a bit more. I know all games must be completed within the jam hours but here are my questions.

Are we allowed to use assets that were created before?

Can we use an existing engine or codebase?

Is there a theme we must follow?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello everyone had not posted for a while due to personal issues but hopefully everything is back on track :)

So i will continue to pursue the vision of the game that i posted about earlier in the design document i posted.

first thing i did was get something up and running. Using the libgdx framework i made a simple game window with randomly spawning objects

that slowly fall down towards the player.

At this stage the "game" still did not resemble a game but i was glad to have something going. The next step was to try and get the player to fire towards an enemy and have that collision registered.

So the player could fire now but the underlying physics engine(box2d) was behaving like a physics engine lol. This meant unnecessary interactions between projectiles and enemies so i decided to make the projectiles sensors and this way they only sensed collisions but did not act upon them.

My daughter(6yrs old) was really interested when she saw me programming and asked if she could help. Me being so excited about her interest in my hobby pushed me to say yes and she began by drawing me a spaceship. The instructions i gave her were simply "make me a dog's spaceship" lol.

This was the result: so i immediately started working on game mechanics. I implemented a basic scoring system some health and game ending conditions for the player. Also a GameOver screen so that it would be easier testing things.

Still far from done but it is looking like a game now.

Pretty simple design document. some variety in enemies. maybe have not decided if i will make it a gaunlet style game or something with "stages".going to try and get something up and running with basic movement and enemies.


Created a new topic [Dev] Power up space shooter.

hey guys. i will be making a generic space shooter with power ups and different enemies. hopefully i can make something that i can enjoy playing. :)