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thanks :D

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thanks yeah I’m still deciding on a colour pallet. And yes the pit is a glitch I forgot to make it kill you sozz haha 

1-Bit Weekend community · Created a new topic Colour choice

so I was wondering if we're allowed to have each level different colours but still keeping it 1Bit?

or is it 2 colours in total

possibly a screenshot of an example 

initially I thought we were restricted to literally 1 bit, meaning character is a square. But after reading other topics and comments I’m now confused as to what bitness means. Please clarify 

Turn-Based Game Jam community · Created a new topic DAMN

Wanted to enter this jam but pc broke for a while :(

Old School Jam community · Created a new topic Entries

I have a few ideas that I've been jumping from for this jam but can't stay focused on one. Can I upload more than one entry or is that not even possible lol

I kinda like the length, but I say once games start being uploaded the length should be shortened

Hey :) What kind of old skool are you thinking, I can't seem to come up with something that has an old skool feel to it lol.
Any ides

Hi all. I have just released an update for one of my games and would love some feedback and opinions. Please feel free to speak openly about how great the game is ;) haha oj be as critical as possible.

The following link is to download and play the game.

BTW Can you beat my Highscore, Let me know what yours is :D

AWESOME JOB. It looks great : )

Thanks : )

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If you like puzzle games I think I've just concocted a really great one. I recently created this game (Syncing Ships) for the weekly game jam. 
Please check it out and also feel free to head over to the Weekly game jam to check some of the other entries :D 
Syncing Ships:
Weekly Game Jam:

Student Gamejam X community · Created a new topic Entries?

Sooooo is this just open to any entries as long as you're a student??? No rules???

Just released my new game Floppy Turd. The game is based off the same style as Flappy Bird but it includes a lot more interaction and challenges. You can download it for free or if you feel like helping out with getting it completed, feel free to add a donation of any price :)

winner receive what can ;)

What do you mean by using transparent if it is in the 2 colours?

Can I use transparent sprites. Though the color would be registered as black and white when the 2 sprites overlap you will see grey so I was just wondering about this :) ???

Cool. So can I put a game up that has already been uploaded for a while too if it's not getting any attention at all and I mean like 3 views in months lol... Also what about like a Facebook page for updates @leafo seeing since the FB page is directing people here too...?

Is there a forum for promoting my games for a better audience? Possibly recommend a game but can you recommend your own without people saying TABOO! Also in promo content can you post links to other sites ie Facebook page, GameJolt, Youtube etc :) ???

Do we stick to all themes or can we single out 1 of the themes eg. Gravity

What software did you use to make this :) ?

I'm gonna start a new one then looool

I was literally just about to ask that lol

No Theme?

Cat Jam community · Created a new topic Submission Query

I am feline like submitting a game to this jam but it was already made before jam started. Am I allowed to submit it I can't find the rules :)  Thanks

You stated that tiles must be 8x8 but can character and object sprites be more or no :)

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Are you using a PC??? I was able to download and run the game. I have selected the platform it should run on which I forgot to do in uploading. If it is still not working I don't mind emailing it to you if you are keen on trying the game :)

It works on windows but not for Apple Mac. Let me see if I've done something wrong lol

Thanks a lot I really appreciate what you've said and the feedback. I hope you enjoyed playing it and I would absolutely love to get some of those ideas included and definitely  get in across different platform. :)

Well done, this project is professionally designed with a clean and neat looking layout. It is very easy to use and the music fits well with no audible mistakes or timing errors. At first I didn't even notice I was changing the sounds  because I didn't read the description lol.  Possibly consider a quick screen transition unless that's a measure in place to keep the time of the music.  Well done and good luck with the project and Jam :)

Thanks for your comment and feedback it is appreciated and motivating to hear the pros and cons from others like yourself. I am glad to hear your enjoyed the range of aspects .

I really like the concept of the game and the art style is awesome. It's a little bit slow and I'm not very good at it. Personally I think it stands a chance :) Well done and good luck with your entry

I think the game is fun and creative. I like the visuals and the music/background noise, it adds a really good environment sensation and the control feels nice and smooth. Good luck with your submission. 

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Thank you for your comment I appreciate it, your feedback and time :)