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Hmm ok thanks for the heads up. I'll have a look into it. I assume you were playing the webgl version?

Ah ok, neato. Glad it's not a pain to look at :)

Thanks for playing and commenting, although I'm not sure if this is a compliment or if you are stating its not 64*64?

There is a Windows version available for download. The game is hardly optimized due to time constraints and has  a considerable amount of things to render.

Thanks for playing and commenting. I overscoped (as I usually do) so there was a substantial amount of minor content that didn't make it but would have given the game and it's existence a little more meaning. The name kinda came up in conversation and ended up being weird enough to feel appropriate. Now you ended up on the list for playing the game.

There is a gate across from the gas station and another big critter waiting for you. Glad I could make an impression on you :) Thanks for playing and commenting.

Oh boy do I suck at this game. Good job, I think.

Wonderful game design. Impressive amount of content for a weekend. Even with the bare minimum of graphics it comes alive (although some SFX would really help!). Music is all well suited to the environments. Fun and addicting to play, although Mount Dynamo beat me up good and I couldn't beat it.

Nice one. Could be very polished with some small additions to gameplay, like fixing poles, different weather types, or some added visuals when you click on a pole (connectable poles highlight or something). I like the humor and especially the graphic setting. The music gets repetitive quite fast. Great work though. 

Game design is pretty quirky with the restriction of looking up and down, and I seemed to have some aspect ratio/scaling issues with the UI on both webGL and pc versions. I do like the dual hand controls but a nice feature would be the ability to 'peek' up and down. The game does build tension about why you're closing the door. With some sfx and appropriate music it would create a lot of atmosphere.

I had the same problem as Penguin and had to fish my mouse around until I found the buttons with no cursor. Other than that I thought it played well and fit the theme perfectly. The visuals are nice along with the lighting. The sound fx are nice, although the game BGM gets old fast when you die a lot.

Thanks for playing. The pallets are pretty much un-pick-up-able haha I wasted a lot of time trying to make them work right and no matter what I did the collisions seemed to give up six inches off the ground. Really the more I tried to fix them the more broken it became so I just kinda ran with it. 

Cool idea! Lots of nice visuals for a weekend jam. The level design is pretty cool but it seems like the lighting is a little off. Seems to have lots of potential though, would be nice to see what you continue with!

Very cool art style and gameplay idea. Took some practice to get down, as do game jams ^_^ The visuals all complement the game nicely, although the font is a headache to perceive. I also appreciate that the mountain dew hydrates you.

Impressive stuff! Nice variety of weapons, enemies, and map sections. The collisions can be a little funny (sticky?) against the walls. Also, the "Restart" button didn't work for me at the "You are dead" screen (may be my browser?).

This is quite good. Good rate of difficulty increase and nice balance of traveling/charging. Could use some extra visuals and color perhaps (although I like the pizza), and the music/sfx leaves a lot to be desired to match how engaging the gameplay is.

Cool execution of ideas. The backgrounds are very nice. The mixed art styles are a bit conflicting but mixed media would suit things well. I'm awfully terrible at it though, no clue how to get past 2nd level ^_^

Ah whoops I forgot all about that one, I intended to close that off. Thanks. And no that's not the hole I mentioned. ^_^

This is quite a nifty little idea. Lots of opportunity for clever puzzles. And very good music for your first try! Nice work would be very cool to see elaborated. One suggestion I have would be using a different button to 'go back' as space bar often effects web browser windows.

Most of what I have to say is what the other comment said. The title is fairly opposite of how to succeed in the game. Could use a variety of challenge as the enemies pose little threat and little likelihood of hurting you if you spam the shoot button. Maybe the sprites of fallen enemies could be hazardous for a span of time to limit your mobility?

This a clever idea! Its quite sadistically fun. With some wonky SFX and graphical&gameplay variety it could provide hours of fun.

Thanks for playing and for your kind words :)

Ending hints: You have to retrieve something from the well & listen to your ringtone (headphones help).

