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I've made some balance changes for all platforms now: should be harder now :)

Slow motion is intended as it was difficult to aim throws in realtime :)

I agree with @Rasco, changing countdown to timer could be nice.

P.S. I don't have android phone, so i have to play in unity editor :)
Try to make WebGL build: it is pretty simple to do in Unity... 

Cool game, managed to get 14410 points :D

Well, check mine too:


Nice game. Totally agree with @gumballstudios: bear must be more responsive. Maybe it would be better if everything will tick only when bear is movin.

Awesome and finished game, really loved it :)

Just one minor complaint: it is not easy to read all the text while driving... maybe it will be better to show it for a while after finishing quick time event? :)

Well, technically it is not endless, but it is very hard to beat ;)

Really liked the game.  I've never had Model 100, so for me this game throwbacks to the old 9999-in 1 pocket tetris :)

 It would be nice to add some sound to the game. 

P.S. High score 283 ;)

When something hits you - you move  back a bit. When you are too close to bisons - you lose.

Yeah, it's too short... but is was made only in 72 hours :)