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c'est parfait ! ça m'a rappelé les bon souvenirs du Monde de Disque qui pour moi aussi remontent à des années :)

c'est excellent ! <3

I love this, it's like a playful audio-visual toy <3

noted ! <3

yey ! it's ok.
I just discovered your online magazine
your jam looks cool, I'll maybe submit sth later if I'm inspired :)


c'est beau 💖🪁


it's beautiful. Thank you 💖


woah this is anxiety incarnated ❤️
and thank you for discovery of the works of Suzanne Treister

"All this cool stickers I can't commit to stick anywhere permanently... "❤️


OMG this is hilarious :D

thank you for this cool tutorial ! <3

woah, it's excellent ! <3

thank you <3
I'm glad you liked it :)

oh no worries !! I completely understand. And it's totally valid to leave this as is and move to another thing :)

I didn't intend to pressure ou stress you in anyway. I hoped to give some contructive feedback ^^'

le plus beau commentaire sur ! 💖

You're awesome !!

Beau travail de documentation !

J'aime bcp le concept, c'est comme un zine informatif mais en version interactive :)

I used to be in that place a few years back, it's a good reminder :)

This is so relatable !
(the number of hobbies I have and had..)

The only way to truly enjoy a hobby is that is comes from within ourselves (it makes us happy, we feel great etc.), that it satisfies an internal need.

And in general, I think that any kind of expectation that is not internal but that depends on external appreciation (for example monetization or admiration from peers) kills the fun in a hobby, honestly.

I like trying new stuff in the hopes of finally finding the think that will be IT. I change hobbies because they are no longer "me" or that they were never "me". But I usually, take something from my old hobby to the next, "build upon" even though I never become expert at anything (and I'm also  obsessed with zines since a little while ^^')

I don't want it to sound like I advertise my work, but the zine I made is about feeling extremely happy (while living with depression)  by doing something creative, just doing stuff for the sake of them bringing us joy and nothing else, being in the flow.

Anyway I hope you find your way someday, sooner that later :)

brilliant ^^


Oh gosh, I'm stuck with a cable I don't know where to connect 😳

(making Bobzim does not seem like an easy thing to do ^^')

I really really like the vibe of the game :)
and the innovative mechanic, I really feel that folding it into a flower, somehow "conditiones" the type of relationship I teded to describe..

but I have trouble unfolding the flower :(
I tried looking up lotus on the net but there are co many different folds...
could you maybe submit a little guide please ^^'

also for anyone trying the folds I suggest using a very thin paper, like the one used for origami ;)

(1 edit)

well, I realize I did something within the timeframe, a zine with a new fancy fold from Electric Zine Maker but it's not a game, its a color your zine mini-book you can print and fold, more like a toy. (are toys allowed ?) :)


To be honest the game was created end of december 2020 so it goes against the rules of the jam.. :/
but it really really goes with the theme of the jam (using folds in an innovative way) so I allowed myself to submit it 😬
(december 23rd is nearly january 2021 right... ?) feel free to delete it if it's not ok

the game is paid but there are free copies

and I'll try to submit something new, I'm a fan of origami, maybe that'll sprout some ideas :)
and I regret not stumbling upon this jam earlier !
is it possible to extend the date eventually ?

cheers !

I like idea, it's like a divination game ^^
althought it's slightly too real to actually "play" ^^'

Thank you so much for sharing :)
The graohics are really cool and I am so on the same page regarding gear !

it's so absurd ! good work !
and the graphics are really cool :)

merci !! 😊 💖

it's delightful 💖

thank you ! :)

woah I shared the idea with friends (one is a musician and both are electronics engineers) and we all collectively stumbled into a rabbit hole of glitching... it's like discovering a thing you didn't know existed, excellent fun !! thank you 🙏
If I have the motivation, I definitely need to write a little something about it 🤩

Thank you !! 😊

I'm using this tool that Jeremy Oduber wrote for Electric Zine Maker :

cool ! 🤩
please share if you do 😊

thank you !  😊

woah, thank you so much !! 😊