In the game edit page you click More > Admins and add their itch user name.

I'm pretty confused. Is there a way to continue after listening to the audio clips? It's a cool idea and a neat premise, I'm just lost and directionless >.<

Impressive visuals for 72 hours! The lighting and graphics work out very well. I found the gameplay a little meticulous and boring, especially when I accidentally forgot to turn a light off. Also the BG audio stopped looping at one point and I was just wandering in a quiet house. It would be a neat idea to expand upon, but quite honestly I didn't have too much fun while playing this.

Thanks! I used orthographic camera for the outside shots and perspective camera for the indoor shots. I used 3d text for the interactions and used a separate camera for GUI. I'd recommend using 3-color gradient lighting and adjusting the color correction curves. The lighting is also pretty important for the color gradient system. I ended up using just one directional light, everything was in one scene. I'd suggest changing the color gradient and then the lighting, rinse and repeat until you're satisfied. :)

The cat lady and silent hill were the main inspirations for this so keen eye ^_^ I'm glad you made a connection. I didn't spend quite as much time with the audio as I wanted to. There are bg sfx for the woods, the pond, and also footstep noises, but I turned them down a lot. Also the HTML version doesn't seem to handle the audio quite like it should. Thanks for playing and your kind words!

Nice lil platformer. Pretty tough! Found a bug where I jumped forever until I hit jump again. The audio sfx definitely need some adjusting and the difficulty/ai could use some too. Also it'd be really nice to see the gun circle with where you're aiming.

Terrific job, its perfect. I'm so bad at it.

Thanks for playing and your input! I have played talos principle and was considering some methods to loop sounds, but i never considered 'ghosting' the player in such a manner.  Cool idea! Someday I'll come back to this project and I'll definitely try something like that!

Shows a lot of polish from all angles! Very impressive for the time constraints. The art is delightful. I like how people start rocking out before you do. The music all works with the rhythm inputs quite well, but there are a handful of times where the inputs don't quite make much sense. The metal song at the end was a nice switchup too ^_^ One thing I can suggest is maybe reworking the display of the input. It requires you to look at the little corner of the screen instead of perceiving the whole game.

It's all functional and present, but I can't say I found the game very fun. The music is nice but I found the gun sound fx somewhat draining on repeat, and was fairly disappointed when the music didn't change speeds with the gameplay.  As others said, it was unclear at the beginning that you had to click on the enemies. I like the background images and the character sprites, but the player animation look a little wonky when running (mostly because the upper body seems static) and it almost seemed like the enemies didn't even attack. The game seemed far too easy and the jump button wasn't necessary, maybe you could add some platforming elements to it? Spikey pits, ring of fire, etc. It's not bad work necessarily, I just think it could use a couple coats of paint and a little more originality.

Charming game! There was a considerable amount of tension built from the audio of the tuning violin, let alone the projectiles :) The rhythmic aspects were also well implemented. Also, great antlers.

Boy this one hurts good! I don't have anything bad to say about it except maybe consider having the music play and loop on despite restart/death, I heard the first 5 seconds of the song so many times. Great work.

This is quite a humorous project, and well done for a weekend jam too. I'm really glad the bar patrons don't stick around to tell me all their problems because then I'd never play any piano. Like some other players said, two things I'd recommend are slow n steady increase in difficulty and a "3 strikes and you're out" policy instead of messing just one up. Very cool stuff though!

Sorry for the issues you encountered. I've uploaded a new build where the main menu just requires a mouse click anywhere to continue, if you'd like to try again :)

Thanks for playing and for your suggestions! I had intended to do the piano key moving/change color thing but never got around to it, but yes you're right, it'd be much more responsive. Thats one thing that will definitely occur next update :)

Cool stuff! Its fun to mess around and ignore the customers. Controls could use a bit of streamlining, and maybe some more audio involving the customers (like the sims babbling maybe?)  but I did actually enjoy the challenge of meticulously putting bills in the register haha nice work guys.