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Make some noise!
Submitted by hankworx — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
Some drum MIDIs but I think that's it.
The percussion sounds on the cieling are from

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This is well put together as an audio exploration experience! I loved your explanation on the wall; I need something similar for my entry.

The keyboard on the floor to control the looping audio was a nice touch! Have you ever played The Talos Principle? In it, you control your character as a recording, then hit replay so you can control yourself and a ghost of yourself moves around as recorded. It would be cool to have some player-defined audio loops based on a second character moving as recorded by player control.


Thanks for playing and your input! I have played talos principle and was considering some methods to loop sounds, but i never considered 'ghosting' the player in such a manner.  Cool idea! Someday I'll come back to this project and I'll definitely try something like that!


A musical toy! That is great!

I had quite some fun with it. Kudos for allowing to switch between minor and major, and for letting play with a full keyboard (instead of only notes from the scale). There's even a sheet on music theory! Actually, I would have like to also have somewhere the tone and chords of the music, just to improvise more easily on it. But finding it by ear was also fun, so… That works too I guess.

It's simple, but I like it. A great entry!


Simple concept, but well done! Had a lot of fun messing around and playing tunes.

Very nice idea! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Pretty cool little virtual piano room!  Nice work on the extra options too.  Keys would feel more reactive if they changed color or moved a little when played but works well enough as is -great job!


Thanks for playing and for your suggestions! I had intended to do the piano key moving/change color thing but never got around to it, but yes you're right, it'd be much more responsive. Thats one thing that will definitely occur next update :)

I am unable to play :( I downloaded the windows version, the logos show, the title screen gives me the option to "begin" but not matter how much I click nothing happens. :( I can click "quit". I was looking to remain silent to see what happens. :P So my rating is based on what I saw on the youtube video. It looks like it would be a nice fun way to jam out or relax while listening to music. 


Hmm alright thanks for letting me know! I was having issues with my buttons not changing color when mouse hovered, but they still worked for me. I'll have a look later. Maybe you could try a different resolution or windowed mode? I might just remove the menu altogether.

Okay, I'll try that and give it another go


Sorry for the issues you encountered. I've uploaded a new build where the main menu just requires a mouse click anywhere to continue, if you'd like to try again :)


It's a pleasant little music toy! Nice selection of samples. Some kind of an objective would be welcome, like a method to escape from the room by performing some series of musical tasks or miming a tune or something :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing! I plan on updating over time, I was considering some little music lessons. Maybe some acknowledgement when you play a classic tune. I thought about saying 'you win!' if you play smoke on the water or something lol

Simple music lessons to follow along with would be a great addition, and that'd be hilarious to give a special reward for Smoke on the Water or any such classic riff like that. Great ideas, best of luck with it! :)