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Łukasz Żmudziak

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Finally! Someone did shooting right! Good job ;)

Game seems really polished! Just why I have to wait so long and freeze myself to shoot ;) Other than that it's pretty cool!

Awesome, smooth animations and fun soundtrack! Animation of falling during crawl is intentional? I like it ;)

I'm not sure if it's my PC but game sometimes freeze for few frames while moving camera, also camera lerping could be much faster! It would be nice to have camera show what's under the player when he crouch for a while. Great work!

It's awesome to see how good 3D graphics can be generated with LibGDX library in hands of good graphics programmer. Definitely best 3D graphics of the jam!

I like this one! Nice puzzles and fun companion mechanic. I just feel that controls could be little simpler.

There are some rough edges with web version but overall great game! I've played it to the end!

Thanks! I'm working hard to be as good graphics designer as possible!

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My name is Łukasz (@lukz_dev) and I'm developer behind libgdx game Angry John. You can check my smaller LibGDX projects here.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to do something for the jam but I'll try!

Good luck!