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oh no! sorry, it'll take me a day or two to get access to a mac to test on but I'll try to get a fix posted soon. any details about why it won't open?

would like to submit for the free games / collection of supporters, if you are still accepting submissions.

interesting concept! took me a minute to figure out how to start the game, but eventually i realized i had to hit up. 

the game was... difficult for me. using the "instrument" to shoot out notes felt quite unresponsive, and notes often came in such large clumps that it was impossible to jump over all of them, meaning that you eventually fell down into a cloud of red notes. because of this, i often felt like it wasn't even worth trying to collect green notes, since it was safe to just focus on avoiding the reds, since the greens were always surrounded by reds.
i also didn't quite understand the point of "playing" the different notes A-G? as far as i could tell, there was no impact on gameplay? also, using the literal letters A, B, C, etc. was a little confusing, since they are not all in a row on the keyboard, meaning that i had to process for a second to figure out which note was which, and would often accidentally hit a button that didn't do anything.

i enjoyed the concept of gaining fans, and the idea of a music themed endless runner. however, and it might be because this is just not my normal style of game, or it might be that the game runs at a different speed on different processors? but idk... this game felt frustratingly difficult in an unfair way. when i died, i usually wasn't left thinking "ohhh i should have jumped differently" or something,,, it usually felt like "well, there was no way i could have avoided that :/" 

i liked the art and the music style, but just wish i could get farther in the actual game.

any luck on fixing the windows version? or do you have like, a playthrough video or something?  i'd love to see it, sounds really interesting!

Cute! I liked that it's a multiplayer game, and simple enough for two people to play on the same computer. Minimalist but fun. The jumping seems a liiiiittle glitchy at times - sometimes i'll jump, almost reach a platform, start falling to a lower platform, then suddenly warp up to reach the platform i didn't quite reach? it might be something with how you're handling the collision detection? Overall, a nice little  game!

Looks interesting, and definitely has a complex menu system, but... I can't actually play the game? I started making my character, but more and more of the buttons either don't do anything, or take several clicks to register? Like, on the screen where you are building the character.  Also, many of the drop-down selections don't actually have any options... Once I have selected my band mates, I'm trying to click "Start New Game" but... nothing happens?
Also, there's no way to exit out of the band creation page to go back to the main menu?

Once I exited and restarted the game, I was able to click Continue for some reason (even though I never actually played the game before?) 

Once I loaded this saved game, I'm able to do some of the actions, but... the game is so incomplete (and so many of the actual options are just filler text) that it's hard for me to understand what is actually going on?

I managed to release a song, but it doesn't seem to have any impact on the rest of the game?

There are definitely a lot of complex systems that you're working on here, but honestly I'm not sure how to review or provide feedback at this point, since the build seems to be so early in progress that few of the actual game mechanics are playable? 

I do enjoy tycoon games, and it looks like you are setting this up to be an interesting one. I hope to check back in the future to see the game once it's a little more playable!