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Super Major Music ParadeView game page

A Music Game Jam Entry
Submitted by Gr8bitgames — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline


Super Major Music Parade's page


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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
Idk what this means but I made everything myself from scratch which includes music and art etc.

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Really solid entry into the endless runner category. You've got plenty of obstacles, some power ups, and the ability to start a music career using a more viral online approach. I dig it. You'd just need to add some more components and I feel like you could release this on just about any platform. Like the addition of some extra levels you can unlock would be perfect. 


Thanks a lot I really appreciate what you've said and the feedback. I hope you enjoyed playing it and I would absolutely love to get some of those ideas included and definitely  get in across different platform. :)


On most on my try I died very quickly (red notes can be hard to dodge), but it has some great ideas. Maybe if the game was less hard at the beginning, it could let explore more its different mechanics. The multi-tasking part is really fun, but it can be tough to just reach it.

Difficulty aside, it's a cool idea, with nice little details in visuals and writing!


Thanks for your comment and feedback it is appreciated and motivating to hear the pros and cons from others like yourself. I am glad to hear your enjoyed the range of aspects .


Really neat game. I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


This game is one of my personal favourites in this jam! It's so fun and, once you get how the game works, has the right amount of challenge! I hope you work on it to expand the number of instruments, people, and fakebook entries!
As some others have pointed out, shooting notes is sometimes unresponsive, and that can give a lot of troubles. Also, I can't slide with the guitar!
Oh, a major bug I found: the notes on the underside take a LOT of time to appear, which is kind of a bummer (although I'd love a no-note input mode as a hard difficulty). However, if you wait enough without starting to run, the notes begin to spawn anyways!


Thanks a lot :) And thanks for all the glitches, your feedback is much appreciated .


First, love the title!  The art and music is really good too!  Great humor and the fakebook likes/dislikes is a funny yet smart way too keep the game interesting enough to keep playing -especially for an endless runner style game.  Having people parade after you as you progress felt pretty fun too!   Awesome work man!


Took me a while to realize that I could shoot the notes to get them out of my way. Agree that sometimes the note placements could seem unfair, but the different instruments you could sometimes grab did help a lot with that. Absolutely love the art style.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for your comment I appreciate it, your feedback and time :)


interesting concept! took me a minute to figure out how to start the game, but eventually i realized i had to hit up. 

the game was... difficult for me. using the "instrument" to shoot out notes felt quite unresponsive, and notes often came in such large clumps that it was impossible to jump over all of them, meaning that you eventually fell down into a cloud of red notes. because of this, i often felt like it wasn't even worth trying to collect green notes, since it was safe to just focus on avoiding the reds, since the greens were always surrounded by reds.
i also didn't quite understand the point of "playing" the different notes A-G? as far as i could tell, there was no impact on gameplay? also, using the literal letters A, B, C, etc. was a little confusing, since they are not all in a row on the keyboard, meaning that i had to process for a second to figure out which note was which, and would often accidentally hit a button that didn't do anything.

i enjoyed the concept of gaining fans, and the idea of a music themed endless runner. however, and it might be because this is just not my normal style of game, or it might be that the game runs at a different speed on different processors? but idk... this game felt frustratingly difficult in an unfair way. when i died, i usually wasn't left thinking "ohhh i should have jumped differently" or something,,, it usually felt like "well, there was no way i could have avoided that :/" 

i liked the art and the music style, but just wish i could get farther in the actual game.


Thanks for the feed back. Yea I've got that a lot about the difficulty from friends and I think since I'm the developer I know the ins and outs of how to succeed. I was also Thinking the actual keys were too hard to be so separate and was thinking this could be a possible difficulty selection thing where Hard is actual Keys. At the moment I've actually got a lot of ideas for it to improve the game play, comfort of control and enjoyment/satisfaction that causes you to want to try again  but I just wanted to upload it to the Jam ASAP which might have been my downfall when it comes to the comp lol but thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated.