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I'd be interested in helping. I'm a horror-centric musician/sound designer turned generalist game dev with unity experience. Sent you a friend request.

Well written and tense narrative. The themes reminded me a bit of Labrys' story in persona 4 arena. Nice usage of ambient audio and Tatiana's artwork is very nice. As others said, visuals for the other 'animatronics' would be very cool to see the distinction between them.

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Neat little platformer and kudos for the rolling pumpkin. As others said the physics and ground detection is a little unforgiving at the worst times. I'd suggest trying to make more usage of the up/down input movement in the game mechanics because the 2d platformer inside of me only goes left/right instinctively.

Delightful character art and nice scene art as well. I liked the UI (nice red outlines), the graphic design, and the memory card collecting. The overall mood was thoroughly unnerving and the audio served the atmosphere well. The story was very tense and had me questioning everyone's perception of morals and reality. 

There were a few questionable things that came up. I was confused about who the character player is in the scene, are we the remaining surgeon? I also couldn't help but wonder if the ending scene was part of the 'memory' or not. 

Very creative submission and interesting direction. Nice work!

Thanks for playing and your comments. You're not wrong at all about the cartoonishly evil thing. I wasn't too happy with the way I fleshed out any of the characters, especially the npcs. I kinda backed myself into a weird corner as the story progressed and didn't like any ending I came up with. Thanks again though, glad you liked it.

There is a lot here for one dev, nice work. There are some small graphical glitches, and you can almost always tell the doors that will open by the shape of the wall. The lighting is a little extreme ocassionally when the lighter is on. But it definitely captures the Layers of Fear and PT vibe and has a nice variety of things to experience. Nice work.

Very cool action rpg. The enemies move quick and demand a quick response. The character portraits are very nice and Lira has great eyebrows. I like the color usage and spritework too. 

Very atmospheric and remniscent of PT. The camera jerks got a little intense at times, and there were some slight graphical bleeds (behind the locked door). Nice 3d models and unsettling arrangements. The camera did seem a little too far zoomed in, like the FOV wasn't quite right. It felt like I was seeing the inner 2/3rds of the screen. Overall, very cool little game.

Pretty unsettling and alive. The word phallic came to mind a lot while playing. Are the teeth rooted to the earth and capable of swinging movement? Great animations. The world feels raw and disturbing.

So simple and effective. I was on the edge of my seat running for the doorway. The model, movements, and sound made the character feel so alive and threatening with just the footsteps and minimal sound effects. One thing I can say, the ending flashed quickly before I read the last line. I was too busy breathing a sigh of relief and the ending flashed away. Other than that, great submission!

Very nice visuals and atmosphere. Had its unnerving moments and nice empty suspenseful moments. At first I didn't realize how/when I could open the door and was slightly confused but after figuring it out I found it to be an enjoyable experience with a neat little ending.

Thanks for your praise and critique. I appreciate you guys hosting these jams and participating. I'm a little upset with my submission for its glaring faults, mostly because I wasted too much time, but I learned a lot and am glad I powered through. Playing everyone else's projects helped me realize how much I gotta step my game up too.  

I'm mostly upset that I kinda missed the 'why' of the whole project, characters, and story. A tale like this needs some kinda resolution and reason for existing, and I can't help but feel I missed that. We'll see if I wanna dive back in when the jam is over. Thanks again for everything. :)  

Ah i had no idea at all. I imagine I missed plenty of pickups along the way too. I would kill one or two and run as far as I could get haha

Very cool usage of cranking the flashlight (as well as doors). Nice lighting and level design too, the textures and shaders look great. The fisheye style view is neat and helps to set the PT vibe but some of the camera effects (vhs-y) feel a little out of place (unless you were of course using a camera). I originally died repeatedly at the beginning until figuring out the mechanics. After so many retries, it started to feel more like an avoid/dodge-y kinda game and started to drain on the atmosphere. Overall, great team effort!

