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Play with a sound console and enjoy interactive music!
Submitted by Itooh (@Itooh_) — 18 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
Some sounds are sample from Jean-Jacques Perrey music.
Title font is is Arista.

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I can't believe I didn't know about Perrey, even thouh I've heard him everywhere by his simples, thank's for helping me discover him! This is really a great tribute to the musician.

Playing this game also reminded me of a discution we once had on indieMag about what is a game and what isn't :D  The double meaning of the word play (play the game/play the music) is well applied here!

I really liked the somewhat "active" way of listening to his music, I wish it would be longer (ok ok I'm aware it was a jam game made in a weekend ;)!  Also making this technically work seemlessly probably wasn't simple so chapeau bas!

The clean visuals work very well , they are coherent with the general style of the game and the music. If you ever work on this project further maybe you could add some sort of visual animation in rythm that would also respond to buttons. It's not necessary but would probably add to the experience.

Anyway Congrat's on your entry, it's suprising and enjoyable! 


Glad I could make players discover Perrey's music! It's one of the artist we hear a lot on the internet without knowing his name. :)

I also had in mind some visuals for the game! Something close to this Google's doodle. But without a team, and not much experience in that, I know I couldn't fit dynamic animations into the jam. I considered adding it after the jam, but actually I like how the game looks right now. It's one of my weakness, I like keeping short projects close to their "jam spirit" identity. :P So right now my priorities are making it compatible with mobile, and maybe compose a third section. However I'll most certainly use this game's engine in other projects, and I hope I will be able to create visual and musical experiences!

Thank you for the feedback and compliments. Really happy you had fun with it!


Cool music simulation with effectors, also a nice tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey. I'm sure he's proud of your creation.


Thank you! I wanted to pay homage to this artist for a while, and this jam seemed like a great occasion. I even discovered some parts of his career I didn't know about while exploring his work the week before! Overall it was a nice musical exploration.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

With the recent update and the UI feedbacks I finally feel like the master of my creation!

It is a super nice platform to make cool music. It's hard to make a sampler in which every combination sounds good, but I feel like it's the case here! And that's no random chance, all thanks to your ear, taste and skills!

For a game, it is still missing some kind of objective or quantification. Here's an idea using this "tech": limit the user to an arbitrary amount of points: turning an source on will use X points (it could vary depending on source type) and firing one shots will use points each time. The user is limited to this amount of point to make a music which he records and uploads on a page. The best voted music wins. Even with limited time you can make this happen by writing down instructions and letting people chose their own recording and upload means. An jam page could have been used to collect and rate the entries.

In any case, this is still very nice both alone or together through a stream or video. (Music is meant to be shared!)

I hope this helps, thanks for the UI update and see you at the next jam! Take care!


Thank you! This update was really necessary. I underestimated during the jam how important it would be to visually show buttons on/off position! Also really happy to see my music is enjoyable. I'm still a beginner in composing and using DAWs, so that's very encouraging!

As for traditional games mechanics, well, it's not really what I was looking for with this one. I really like in games the concept of just playing and enjoying music, without goals, challenge or score. In a way it's all about the appreciation of the moment. So even if recording it could be a great feature, it would go against the idea of "what only matters is now". My main inspiration is Panomarical, a game about just enjoying music and visuals. Now I won't venture here into the slippery field of what is or isn't a game, but you can think of it as a musical toy. :)

However, I do have some ideas to use that kind of mechanic into another type of game. Basically, instead of directly interacting on a UI with buttons, the player could explore a virtual space (2D or 3D, what fits the best) and find switches to make the background music change! That could be mixed with puzzles, or platforming, or even just exploration. Either way, I will certainly use what I've learned during this jam in other projects!

Thank you very much for the feedback!


Great! Thank you for these precisions! I totally respect your stance on having just the music with no clear goal. :)

I hope you keep making music, and I look forward to see your next games!


Supremely pleasant sounds! All the layers and effects combine quite nicely, I had fun getting to know them. A most enjoyable moogy composition, too, and the polished, minimal interface is very appealing. Really nice work :)


Happy that you like the music! Making the instruments and arranging them together was one of the big challenge of the jam. Thanks for the feedback!


Well done, this project is professionally designed with a clean and neat looking layout. It is very easy to use and the music fits well with no audible mistakes or timing errors. At first I didn't even notice I was changing the sounds  because I didn't read the description lol.  Possibly consider a quick screen transition unless that's a measure in place to keep the time of the music.  Well done and good luck with the project and Jam :)


Thank you! I knew I couldn't make proper visuals, so I tried my best to make at least a clean interface.

You're right for the transitions: it has to wait the end of a section loop to keep the music in sync, with a melodic structure. It can be a bit long for the first section though (the wait can be of four measures).

Very beautiful music! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Thank you! Glad you liked the music.


This is relaxing to just sit back and chillax and tweaks the sounds here and there to add variety. It would make it even more enjoyable to me if perhaps you had the probe lights, or what not, that dance to the music.  :D


Thank you! My intention was to have players toy with the buttons in various ways, I'm glad to know it works.

As for dancing visuals, that's something I had in mind yes… But it wouldn't fit in the jam! I'll sure try it in a next game. I want to make something close to Panoramical, which does exactly what you describe!


Nice music. Kind of fun to piece it together. Maybe it would be nice to have the icons be a little more symbolic of the sound they're adding. Would be nice to have more visuals too. Maybe an oscillator or something, or some colors. 

Developer (1 edit)

Yep, I wish I could have add some visuals, but even before the jam started I knew I wouldn't have enough time for that. Especially since I'm not particularly an artist, and I have still never programmed dynamic drawing. However I had planned some ideas, with a landscape that would change with shapes added and removed with instruments. A bit like what Google did for its Oskar Foschinger doodle. I don't think I will implement the idea in this game (I like keeping game jam as close as their original form), but I definitely will try to do it in a next game!

Thanks for the feedback!


I enjoyed it. Definitely had fun listening to what I was doing with the music options I was given. It sounded good even when I was controlling the music, which is nice. Since I'm not exactly a composer. Keep up the good work :) 


I'm really glad to read this! The truth is I'm an amateur musician, and not really good or at it (and I'm ok with it). However playing music has always felt great, and games that procure the joy of messing around with instruments are my favorite. So yeah, one of my goals is to create games (or musical toys) that allow player to experience the fun of playing music, no matter their musical skills! :)

Thank you very much!


Relaxing to just chill and mess with the music -nice work on the diamond / wah sounding slider.  Cool lil program -nice job! :D


Thanks! I was definitely hoping the game to be relaxing, so that's very good to hear!


Not totally sure what the different buttons do, but definitely like the music.


Thank you! I plan to add some more feedback to the buttons, they are not really clear the way they are.  Though experimental discovery should remain part of the experience.