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This has got a solid foundation for a Wave/Horde shooter. All it needs now is to add some additional complexity in the Enemies and Environments and you'd be good to go. Your on the right track.

I really dig the idea of controlling an army of bumbling skeletons. Shame they don't really do anything aside from follow you around. 

Love your take on the Jam Theme. Rather than directly mess with the environment you work off the camera instead. Aside from the potential to make folks nauseous, I think you could make this into a really fun Simulator Game Parody. 

Solid game concept. I like the idea of your loot/stolen goods literally and physically effecting your ability to escape. My only issue was that the difficulty depending on how much loot you have scales pretty drastically. The moment you lose the double jump you essentially are playing the game on max difficulty. Might be nice if you have some time to tweak things that you have some more gradual punishments based on how much stuff you have. 

Matching your combat to the beat sounds like a good starting point for a wider game. Would be interesting to see where you might take the concept with a bit more time. Otherwise I like the opening story for the game, its always fun to have a basis for what you're doing and why. Just wish there was a little bit more to do.

Love the idea of using positional audio to find your way through a hidden environment. Though despite knowing you need to follow the music to navigate I still ended up having trouble not running into a dead end repeatedly. Im not sure what you might add to accentuate your existing concept, but it feels strong. Just needs a little something more. 

Also liked the addition of voice lines at the start of the game to help guide the player. If you wanted to add some additional story, that would be a really solid way to do it. 

Really solid entry into the endless runner category. You've got plenty of obstacles, some power ups, and the ability to start a music career using a more viral online approach. I dig it. You'd just need to add some more components and I feel like you could release this on just about any platform. Like the addition of some extra levels you can unlock would be perfect. 

This was one of the most polished games that Ive played so far. Love the very relatable story, the great pixel graphics, and music selection. My only feedback was it would be nice if the arrows you need to press appeared closer to the center of the screen so you could enjoy the Scene/animations. But other than that a very solid entry. The arrow controls (very much like guitar hero or dance dance revolution) are tried and true. 

The core concept for this game is strong. I think there's a lot of directions that this game could go, especially with the stellar music that it has. Just wish for this version that the paddles were a bit more predictable when you tapped on A or D. Which would make intercepting the incoming missiles a bit more tactical. Overall a pretty good submission. Nice work. 

It's always interesting to see how people use Games as an Educational tool to help people empathize with others. I found that the gameplay for this did a nice job of showcasing some of the emotions and experiences of women sold into the Sex Trade. Nice work and I hope you can secure funding to finish the project. 

Welp I will say you weren't kidding when you said it was a long game. Which isn't bad. The Graphics were simple yet fitting, along with some sounds that help you keep pace when you press the keys. Though I will say I just wish there was a bit more to do in the game. Like my example of QWOP from my video, some other obstacles or controls that you have to use occasionally. Which would make it more of a constant challenge, rather than one about patients. 

Otherwise nice work. Let me know if you ever decide to expand upon the game. 

This was really fun and kinda cartoonishly cute. Its always nice to have a game that quickly sets the stage with a short little story. The enemies felt very on point and super accurate to the times we live in today. As a bunch of technology addicted zombies that crave power to play on their smartphones. Etc.

I don’t have a lot of specific feedback for this one. It feels super solid and like a more or less complete game. The only thing I can think of would be to add some more variation in the enemy’s appearance. Like a crab walking/spider looking creature that used to be a power in a power chair could be fun.

I would say you should definitely expand this game a bit with more story and more levels. It’s got just the right amount of cartoonish humor, a fun zappy superhero, and simplistic graphics.

This felt really solid. You've got all the right pieces for an endless runner. Like Obstacles that would make sense for a small robot, ever increasing speed and energy demands, and some simple yet cute artwork. 

The only noteworthy feedback I have is that the camera angle could be a little higher. That way you could better gauge distance between obstacles and battery pickups, along with allowing you to see more upcoming objects and plan out your route. 

Otherwise I thought this was really good. I could easily see you expanding this into a fuller game and releasing it on Mobile. You'd just need some extra levels, more obstacles, and a little story and you'd be golden. 

This had a really solid Engine. Aside from having trouble avoiding enemy attacks because I couldn't quite time the animations this  was pretty smooth. 

I'd say if you polish this up and add some RPG elements you could turn this into a really compelling Dungeon Crawler or Action Hack n Slash game. Especially since you've already got a really nice graphics aesthetic which is easy on the eyes, some nice magic particle effects, etc. All you really need is some polish, a story, and some extra abilities to unlock and you're golden. 

Otherwise nice work. I featured Dadoor in my first LD39 Showcase video.

Great atmosphere. I'd say you definitely need to expand upon this game and turn it into a fully fleshed out game. The atmosphere and mood are just too strong. Loved it. My only feedback was the minigame could use some additional logic for the player to be able to figure out each Star Connection/Constellation logically. Rather than just guessing and clicking till you find the correct path. 

Otherwise great work. I featured Saturnalia in my First LD39 Showcase video. 

This was a neat concept. It almost felt like a type of card game that would allow you to craft worlds to order for other Deities. All the logic felt like it has some type of parallel with the real world so it wasn't too difficult to figure things out as I went.

My only real feedback aside from it would be interesting to see this game fleshed out, was that there feels like something is missing. Just one little thing that really makes the concept pop. It might be a nemesis, an overarching system of powers/magic that fit the universe together, or maybe just some story tossed in between the levels.

Otherwise I thought it was nice. Decent concept for A Small World, Good graphics if a bit hard to decypher at times, and the beginning Menu music was nice.

