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great thanks !! ❤️

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I was really looking forward to do sth but now I realised the jam is ranked and it bums me a lot.  I feel like it’s not appropriate, not the vibe we aim in the zine community :(


merci contente que ça t’a plu !

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thank you ^^

merci beaucoup ! :)


Ouiiii contente que tu l’as trouvé :)

omg wow

Adorable <3

I just learned about the jam and I’d really like to participate so if you extend deadline line it would help a lot :)

love the aestetics ! although it took me a while to understand what I was supposed to do (but thats me ^^' )

I like the idea ! :) I'd say it's a pretty good material for the gamemaster to describe how player characters fall of the stage ^^

it's fun ! is there anything supposed to happen on different days, or it's just a way to introduce next try ?

omg I love the controls of this ! controlling a row of crowd with a row of keys on the keybord (at least that's how I managed to understand it by playing and by randomly pressing keys , the instructions seem to state someting else), simple but ingenious, they give the chaotic vibe that really suits the punk aestetic. 

and the graphics are excellent !

nice !!! :) the crude blatant metaphore of pigs rooting and dancing for the cool band of not-pigs that is crushing them

I like how this game has an actual gameplay while still being informative and fighting for a cause (and obviously the graphics are stunning ✨)

thank you for your input ! :)

ooh thank you, I hope one day we'll finally get together to play, and I'll be sure to tell you about it <3

thanks for the long review ! I'm glad you liked it :)

I really like your description the Dantesque 5th Circle of Hell punk mosh pit. (I will probably borrow it to talk about the game to my friends)

to tell you the truth there is no proper gameplay to talk about, I implemented some basic collisions and some randomisation regarding the distance of jump (which does not depend on  actions of the player) and  the crowd is moving completely randomly so I don't think the player can actually judge when to jump. It's just about keeping launching the performers off the stage like you descibed until getting bored ;)

thank you <3 it's a result of a series of chaotic decisions ^^

thanks a bunch <3 and I completly agree with you, these characters fully deserve to get into other video games ^^

wow it's an incredible manifesto, it's like you read and are already astonished, but there's still more to read
(and I completely agree with the UrbaneBlobfish, the layouts are stunning

aaa thank you ^^ <3

thank’s, glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t aiming for the laughing effect but I guess that yes this reality is absurd 

j'aime beaucoup le concept de Chibi-moi

merci !! 💚 ah les chanceuz qui n'ont plus besoin de voiture 🥲 


haha oui donc forcement il est le meilleur XD

omg my default text-to-speech reading this with a french accent, I thought it was on purpose and I find it beautiful <3

ah merci ! 💚

thank’s ! :)

It’s called the myth of retirement (as end of working period when you’re old) and I’m making a parallel with christian mythology, where it’s only when you’ve suffered a miserable life that you can enter paradise and equally retirement, even in places like France which are known for social security, is only admitted  to those that worked full shift in paid jobs all their lives usually in detriment to their health. 

I conclude with :
we won’t go to heaven, life happens here and now, it does not retire. We never chose to be born so we don’t have any obligation to anybody, decent life is a right, only obligation is to take care that others live a decent life as well. We can’t resume life to a few variables that we’ll maybe manage to obtain by massive strikes from those in power (the government is about to pass a bill to postpone the retirement age).

(Hope it helps ^^’)

huhu ^^ <3

trop bien <3

awww  merci <3

raw, sincere stuff is cool <3

merci ! <3

ah merci beaucoup ! <3

Et bien je peux juste dire que non tu n’as pas manqué de devotion, au contraire, à continuer à grimper malgré tout ^^

apparement j'ai surveçu ^^'

j'aime bien l'idée des vignettes et qui sont sympa et mériteraient d'être développées un peu plus en détail (mais avec 500 mots c'est compliqué) pour plus de clarté et de compréhension, sauf si ce léger choque de "que ce qui vient de se passer là au juste ?" est délibéré dans ce cas ça fonctionne bien

mais le personnage reste toujours en vie donc on dirait que ... ça marche ?

c'est marrant :)