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Awesome game, very inspired. I'd love to help out with environmental audio or music - hank#8350 on discord if you're interested. Best of luck with the game :)

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Hi I'm an interested musician and a unity generalist. Would be happy to help out with music/sfx. Also an experienced writer willing to help or proofread/ playtest.  hank#8350 on discord if you'd like to discuss things further. Best of luck!


Ha thanks :) I too enjoy the way he moves. Like he's late but he didn't wear the right pants to run fast.  

Ha that's ok I'm still confused too. I started this as a palette cleanser from so many serious projects and it never really made much sense from it's conception. And I spent way too much time on the dumb music video when I shoulda been working on the ending. Thanks for playing.

Like confused about 'how' to play or confused about 'why' to play? lol I can't help you with the why part. 

Delightfully weird. I like the importance of a hat or a hat-like object. Took me a second to figure out the hen-hole thing and I felt dumb when it took me so long. I wanted to bring the hen with me afterwards and it ended up being my downfall.

I was smiling the whole time playing this game. Great usage of guilt immediately over the first orc kid. Nice twinges of humor and plenty of unexpectedness.

The 2d sidescolling was a bit fugly to play, but I still endured it because I wanted to see how it turned out. As others said the camera jumping was a pretty bleh and it felt like the wizard should have been moving before he actually is. I think if you lowered your axis requirement for movement it would help? Like it's waiting for input=1 and maybe it should wait for input=.25 or something.

The police fight wrapping it all up was pretty great. This wizard killed many orc kids, it makes sense the police are after him. I really liked the baby flashback too. We never think of our characters as babies. Good entry!

Neat little game. I'll echo a lot of what others said here. Innovative mechanics but I found the controls a bit cumbersome. I also went right for the Z button after respawning only to die immediately. Maybe it might make sense to leave the selected 'bit' highlighted after respawn. This took me a few levels to understand the mechanics completely, and by the time I understood them, the game got a little too frustrating for me. Also, the music is probably my favorite thing about this game. Nice job :)

Delightful artwork and scene movement. Good usage of audio. The lovecraftian narration set a nice oppressive tone to contrast the child-like traditional art, but it did seem weird to really be considering turning back after coming so far. And we all know the only truth we'll find is going to leave us more befuddled and confused than we were at the start. The choices were nice, not for seeing their effect in game, but for making the player ask themselves their own answers. Also, good kitty. He's a good boy.

Cool game! Neat cinematics at the beginning and end. Gave me some vibes from The Forest and I couldn't help but think of the Island of Dr Mureau just by the title. Some of the rough bits, like the enemy animation not matching movement speed, almost gave it more of a clunky horror charm. Nice usage of audio throughout.

My biggest complaint is the collision detection and slope movement, lots of rocks to get stuck in and lots of slopes almost seem like the player can't climb them, until you get just the right angle.

One other suggestion is changing the underwater movement somehow so it doesn't feel the same as above ground movement.

All together it's a cool game! Nice usage of the theme and it's nice to see some focus on cinematics.

I'd recommend you'd list some controls in the description because E was one of the last buttons I pressed. This is a pretty neat little first effort though. Nice art and usage of lighting.

Nice one! Good pacing all around. The UI work is great. The journal is a welcome break from the same text box. The character art looks terrific moves around the stage nicely with the scenes. The last background at the cliffhanger was also super cool. Excited to see where you take this, and I'm wondering if the pieces I was putting together in my head are part of your puzzle :) Awesome entry.

Ah man, I got so mad. No way I can get past level 4. Hurt my head in a good and bad way. Really good job.

Funny little concept, but my reaction time is awful. Some clearer instruction would be helpful, and it almost doesn't make sense to read the description after playing. Maybe something just like "Match your inputs to the shape" if you don't wanna spoil the unexpected parts haha

Neat little platformer but as others said, I had no success wall jumping. Reminded me of Thomas Was Alone. Also that jump sfx could use some variation, gets quite fatiguing quickly after so many repeats.

Pretty hilarious. I made up an extensive back story in my head for the 13 minutes it took me to cover the table. I kept questioning why the waiter wouldn't take the sauce away. Could use more pizza though.

Thank you for this and you are also awesome.

Nice job on the art and boss mechanics. Quite a menacing fruit bowl. I thought I found a sweet spot at one point but it only lasted a few seconds. I'm awful at these games so I knew I didn't stand a chance. It'd be cool to have some pickups or powerups around to change mechanics a little and encourage the player to move around a little more. Some sound effects and music would also go a long way.

