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I really struggled to build the bridge, I seemed to be only be able to build one piece. Other wise I like how it played reminded me of lemmings killing them repeatedly.

Great work, I would love to be able to code this. (goes and stalks the source code)

I love the almost surreal nature of this game and how smoothly he walks around the planet.

There is a lot going on here, you have implemented an impressive number of items. It would be brilliant if you could start from scratch with limited options to help you learn what is needed on a space station.

Really pleased when I got them all, it kept me playing

Very pretty and feels solid

I really liked the feel of this game, very smooth. Would be good if you could dog fight to complete an objective, it feels so close to being able to do that.

very rarely can you shoot things and make them better :) , I didn't notice the space craft was a strawberry

I really liked how peaceful it felt floating through space, I was very pleased just to get home let alone collecting space gems.

Good work, How did you find overlap2d? this is the first time I have used it.

Those puzzles took me longer than they really should, the two robots working together was fun.

I really enjoyed this game, looks good and was easy to understand with the quick tutorial. It has a solid feel to it

Damn those spikes I am full of holes and the first example of a Space Colander. Well done good game

I personally welcome our crocodile overlords, they seem more efficient than our native postman. I really liked the idea, still not finished I got to level two, stupid things keep killing me.

I found it really tricky, any hints and tips? Learning to wall jump over the deadly water took quite a few attempts. Well done for meeting the deadline 10 minutes before.

I have no idea how to make a 3D game like this, it looks spectacular. It reminded me more of Super Air Diver on the snes :)

I love the sound effects, they worked really well. You introduced the concepts well through the game, I can't believe that guy left me for dead.

The way the spaceship tips is cool, it would be great if it affected the player. Running off the end of the ship is funny, judging by your twitter feed you wanted to do a lot more.

I like the orbit mechanics and it was fun bringing the asteroids in. How much Metal do you need to win?

I really like the simplicity of this game, I played it a few times and died a lot. I would like to try it with faster lasers and asteroids from different directions. I saw in your devlog you had them rotating but I could only get them straight. Maybe I am so bad I failed to get that far :)

Thanks jfsaaved, finally got it running I really liked it. I wanted to find out what happened next. It has a solid feel and the menus worked well. I like that you wrote the music too, it gave it a chilled out vibe to get hunting to.

Thanks for the comments they are very nice, I am happy for my first game.

Ps the vinyl was made from gold in real life to stand up to the conditions of space, I found researching this game really fun especially trying to understand the instructions on the record.

Probably something wrong my end but using the window mode I cannot get passed the start screen, I can flick between the options but not select.

The fullscreen jar gives this error

java jar space-hunter-fullscreen-mode.jar

Error: Could not find or load main class jar

People have obviously got it working so wondering if anything had changed?

I will try on my Windows machine later, currently on linux.


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Hello all,

I have been doing my devLog on my blog, sorry about that didn't realise. Here are the links

Intro page LIBGDX Jam Life In Space

Development video

Sending Messages

final video

using overlap2d

Debugging and polygon Components

Creating Fade in and out with Overlap2D

Hope you all had a good Jam


I'm Ryan, I am fairly new to LIBGDX and want to use overlap2d for this project. I am looking forward to learning a lot and getting to meet the community. I am currently living in Bratislava and you can read my game entry blog here.