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Thank you for your comment! 

one of my intentions was to make a satire on people like Lisa. Those "good intentions" people who in reality just don't care about anything and do not want to hear the incomfortable truth that would force them to change their habits or do any action,  who end up surrounded by others like them (people who just care about gifs of cats, surreal vacation photos and other superficial stuff)... and that text about "hate" is actually something I have heard in the exact context... But I understand your anger! 

it's simple but not simplistic. congrat's on that

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

The likes and comments do not have any impact on game progression (it is on purpose, its my personal opinion on how social media work really, that people's opinions are not shaped or changed by it but rather confirmed...). The purpose is more to discover what heroine thinks about these subjets and therefore learn more about her.

I really like how the gameplay serves here the actual message. Good work!

Replied to Ludipe in shhh comments

oh it's completely understandable! when I think about rewarding the player, I think that maybe it could be sometning that could happen in game without adding the ending that would finish it, without changing or abandonning the current design. maybe something like them fighting the poor fellows they do not like, or dancing with those they like. I don't know, maybe it's a bad idea.

Thank's! I really appreciate your feedback

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no ending, that let's the player decide what to do and change subsequently the actions is indeed an interesting concept. I don't know if it's rewarding really, but it surely is interesting ;) anyway the artwork is great.

The concept of turning the player himself into a thinkless machine that executes orders is a very interesting experience. However on the gameplay side I agree with previous comment that the game really needs a fast forward feature, at least on the last days when there is nothing much to do. anyway congrat's on this entry.

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nice game. good writing. I like the clown metaphor

Thank's ! :)