This is terrifying in its own subtle and hilarious way. The cinematic quality of the experience paired with the synth heavy soundtrack elevates the mood. The abstract construction paired with the simple shapes and moving parts, the polished lighting and video effects, everything belongs here and the polish is over the top. Nice work.

Ah, ok. I was thinking the power turning on would open the door to the north, but I guess that requires the three keycard inputs first? I got a little frustrated after so many failures ^_^

Fascinating concept, but a bit of a headache for me from the blur and the screen glitches. I got caught in a bug once where the first elevator stopped and I kept on going (stuck against the wall on the right). Very neat gameplay ideas though, really nice aestethic, and I'm interested to see where this goes.

Neat little game with a cool laser-eyed concept. I was confused at the beginning and close to giving up when I found the syringe (didn't realize I needed it) and confused again later when I restored office power, never figured out what that did for me.

Really well done game-wise, but yes the art is a bit of an eyesore. It seems a bit wrong when the in-scene art and damn near everything in game looks better than the player character. There are visual moments that work very well, the elevator moving, the hanging, the monster. I quite like lo-rez and minimalist pixel art, but I feel like if you tried just a smidgen harder at the art and worked on consistency, it would really help with the mood of your projects. But kudos for the theme and the intro, I was not expecting the leap of faith at the beginning.

This is really cool but makes me pretty woozy after a few minutes, unfortunately. I really like the concept of risking your life for a celebratory arbitrary dinner. The graphics work nicely (space windows!) and the character looks good.

Thanks for your detailed comments. Frankly, a lot of things came down to the last day and I got burnt out. I wanted something similar to what you described for the fortune teller but settled for the crude image flop. And yeah, the ending is barely an ending. My original scripted ending (the old man was with the bad guys) really conflicted with the way the story actually told (the old man was just an old man) so I just copped out and ended it.

And Mandy's comments were meant to be portrayed as Robbie's imagination, not reality. I had thought of some things to make that clearer, movie screen projection, different text displays, etc, but that was also another thing never added.

I was pretty confused at first but found this is neat story. The interaction and the text layout can make it a little weird and unclear. After the longer blocks of text on one page near the beginning, I found myself getting a little lost on the long page.

Very impressive for a 10 day jam. The whole game feels alive. The 2d animations don't seem out of place in the 3d world.  Awesome variety of enemies all with their own unsettling traits. And was the a crab hand? I'm convinced that guy had a crab hand. And the tall model with the needle scared me more than anything else in the game.

I found myself kinda wanting the camera to not have the texture overlaying everything. Not that it looked bad but I found myself too hyper aware of it, reminding me of it's game-y-ness. Maybe multiple overlay images fading back/forth or increasing/decreasing the opacity with player health would be a nice touch? Other than that I have nothing to complain about. Got the obvious doom vibes here but it somehow felt like max payne too. Great game overall.

Nice little game. I quite liked your robot and was curious about its origin and story. It took me a little too long to find the crowbar at the beginning. I also noticed some slight graphic clipping when I pressed other (useless) controller buttons, might be a webGL thing, or maybe it's on my end (using firefox btw). I also really liked your music track, even if you made it quick and are not happy with it, it felt like it belonged there, reminded me of fatal frame music.

I love the visuals, reminiscent of ps1 silent hill. The sfx are a nice a touch and everything sets the mood well. I did enjoy the trial and error of figuring out what kills you. Also the ocean death scene was beautiful.

The crafting system is nice, although empty-handed out of the gate the battles do feel unfair. On the first screen I walked into a lot of walls before I found the next room so I'd recommend some kind of shadow/arrow notification on the triggers that move you to the next scene. Interesting set up though, it had me curious about the potential story.

Nice use of choice in the story and fairly unnerving descriptions when paired with the sfx. The colors of the UI did a good job of fitting the moments in the story too. 

Quirky and surreal. Love the art direction and variety of puzzles, though I had to check the walkthrough for a handful of them. The audio set the tone well with the them very well. Everything combined perfectly to set the mood. An option to back out of puzzles and try again later would be welcome, as would some more in depth narrative because it sets up an intriguing premise. Nice combined effort.

