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Heal a corrupted forest with music!
Submitted by weepingwitch (@gaygirlgamedev), digitalDryad — 8 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
we used a modified version of this script to parse a song note data file we generated:

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What a fantastic game! I loved the fog effect, and the way in which you utilized the camera for the death animation was really neat! I found the rhythm game section to be a bit too hard for me, I couldn't get anywhere past it. Overall, a very cool concept with some fun gameplay! Well done!


Cool game concept, mixing rhythm game and a RPG story feeling!

I really enjoyed the cute graphics (eyes blinking in the tree logs) and the overall game design.

A few things got in the way of this beautiful experience:

- Sound wise, the initial music was very loud and then followed by the gameplay where there was absolutely no sound. Some wind sound effects and eventually footsteps would have added to the atmosphere (I was actually worried I had a bug and relaunched the game to make sure). The instrument samples were not great but that doesn't really matter considering how hard/expensive it is to get realistic sound and feel.

- Regarding gameplay, I originally didn't know why I died the first couple of times. Took me a moment to notice it was due to hitting the edges. Additional feedback and visuals could help (like a sort of miasma particle). Also I found it particularly punitive to roll me back to the very start after hitting the wrong arrow keys in the rhythm game. Usually there is a checkpoint whenever the gameplay changes that much so that the player stays in the same mindset and challenge after dying.

This definitely has a great atmosphere and good concepts! The execution needs some polishing but that's easier to work on than creativity which you have for sure :)

I hope you learned a lot during this jam and you will attend the next ones! Until then, take care!


Very unusual and well made game! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Charming game! There was a considerable amount of tension built from the audio of the tuning violin, let alone the projectiles :) The rhythmic aspects were also well implemented. Also, great antlers.


Fun game with a really nice tranquil feel to it and I like how it switched from dodging to rhythm arrow style play -nice work!


pure and lovely


What a cool idea! I really like the idea of a game where you wander around healing forests and plants and other corrupted things with an instrument like a violin. Combining portions of "bullet hell dodging" and a straight up rhythm game could be done really well! The graphics and graphical effects were great as well; I really liked the little things like the spot lighting and the moving fog. The biggest criticism I have is that I didn't know where to go after I tuned the violin. When the music notes started shooting out of the pedestal, I thought I had to dodge them. It took me a while to realize that they wouldn't kill me, and that I had to go up to the pedestal myself. That may also just be my general stupidity, too :P. 


The interpretation of music on this game was meaningful, and that "You healed the forest" frame was cute :D Gameplay's not bad, but the feeling of "the player died" wasn't that noticeable (aside from just zooming in then restart the game scene).


I like the combination of having to dodge things, and then into a rhythm/note playing game. Very enjoyable.