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Thanks for your videos, glad you like this project. It's my personal favorite too. I sent you a message on discord.

The voices are a nice touch. Just the right amount of weird (bananas are keys). It does a nice job of telling you what to do, except I think I had to figure out the shoot button for myself. The game does quickly get frustrating once the screamies come out and get you. A checkpoint system would be a welcomed agitation reliever. Nice work, humorous entry.

Intriguing stuff. Feels like something that could have been on DOS back in the day. The flashlight works nice and the adjustable feature is also a nice touch. With some more focus on audio, story, and game design, this could be something really special.

Terrific writing. It really paints visual pictures of what is happening, even from the camera angles. The alarm scene was such a nice touch. Good use of audio and limited visuals, which deepen the atmosphere. Nice entry, and impressive usage of twine!

Sorry for the confusion. I did originally have a different transition there with a clearer destination, but I somehow deleted it in the late hours of the jam. The elevator segment was a quick replacement where I neglected to inform the player appropriately.  

After the elevator goes up, there is a trigger near the entrance that activates a different part of the level.

How very strange and surreal, yet scarily believable. It reminds me of 'Idiocracy' in that sort of way.

The background images are very nice and set the tone, but the music is a wee bit all over the place (which makes sense I suppose, though it reminds me of its game-y-ness). The language and descriptions helped capture the whole 'not give a fuck' about everything that brought us there. Who could be concerned about the temperature when we've all got to focus on our cocks? And how is cockneck to go on missing the one thing that made him who he is? Nice work overall, +3 Fahrenheit.

I'm redoing my first game published on itch ( LARS ) . I'm turning it into more of a point and click meets visual novel graphic adventure, with additional and refined story, environments. and animations. Inspired by a lot of old dos point and click games. I've got a lot of work to do, the original game is a mess, and I'm hoping the jam will motivate me to finish the project.

Hey this is a neat little idea. Nice execution of the 'emotion' switching for puzzles. Would like to see some more elaborate puzzles and a little less rage. The music had to go off after two deaths because I was going nuts already. I'll agree with everyone else and say going back to the beginning of the level would be the most important feature.

This is a delight. I'm actually in the middle of finally watching season 3 of twin peaks. I love the billboard sprites, the atmosphere, and game design. Each level has its own unique horror gameplay. I got a bit frustrated in the bob segment, so ended up watching the rest of it on youtube. It's a hefty and thorough experience for being made within the duration of the jam. I really like the dos-iness of it all. The main downside to me is the audio, tracks have very noticeable looping points, and some of the sfx & character dialogue volumes are so far from each other that it reminds you of its "game-ness." The audio during the alleyways was a nice touch, but I felt the enemy reaction was just a tad too quick when the audio left. This is a great entry though, its exactly the kind of thing I'd like to make and play myself. Also... I don't mean to be a spoiler guy... but is the player Cooper passing the time for those 25 years while Lynch does whatever the heck he wants? It almost seems glaringly obvious, but I still feel the need to ask.

The camera angle screams for a mini-map or navigation of some kind (I'd personally change the angle though), other than that it's a cool prototype. It almost feels like it should be more of a platformer than a brawler. I see some similarities to old ps1/n64 platformers that would be neat to explore, especially with a spookier theme.

Ouch. I feel slightly taken advantaged of but also extremely guilty. Good job.

Nifty little concept and impressive usage of bitsy and twine. It would have a lot of atmosphere with some proper audio. Interacting on the fire screen was quite humorous to me. Nice work.

Nice story telling, art, and atmosphere. The lack of BGM was off putting at first but almost seemed appropriate with the story after some time playing (although it could certainly use some BGM). The graphics are terrific, they're what set the tone for the game and the story. The dialogue really does nice a job of telling you a lot of information in a low amount of words, although I left feeling pretty confused about the ending. Also, there are a few grammar mistakes (you're/your) that I couldn't help but notice, and those tend to rip you right out of the experience for a moment. Overall though, great work. It gives the player quite an experience.

Humorously humorous and simultaneously chilling! Some of the rhymes/choices/text were nice touches (scamper). I found as I went on, I tried to read it all faster and faster, somewhat adding to the tension of the story but also I grew irritated with the 'rhythm' I had been reading to in my head. Nice work overall.

