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To minify or not to minify?

A topic by Willis5 created Nov 15, 2017 Views: 337 Replies: 2
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Hi all,

I literally just joined, as I want to enter the Game Off competition I found through GitHub. I haven't had a chance to go through and understand the philosophy of this site. So I want to know is it OK submitting my code minified, or is that not in the spirit of things?

I'm new to programming, and am writing a text adventure game in Javascript, and want to get off to the right start. :)

I think the point is to have the code legible by other , so that they may learn from what you did. Minifying would make this a tad bit more complicated. 


If you really want to Minify your game source then you can have two branches on your GitHub repo.

One minified branch and one non-minimfied so others can still access an legible version of your code.