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Rock Band Tycoon (Indev Build)View game page

The title says it all
Submitted by HAL_9001 — 3 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline

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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.

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Good start! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Impressive amount of ui/menu work in this one!  This could be a really really cool game with some polish -great job on an ambitious project especially for a jam game! :D


Thank you. It's nice of you to say.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hello ! Sorry for rating your entry so late but hey here we are!

So I may have a critical bug but after several restarts and fiddling with volume sliders I'm still getting no sound, which is a shame because I see a lot of visual feedback so I assume there's some cool music and SFX I'm missing :( I will try to take that in mind.

So right off the bat I saw the main menu UI and was like "wow!". It felt like a professional game, with so many options to change the colors, volume... load and save functions, etc.

And then I stumbled upon empty menus, and played a little bit to find lots of placeholder text and buttons. And that's where it fell short and I was projected back to the reality of what is possible in a 72h jam.

To me this very complete UI says a lot about your ambitions, and I'm curious to know if you thought you could do it all before the jam deadline or if you were only laying down the foundations to build a real game... which you should!

For the jam version however, your focus should not be on getting every UI menu and functionality done. It's not only taking away hours of tweaking from your main effort of making a basic fun gameplay, it's also hindering the prototyping process: you want to experiment with different formats, and keep only what's working and what's actually fun. Then add to it only when necessary, cut off a feature that doesn't work without worrying about redesigning an entire layout yet. Instead, you lay down an extensive list of functionalities and then focus on quantity rather than quality. You could theoretically have both, but usually that's not how things turn out, and especially in such a short time frame. For me this is very reminiscent of the waterfall development method versus a more agile solution. It seems like you stuck to a plan but that plan was a bit too ambitious. You can always change the plan, that is important to remember. And it's easier to change if you haven't put hours into it and you are still open to change (e.g. a fresh idea is easier to discard than one that you have identified with).

How I would have approach the development of this is to focus solely on the section where you make a band and make songs with it. These loops have to be super tight and feel polished before I even think about adding a main menu. Even in a UI-centric tycoon game.

This is my main feedback and I'm going to leave it at that. I think I made my point. I think you guys should really keep working on this prototype because it's a really cool concept. But even if you have a larger time frame (even years), please look up agile development concepts because even on these scales plans need to be changed and features need to be cut and focus should always be on the core content.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think about it and if you're going to take the idea further.

Hope to see you at the next jam! Take care!


Thank you very much for all the feedback and for the advice. I will keep it all in mind for my next game jam. I have studies Agile and Waterfall development methods but admittedly it's not something I considered when working on this project but it is definitely something I will consider next time. Thank you also for your kind words regarding the UI and game concept. Regarding the music, however, I must apologise but I foolishly forgot to re-enable sound in the code (I disabled it temporarily to listen to music while I worked on the game). If you are interested though, the music files can be found by extracting the jar file, although it may be easier to wait for the next release. I appreciate the game is very underdone as of this game jam version, unfortunately, but I hope you'll return to the project when it reaches full release. And thanks again for the feedback.


Ah, too bad for the sound files! I'll wait and gladly try the next build. Let me know when it's up :)

Also you're saying the game is "underdone" but in my opinion it has a lot of content for a jam game already! (Just look at some of the other entries, they're really small) It's just that it's encapsulated in a much larger box. So for the jam version just reduce the box size and you'll be fine :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It's promising. I've been a bit overwhelmed by the UI, but for what I've achieved, it has good mechanics. And there seems to be a lot of details put in the universe, like types of music and instruments.

A simple system maybe would have allowed more polishing. But there is a nice base here!


Thank you for the feedback. It's always appreciated. I will take on board the problems you've highlighted with the UI for the final release.


Looks interesting, and definitely has a complex menu system, but... I can't actually play the game? I started making my character, but more and more of the buttons either don't do anything, or take several clicks to register? Like, on the screen where you are building the character.  Also, many of the drop-down selections don't actually have any options... Once I have selected my band mates, I'm trying to click "Start New Game" but... nothing happens?
Also, there's no way to exit out of the band creation page to go back to the main menu?

Once I exited and restarted the game, I was able to click Continue for some reason (even though I never actually played the game before?) 

Once I loaded this saved game, I'm able to do some of the actions, but... the game is so incomplete (and so many of the actual options are just filler text) that it's hard for me to understand what is actually going on?

I managed to release a song, but it doesn't seem to have any impact on the rest of the game?

There are definitely a lot of complex systems that you're working on here, but honestly I'm not sure how to review or provide feedback at this point, since the build seems to be so early in progress that few of the actual game mechanics are playable? 

I do enjoy tycoon games, and it looks like you are setting this up to be an interesting one. I hope to check back in the future to see the game once it's a little more playable!


Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Admittedly the game is in a very early stage and is very incomplete and buggy at the moment (perhaps to the point of being virtually unplayable). I apologise for this, but I failed to meet the deadline. Thank you all the same for the playing and for your feedback.