Godot was giving me a looping error when I tried to reach the boss on the right. It would spawn the bullets only and no boss.

At: servers/physics_2d/physics_2d_server_sw.cpp:739
ERROR: Can't change this state while flushing queries. Use call_deferred() or set_deferred() to change monitoring state instead.

Powerful stuff. Had me hooked beginning to end. I, too, found it oddly (extremely?) relaxing, especially some of the stuff about itchy hands. It felt deeply personal, yet also distant. I really liked it, but I have some suggestions.

The traditional FPS style controller doesn't suit the visuals well in my opinion. Every long corridor I got to, I'd look at the end and take my hand off the mouse because too much vertical movement gave me a headache. I think something like traditional doom controls (up/down movement & L/R rotation) would suit it more appropriately. It's nice too look around but the vertical camera movement almost seems unnecessary the way scenes are rendered. Vertical camera movement also gave me a bit of a bug on the river where the red texture disappeared/reappeared at different angles.

Subtitles would be such a welcome addition. I found myself almost dissociating from the game to listen to the narration to make sure I clearly heard every word. The voice acting is so well done, as is the other audio here, but when the music and atmospheric sfx are going with VO, I start lending less and less attention to the VO.

Great work for a one man expedition. I only say so much about the negatives I saw because I like what you've done so much.

Impressive! The graphics and art direction are spot on, and I too was reminded of No Face by the monster. Everything about the visuals was over the top. A little buggy in certain spots, going through doors after death and such, but nothing game breaking. The chase and hiding sequences were well spaced and implemented. Just enough challenge but not enough to be frustrating. I also like how much danger there is in the act of running... kids love to run though. What really brought this to a whole new level was the animation. The player character and monster animations (switching direction!) made the whole world feel aware and alive, the water effects were also a very nice touch. Awesome entry.

Very cool style, lots of potential here. The movement is a little cumbersome although it is appropriate for the underwater setting. Nice pixel art and the monster does look very threatening. Could stand to have a little more UI. I wasn't certain what I picked up was the artifact until I got back to the entrance. Also as said before, great death animation :)

Oh no.... I've been hacked.

Weird little game. Weird little questions. Never passed the test. The one question has the same response for both answers, but one has a period. Grammar is a little all over the place. Neat little idea to explore though. There is a dark sense of humor behind the minimalism here.

I was so very close. I'm a terrible platformer. Plenty challenging and frustrating. I tried a lot haha nice effort. I found myself asking a lot of questions about who put me out in the middle of the water and why am I fully clothed but it altogether made the experience more enjoyable.

I mean... at least I knew to turn my speakers down first. Kudos for having the nuts to share this.

Awesome intro, art style, and animations. Flare effects are super cool too. Really liked the way the camera moved with the player and switched shots. I'd recommend some UI prompts for the switches and ladders. My first time at both I pressed a lot of buttons before I got the correct ones. Very impressive for no engine. And a considerable amount of polished animation and shots.

Nice bitsy 3d game. Nice pacing, delivery, and usage of sprites. Could use a little more variety in the environments, something like a side view of the beach maybe. Good implementation of lovecraftian elements. The hero is warned to not seek the knowledge, but they seek it anyway, only to be far worse off than they were at the beginning.


I loved vertigo temple and this feels like a nice expansion on the ideas you started. Nice to see more characters added into the mix and the silent protagonist works very well. I didn't like any of the characters at first (especially Shawn), but ended up growing on all of them (especially Shawn). The chase does feel frantic and the lighting/visual effects have such a nice polish. The mixture of snes ff-style sprites and VN sprites is a nice combination.

Great soundtrack. The first piano theme has a quirky sad but hopeful vibe to it, perfect for all the characters. The track that plays after things get hairy has a very chrono cross-y vibe to it, great waily bending notes. The folk song is also a nice touch.

The story seemed a little slow at first but did quickly pick up the pace. I found myself enthralled about the past of all the characters and thought you guys did a great job of telling us about the past in the present.

The gray box behind the VN text almost feels out of place against certain backgrounds. One background blurred the textbox on the left while it was very apparent on the right, and I found myself focusing on it to see where it really was for some odd reason.

