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A jam entry

70s Dad Drivin'View game page »

Submitted by alligator with 23 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 19 people so far
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Awesome and finished game, really loved it :)

Just one minor complaint: it is not easy to read all the text while driving... maybe it will be better to show it for a while after finishing quick time event? :)

fun little game :)

What an ending!

Nice arcade game, easy to play and understand. I played several times. Arrows part is welcome, it's really effective !

My favorite so far, congrats!

I loved the humour of the "arrows do other thing" :-D

However I always ended up reading the text and hitting the car somewhere

(Edited 1 time)

Short game with good sound and graphics. It was a great experience !


This game is awesome. The difficulty and length of the game seemed just right for this type of game. What did you use to make the music?


Thanks! This was made for the PICO-8, so all the music and sound effects were made inside the PICO-8 editor.


Wow, that was a ride. Great job!