Awesome work.  Very personal and mature, yet retains some kid-like wonder. Sad, surreal tale, especially atmospheric for using Twine. The audio is well suited to the atmosphere and the delivery of the story. I left the whole experience feeling bewildered and betrayed, as if I deserve an explanation as well. Sorry for your whole experience. Hopefully making this could give you some form of the closure you've been looking for.

Really nice concept. The UI functions are a nice touch. The characters are a delight to look at, and would be awesome to see with some more tiny frames and animations. The blue background is a bit of a harsh color for my eyes to look at and read. The prose is somewhat incomprehensible too, as was the times. It would be cool to see a tale like this re-imagined in a more understandable and modern dialogue. Personally, I'd love to see a Lovecraftian game similar to this :) Good job, best of luck in your VN pursuits.

Sure. As long you guys learned something, which it certainly seems ya did. Wasn't trying to be a prick in my comment, just honest. 48 Hour jams can be pretty tough to scope appropriately.

Cool stuff! Very dark. Reminds me of The Cat Lady, which is one of my favorite games. Sets a nice mood with the limited visuals and simplistic controls.  There's some fairly outlandish typos throughout the game, but they almost seem like the belong in the more maniacal parts.  Could use some more background music/atmosphere throughout, the music that's in it sounds appropriate but the areas with no background audio kinda detract from the experience.  I really like what you've done, it just feels a bit sloppy. Would be nice to see further developed!

Botched is a visual novel-esque game created in about 3 weeks for Darktober game jam using unity and the fungus extension. It's a very dark tale that's meant to make you question your own morality, question your own well being, and make you feel bad.

I'd greatly appreciate anybody's comments or constructive criticism. Thanks for your interest. :)

Notes: Contains depressing content, adult language, and some brief nudity. M+ rated.

WebGL runs a little laggy, but still fully functional. Recommend 800x600 display for desktop users.

Heh, funny little game. Nice UI and implementation, everything looks like it belongs. The artwork is all quite nice too. I knew better than to make friends with any of the rich kids. Tyron is pretty cool. This would be interesting to see fleshed out in different ways, or for different holidays haha. Nice work.

This is a nice lil cute game. All the tiny monster sprites are pretty adorable, their animations are such a nice touch. The music and sfx are well done, although sometime around level 9/10 the music starts getting very repetitive, maybe a second track would be a nice change? Nice usage of Donald and is the other Ted Cruz? haha Final point: its 2018, we shouldn't have to keep all races and colors of monsters together, come on now. But good game, good job.

Story of the Mirror is pretty dang cool indeed. Been meaning to get to Realm of Abhorrus. I also really liked Just Passing, haven't played the other two you mentioned yet.

Lips Like Vellum is one of my favorites I've played so far. Very dark and weird, feels like an early 90s dos game. Really twists your insides around. The kind of game your grandma would buy for you because she doesn't understand this stuff, she just knows you like computers, and then you're messed up for life after that. Thanks grandma.

I'd also recommend These Remains (and not just because I made some tunes for it). It's a challenging retro hacknslash that takes some serious perseverance to get through, and is quite fun (when you succeed anyway).

I've still got a good handful to get through myself. I'm quite intrigued by your project Bloodmane. It originally looked to me like you were just throwing assets in and calling it a game, but you made them yourself.  Awesome!

I'm also intrigued by Nightmare of Game Development. So very relatable...

Cool gameplay, nice graphics, and hidden paths are a nice touch. It does lack originality and a real defining point/purpose. I'm unsure what my goal is as the player and not sure what it all has to do with the sins mentioned, other than final score. Could definitely use some music of some kind as well. Not bad work at all necessarily, just a little aimless.

Nice graphics, quirky gameplay. The backgrounds are delightful and the enemies are well animated too. However, the SFX get old very fast. Also, I was originally confused about controls, specifically M1 / M2 for attacks. Pressed M button hopelessly until I realized it was mouse click ^_^ This would be nice with some music and varying SFX.

Honestly, boy this is confusing to me. I understood the concept in the description but failed miserably at playing. The intro and title screen are very well done, but three or four clicks into gameplay I was thoroughly discombobulated. Some of the dialog boxes seemed to not work appropriately on the second try with my browser (firefox). Perhaps the dialog boxes could work within the engine instead of the browser.

