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thank you very much for the warm review :)

I wanted the player to just play around without any objectif, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

I'd like to add some more dreams later on (you could always describe yours if you feel like it and if I'm inspired I'll add it to the lot ;))

(and thanks for the typo, I'll correct it in the next version!)

nice game :) I liked the writing

I like the idea. Vinyls have some very cool vibe :) and that would make walking around the main island more interesting.

hey good idea! especially if you're willing to share some thoughts on it yourself :)

it could be for example a "secret" (not so secret cause we want the people to find it) item (sth like the recordings in The Witness for example ?) that when the player interacts with it it could play the recording. It would leave the player exploring the world on their own and then they could hear the recording. what do you think?

or it could be something that appears on the dreamberry island which will play the recording after the visit in the dreamlands (and eventually maybe the player will go into the dreamland again to check it once more)

At first I wanted the player to be able to choose the dreamland they would visit (through some sort of dreamberry breading mechanic for example) but as I run out of time and had only 4 dreamlands ready I decided to play them in a preconfigured order as it is now. but the recording of the dream's "owner" could be some sort of portal from the dreamberry island to the chosen dream

Thank's Jupiter, that's really cool! :)

ah good,  thank you! :)

(so it's not the platform nor the resolution then..)

hey thank's and I 'm sorry. Could you tell me what on platform and what resolution you were playing?


that's wierd, what plateform are you using?

thank's for the gameplay video!

I don't know why but the message that you need to press Q key on the keyboard in order to wake up did not show... and there are more dreamlands to explore afterwards ;)

thank you! :)

:) I will tell her that! 

this game is definitely not like anything there was ever created :D

impressive! I'm playing this just before bedtime ;) there is something deeply addicting in wanting to find out what is next, what the next ambience will be and yet at the same time very relaxing cause you want to stay and enjoy the one you're listening at the moment.

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you! That's a lovely mess :)

gorgeously absurd! :D

Très rigolo comme jeu! j'aime bien l'ambience :)

J'ai essayé de réaliser plusieurs types de café mais je termine toujours avec un latte (même sans ajouter de lait). mais c'est sans importance ^^

Merci pour ce petit moment de self-care. L’ambiance est extra, c'est paisible et relaxant. J'adore le style graphique. 

Question technique: comment as tu réalisé  cette belle simulation de liquide en mouvement?

Yes it's ok now! Glad I could help :)

The demo is really promissing! :) good luck on continuing the work!

Interesting! :) 

However I don't know if it's the original soundtrack or the internet commpression, but the sound is too much compressed (it's sounding very metallic). If you could somehow correct this, it would really be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

c'était très chouette! merci pour cette expérience :)

Merci d'avoir partagé ton histoire! :) C'est sympa de choisir un support original. J'aime la qualité de dessin.

Ha ha! :D  My, It was supposed to be a pleasant experience! But I guess that a game where nothing happens is certainly suspicious of something.

thank you btw :)

You're welcome! thank you for playing :)

Thank you so much! And thank you for your excellent coverage of the ResistJam (I think I've seen all the videos)! :)

It was a risky design choice but I'm glad that you liked it. It's a great pleasure to be mentionned in your compilation as I really enjoy reading (or watching) gamejamcurator's  articles.  

Cheers!! :)

thank you for taking the time to write :) it's really nice to receive such feedback!

don't worry it's normal to have such issues in the jam versions of the game. and I think you should definitely try finishing this game!

also one thing I thought of later is maybe to make a separate level of the village area, so that you can try it several times without needing to redo the others.

the idea of the game is pretty funny. I like how  instead of runing around and collecting coins you're just standing there (especially once you have the magnet).

On the bad side well... you're just standing there and waiting (especially once you have the magnet - again) ;)

but still it's a cool "concept game".  I like it a lot! I got all the upgrades and I guess that 'no ending' goes really well with the entire game idea. 

It's an interesting mix of the two game mechanics! You seem to have implemented several enemy types and weapons, that's a good thing!

Although I must admit it's really difficult to play (it's not easy to concentrate on jumping and placing of the turrets, so I either did one or the other).  And I don't really know if I should be avoiding anything in the endless runner. It didn't seem to have any effect so it would be cool to have some more explanation on that. Also I think that what would be great is to have some more feedback from the game. Like for example more in-game effect of the "more ammo" and "increase damage" buttons.

The graphics aren't outstanding ;) but don't come in the way of play and you can always improve that later after you've polished the gameplay. 

Anyway it's a cool game. I'm just writing all this because you asked for ways to improve the game ;) 

it's a very nice entry congrat's! I like the story and the variety of levels. It will make a very cool game if you add all the other levels.

The visuals are really great. I also acknowledge that you added checkpoints (it' really a game changer). 

On the bad side the controls were sometimes awkward and the camera just fixed itself in the village. Some explanation of the different yeti capacities would be great and it would also be good to add a quit level option. The music although very nice and easy listening seems a bit out of place.

But all in all very solid entry!

Congrat's it's a cool little game. I like the diverse enemies you created, it's nice you did that for a small jam game. 

it would be cool to have some explanations but in the end I managed to figure it out. 

Thank you very much, it's a very cool gameplay video :)

And I must admit that I admire your patience! <3

Thank you very much! It's so nice to hear :)

There is just one ending and I guess you found it! In fact I wrote this blog post because several people complained there was no gameplay and they abandonned the game after the boy did 2 or 3 slides. I was a bit discouraged by the fact...

Thank you for your comment! You're right it would surely be better to do something better about the edges of this mini world... I just added that cloud-like particle effect that was prbably the fastest thing to do. It's only my second 3D game and I'm still learning... Next time I'll try something nicer!

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Hi I'm axoona. I'm a hobby game dev and I like game jamming a lot.

I was inspired by 2 game jams that are running at the same time : 1+1 =3jam and AsylumJam so I've been working on a game that would fit both for a cool game jam combo :) It actually was quite fun to include the constraints from both jams. As the Asylum Jam ended on Sunday I'm just adding some additional polishing but my entry is nearly finished.

Good luck to everyone and I am looking forward to playing you're entries. The 1+1=3 is a pretty cool idea!

The mood in this game is just excellent! :) and it gets quite tricky really fast with the negative orbs. One thing I would add is to be able to look around with mouse

Thank you for sharing this! 

I can't believe I didn't know about Perrey, even thouh I've heard him everywhere by his simples, thank's for helping me discover him! This is really a great tribute to the musician.

Playing this game also reminded me of a discution we once had on indieMag about what is a game and what isn't :D  The double meaning of the word play (play the game/play the music) is well applied here!

I really liked the somewhat "active" way of listening to his music, I wish it would be longer (ok ok I'm aware it was a jam game made in a weekend ;)!  Also making this technically work seemlessly probably wasn't simple so chapeau bas!

The clean visuals work very well , they are coherent with the general style of the game and the music. If you ever work on this project further maybe you could add some sort of visual animation in rythm that would also respond to buttons. It's not necessary but would probably add to the experience.

Anyway Congrat's on your entry, it's suprising and enjoyable! 

thank's! :)