Great polish, art, audio, and narrative. It had a twin peaks vibe from start to finish. I really liked the car driving scene and the sheriff was a great character.

The audio for Duane's dialogue was a bit ear-piercing and annoying, all the others' were fine. Like others said, using Lahey's key did feel silly because he was already in the locked room. The laundry room was the last place I checked when the phone was ringing which quirked up my experience a bit. Also the checkpoint being before the phone call seems out of touch after the after death experience, plus a tad frustrating to click through before trying again.

Too real and too scary. I started picking my own nose. The imagery and audio combined with the narrative twisted my insides around and made me respond physically. Scariest submission I've played yet. Great job.

I liked it. It was so alive with the text alone. I got lost and confused and it helped the story make more sense. Very creative usage of twine and text effects to bring it to life. Nice work.

Great work, immediately captures the Dead Space feeling and sticks with it. The goo looks great and feels right at home in the space ship. The first monster scare got me pretty good, although I only realized after reloading the checkpoint that you're told to go back and get a weapon.

I did find it frustratingly hard mostly because I couldn't find enough ammo to stand a chance, and after so long the light flickers did start hurting my head, so it may be worth looking into altering the flickers or maybe an option to turn them on/off? Also there were a few moments, only when going up/down planes where the meshes 'seams' in the background clipped through.

Very impressive polish visually. I really like what you've done. The audio in here is great but could more ambient sfx would really help a lot. I jumped right into dead space mode, but unfortunately that also made it feel (for me) like a bad dead space checkpoint where you didn't have enough ammo beforehand. I don't mean to come down on you hard, I like your project so much and wanted to give you my initial perspective. Great work and I'm really excited to see what else you'll do with this.

This is incredible for a ten day jam. So much polish and depth. Amazing graphics and UI. The story really powers this through and the ending makes all the time worth it. Awesome job.

I'll echo what some others said. Subtitles would be very nice. I also was slow to realize to consume the brain cells after listening and returned later. Although I did remember what each one was as I consumed them so they all managed to have their own importance (and also some randomization would be nice, I too noticed the furthest one was the most negative).

Other than those small things, amazing submission. The visuals and voice acting do a great job of setting the mood and the game allows the mechanics to tell the story to you.

Fun game, neat mechanics. I had my most successful moves accidentally. It would be really cool to see expanded upon with multiple levels and enemies.

Awesome concept. At first, I was thoroughly confused but quickly became engrossed. You captured the dos vibe very well. The lack of audio and direction of gameplay were the scariest things (in a good way!). The simplistic visuals actually had me glued to the screen waiting for the next set of pixels to change. Nice work!

Fun little game. Nice audio work but the abrasive enemy sound is a little too loud. I like the artwork and the mood of the cult-y area. I was a little confused about if all 10 sodas spawn at once or if they gradually spawn as you pick them up. Also I found a sock. Good sock.

These statements are necessary because there are some people that are 'too nasty' and there are some dark corners (not 'horror' corners) of itch. Lots of other jams are very strict about the content allowed, these are not. And I know you said no links but I got some. It's all about the content warning.

Cockneck from Screamworld came to mind immediately. This one you really should just play. Affection And ScreamCity was like, nothing but darkness

And as the hosts said, I suggest you join the discord to chat. We're super nice.

It's 2020 and these statements are kind of necessary everywhere. In my experience with the scream jams, I haven't seen the hosts remove anything other than spam submissions. No game has been too scary or dark (and there has been some REALLY dark stuff).

Your characters are allowed to be bigots and racist and sexist and violent and terrifying and inhumane etc. Your game's existence should not be. I think what the hosts (for the Scream jams) are saying is your game should not be morally reprehensible nor encourage and idealize such behavior.

For the record I'm not a host, just a scream jammer with my own interpretations.

Hehe tormenting fun little mind bender. Nice touch switching levels. I like the way its multiplayer and singleplayer simultaneously. I think it might be a bit more accessible if it moved a tad slower.