Nice little stealth game, almost reminiscent of metal gear. The slowdown on picking up loot is a nice touch too. Good polish for a 48 hour game. Would have been nice with a little more visuals to determine what was hide-able/interact-able. The UI at the start of level 2 doesn't quite fit into the browser window version. The 3d style sfx are a nice touch too. I couldn't manage to get by level 3. Nice use of the theme for greed, although gluttony doesn't seem to make much sense. Overall, great work.

Cute lil platformer, but I suck at platformers, so I also didn't make it too far. I found the platforms moved a little slow. I got game over a few times just waiting for the horizontal platform to move back into position. Personally, I'd remove the duck on the music when you collect coins, or at least greatly minimize it. With such quick sfx, the duck becomes painfully obvious. It'd be different with more elaborate sound design, but with something this minimal, I do not think ducking the music is necessary.

Cool stuff! Manages to keep a hefty dose of reality and current events in the sci-fi landscape.  The UI can be a little quirky (keeping scrolled down after a decision), and I found some of the questions repeating quickly while there were still plenty I didn't encounter. Other than those two minor things, I don't have much negative criticism. Very interesting project, nice work.

Quite humorous entry. The graphics are pretty funny and the physics on the feed bags is funny too. I also like how the reproduction worked. When I got to the $500 upgrade (what I assume was the last upgrade) the game crashed, I use mozilla, idk what may have caused it. I was playing full screen at the time.

Pretty funny entry. You can really feel the sloth in the game design as well. Birds suck.

An impressive inquiry to the true nature of sloth. Makes one question our own morality, mortality, and morbidity.

Heh I had such a hard time getting the apple down, but I did it. Mission complete. The art is gorgeous and the gameplay is inventive. Main complaint is the collision on the platforms can be a little iffy (getting stuck jumping from spot to spot). Would be funny to see this expanded upon. Maybe collect different individual fruits, or take the sloth to some weird places on his segway. Nice work and nice use of theme.

Holy geeze this is cool. So dark and weird. I thoroughly encourage you to finish this project. The only things I can complain about are the controls and the UI can be a little weird (maybe limit scene interaction while the inventory is open?), and the resolution is so tiny it has me squinting. But wow, the mood you establish with what you have here is phenomenal. Look me up in the discord if you want help with audio/music. I'd love to help out! Awesome work.

Also, the build you've uploaded doesn't have a platform added to it (pc, mac, etc) so it kinda looks like you don't have a playable version when you're just browsing on itch.

Nice audio design! I like the graphics and the camera work. I found the game a little too challenging, only managed to get 5 snacks at the most, then found myself getting pinned down. I'm a bit confused about the nightmare being hungry, but you are the one eating the snacks, is the character the nightmare, or does he just want the snacks in your tummy? When I ate the cookie, it said 'juicy' (which was pretty funny actually) haha. Also the jumpscare-ish upon the death was pretty abrasive. I imagine that was your intent but it kinda diminished the horror for me instead of enhancing it. Maybe instead of just having the enemy spawn in the room you're in, you could have it be related to knocking into items that make noise? Spawn more items/trash the more snacks you eat, so it gradually gets harder to navigate without making a noise. Nice work though, its tough to make spooks work in RPG maker, but you did a fine job.

Nice little idea, cute graphics, but quite honestly, not really any fun at all. Reminds me of the children's game memory, but with a lot more steps and frustration. I see you made a note about a bug, and it happened my very first time, which certainly didn't help me enjoy it any more. After three or four books, I didn't have any desire to keep playing. I don't mean to be cruel, just honest.

Wow. An atmospheric horror game made in Pico-8, impressive! At first this didn't seem like much, but surprisingly this had a considerable amount of darkness behind it. I really liked the story and the exploration as the world changed. The music could perhaps be a little more involving, but other than that, very well done.

This is nice. Graphics are delightful, reminds me of earthbound. I really like the way your text display varies. Nice doses of humor in the dialogue, character names, and world observations. One bug I noticed was after giving Gary the salt water, his text displayed outside of the box. It does feel a little too 'fetch quest-y' with the soda machine stuff, but other than that I found the whole experience to be delightful. I liked how everybody stunk at what they did.

Haha this is pretty adorabe, good bit of humor behind it all. I like your graphics and the implementation. The dialogue, navigation, and UI all look very nice. Title screen is  nice too. I had no idea what ingredients were supposed to go in the beverages, but they all seemed to be happy with milky sugary water so that's what most of them got.

Hmm ok thanks for the heads up. I'll have a look into it. I assume you were playing the webgl version?