One other quirk I had was similar to some moments in Vertigo Temple where I had been real confused about where to go. The last chase in particular, the 2nd time the monster spawns. I failed half a dozen times or so until I tricked the game logic to getting past him. It almost required figuring out how the monster changes rooms in the game logic and then using that game logic against the game, even when the logic itself defies normal locomotion (although its a 'ghost' so it kinda makes sense). It was the biggest (and really the only) immersion shattering moment for me. Altogether, great job guys! It's awesome to see you guys continue working together and expanding on your previous ideas.

Typo : at the first transmission when you're at the computer (forfeit says 'foreit')

Environments feel oppressive and abandoned. It feels like a freighter and it feels lonely. Nice mixture of open spaces and confined areas. Impressive sized level for the jam period, although some signage (or a map!) would be welcome in a level this large. 3d design reminds me of Quake 2 and Silent Hill 1 (which is quite a pleasant combination to me). There is some nice varying texturing throughout, but also some plainly obvious hard lines where 3d objects meet.

The story and note system was well done (another reminder of Silent Hill) and I've been known to indulge in Lovecraft. It presented just enough to allow the player to fill in their own blanks. Audio is nicely implemented but it feels like the the 'tense' track is cued a little too often breaks immersion slightly after so long. Also a music track at the game over screen would be a welcome addition too.
The UI looks very smooth and clean here. It all feels real nice, polished, and responsive. I did feel the text when reading the letters could have been a little bigger though. I couldn't help but feel the most fear while repairing things (akin to Alien Isolation). Standing and waiting, feeling like a sitting duck.

The monster design feels slightly out of place due to the style of the 3d environment. It looks good, but it is out of sync with all the other visuals, which might be because of the texture.

There's a lot of good here. I'd imagine most of my suggestions were considered and scrapped due to time constraints but... A map (and possibly way point system?) would do a project like this a lot of good. A conglomeration journal would also be neat to read page by page after collecting them. It'd also be cool to see the monster pursue you in other ways. I'd also suggest some mouse sensitivity and field of view options. Oh and also... not enough game over screens say "YOU ARE DEAD" anymore, so I think that'd be cool. Nice work, guys. :)

Great job. This caused some physical reactions that I wasn't expecting. Nice usage of choice, UI, and pacing. The humor along the journey was a nice a icing on the cake. Also, the ending was just perfect.

Well written and tense narrative. The themes reminded me a bit of Labrys' story in persona 4 arena. Nice usage of ambient audio and Tatiana's artwork is very nice. As others said, visuals for the other 'animatronics' would be very cool to see the distinction between them.

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Neat little platformer and kudos for the rolling pumpkin. As others said the physics and ground detection is a little unforgiving at the worst times. I'd suggest trying to make more usage of the up/down input movement in the game mechanics because the 2d platformer inside of me only goes left/right instinctively.

Delightful character art and nice scene art as well. I liked the UI (nice red outlines), the graphic design, and the memory card collecting. The overall mood was thoroughly unnerving and the audio served the atmosphere well. The story was very tense and had me questioning everyone's perception of morals and reality. 

There were a few questionable things that came up. I was confused about who the character player is in the scene, are we the remaining surgeon? I also couldn't help but wonder if the ending scene was part of the 'memory' or not. 

Very creative submission and interesting direction. Nice work!

Thanks for playing and your comments. You're not wrong at all about the cartoonishly evil thing. I wasn't too happy with the way I fleshed out any of the characters, especially the npcs. I kinda backed myself into a weird corner as the story progressed and didn't like any ending I came up with. Thanks again though, glad you liked it.

There is a lot here for one dev, nice work. There are some small graphical glitches, and you can almost always tell the doors that will open by the shape of the wall. The lighting is a little extreme ocassionally when the lighter is on. But it definitely captures the Layers of Fear and PT vibe and has a nice variety of things to experience. Nice work.

Very cool action rpg. The enemies move quick and demand a quick response. The character portraits are very nice and Lira has great eyebrows. I like the color usage and spritework too. 

Very atmospheric and remniscent of PT. The camera jerks got a little intense at times, and there were some slight graphical bleeds (behind the locked door). Nice 3d models and unsettling arrangements. The camera did seem a little too far zoomed in, like the FOV wasn't quite right. It felt like I was seeing the inner 2/3rds of the screen. Overall, very cool little game.

Pretty unsettling and alive. The word phallic came to mind a lot while playing. Are the teeth rooted to the earth and capable of swinging movement? Great animations. The world feels raw and disturbing.