This seemed like a really solid concept to me. Solving puzzles via using different bug shapes. Working within the Insect world you could easily add a lot of depth to the game by just using actual insects and their behaviors as inspiration. Each form could have a more directly usable ability rather than just a passive one. Then each bug could have a very obvious and very easily recognizable function other than just their size.

Some enemies that want to eat you might also be a nice touch. Some insects might only want to eat one of your forms. So tactical transformations for safety could be a great mechanic for a puzzle that requires clutch timing to avoid getting both eaten or crushed.

Otherwise my only other thoughts were this version is pretty basic. Some of the controls were a bit hinky and the graphics weren't much to write home about. But those are things that can be polished with more time. That's just something that happens with a quickly made game for a jam. So nice work. The concept is solid and that's what you need to make a good puzzle platformer.

This certainly caught my attention when it looked like I was trying to avoid being smooshed by the robot from Iron Giant. That said the racing/driving controls in this game performed pretty well. Im used to having to struggle with driving controls in early versions of games but this was real smooth. So nice job on that.

Otherwise it was basic yet pretty enjoyable with the music. Just cruise around and avoid getting stomped on or crashing. Pretty simple.

The one thing I did want to mention was that I think this would be a fantastic concept for an open world endless driving game. Where you can drive in any direction and they all eventually lead you to a nice place. The longer you drive. Which would allow you to introduce people to different environments full of other sci fi stuff. Like a farmland full of UFOs that want to abduct you with the gravity beam while in the background the others are busy abducting alien cows. Which is a great incentive to get people to WANT to drive further and further for more than just a score on the screen or a tacky prize like Crossy Road game.

Love the humor in the Intro Cinematic piece. It really sets the stage nicely for a cartoony and goofy game. That was great and I loved the Lord of the Rings reference by hiding that Axe in the background of the liquor store.

I just found that the gameplay after that was a bit lacking. It just didn't feel like it was apart of the same game. But thats probably more to do with the time constraints of the Ludum Dare game jam than anything. So if you took this concept and ran with it I think you could very easily turn this into the next popular and especially funny visual novel. Like a more cartoony and zany Napoleon Dynamite in game form.

Simple yet oddly satisfying gameplay. It's a pretty simple and tried and true game concept, but when you start to get different colored houses bouncing off of each other its gets really funny to watch. My favorite thing to do is after I mess something up just start dumping all the houses together and watch the mosh pit ensue.

That said I feel like its missing something. Like maybe a nemesis or something like an upgrade or unlock that you can purchase with your money.

That said I loved making an ultimate mosh pit when I was done recording for my second showcase episode of Larry Does Ludum 38. So nice work!

This has a pretty solid concept. Fighting tooth decay in the microscopic world of someone's mouth. My main issue was just that this version of the game was difficult to play. With the controls being a bit sticky and glitchy.

Otherwise I think folks over the years haven't gone nearly far enough with the concept of fighting tooth decay. You could make a very fun world that pokes fun at itself and create a whole fantasy universe about being a Knight saving teeth and fighting tooth decay. I'd say if you polished up the controls a bit and expand it you might have something there.

I thought the concept behind this game was strong. With the theme of "A Small World" being very clearly defined by an endless loop of this young man's life. Where you almost have to try and escape a Doctor Who esc time loop by subtly changing things every day.

But it just feels like its missing something. Especially with a setting like this where you can draw parallels with any number of peoples lives I feel like you could run with this story more. But I just chock that up to the Ludum Dare time constraints.

That said I think you should expand upon this and make it into a funky story. The concept is solid and I rather enjoyed it.

This was pretty cool to play. I had wondered if anyone would create something like this when I saw the interview with that Nintendo Designer that worked to create the original prototype. So very nice work. Though you could make it a little simpler to get started for those of us that didn't play much of the original.

This was a really cute concept. Just wish it was a little bit easier to tell when the cat was going to smash you with it's paw. Nor did I figure out how to install the batteries I got into the toy.

THat said its a fun concept. I think you could make this into a broader game where you have to activate different pet toys. Fixing different electrical components with each. Maybe even avoiding attacks from different animals that can be house pets.

Otherwise nice work. It also got showcased in my first video for Ludum Dare 38.

This was fun. Was a nice Nostalgia Trip back to playing with Flash Music mixers in Highschool. Really dig the Sci-Fi Twist. Just need to add some more plants and other Sci-Fi components to allow for more tones and sounds and I think you could run with this. Maybe even make the beats you mix sharable and people could creating something and link it to Facebook.

This was featured in the first episode of my Ludum Dare 38 showcase. So some of the footage is from a couple other games as well. As a heads up to other viewers.

This game was pretty good. It does a nice job of combining audio and visual queues in order to lure you along through the artsy world. Which is full of decaying modern cities and fading ruins.

I do think that this is sort of missing something though. Im thinking it might be some level of interactivity. Which a lot of artsy walking simulator esc games tend to do. It wouldn't need to be anything crazy, just maybe a couple simple puzzles, a switch to activate a neat looking machine, and you'd be good.

Again I thought Wonders Between Dunes was pretty good. It didn't blow me away, but its a strong contender in the world of visual exploration games. It just needs that little something to push it over the top.

Think I originally saw this posted on the Ludum Dare site for Jam 33. Shame I didnt check it out when it was fresh for the Larry Does Ludum Series. The game has a nice charm too it, just wish that there were some more dialogue options or paths you could go down. Along with maybe some sinister noises when the evil voice wants you to eat your caretaker.

Either or I showcased Hitogotchi as a part of my Valentines Day Special this year. So cheers gents.