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Mirai Rockstar - ミライロックスターView game page

Chasing the dream in Japan
Submitted by MartinDark (@MartinDark) — 2 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline

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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used. - Some SFX

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I included it in an article of my favorite games from the Music Game Jam!


This was one of the most polished games that Ive played so far. Love the very relatable story, the great pixel graphics, and music selection. My only feedback was it would be nice if the arrows you need to press appeared closer to the center of the screen so you could enjoy the Scene/animations. But other than that a very solid entry. The arrow controls (very much like guitar hero or dance dance revolution) are tried and true. 


Hey Larry! Thank you very much for the review! It's really nice that you made a video about it. About the arrows thing, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to polish the thing but wel.. we are considering bringing the game to an actual full version! So maybe in the future :P.



Lovely graphics and story! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Hey Jupiter!
Thanks for the comment and for the video! We´ll check it out!


Shows a lot of polish from all angles! Very impressive for the time constraints. The art is delightful. I like how people start rocking out before you do. The music all works with the rhythm inputs quite well, but there are a handful of times where the inputs don't quite make much sense. The metal song at the end was a nice switchup too ^_^ One thing I can suggest is maybe reworking the display of the input. It requires you to look at the little corner of the screen instead of perceiving the whole game.


Thank you so much Hank! We tried our best in trying to adjust the inputs at the same rythm of the music, for some part it worked but we didn´t have enough time to polist it completely. About the display input, you might be right! You don´t get too see much of the whole game! 


Wow really impressive for such a short amount of time!  The art is amazing!  Game feels polished and plays great!  Music works very well.  I like how the crowd films w/ their phones xD  Cutscenes were great too!  Really nice work!


Thank you so much Chase! Really glad you liked the game!


Very nice athmosphere. I like both the visuals and the music, the story is well embedded and also the progression of difficulty works very well (I wasn't able to finish the last stage).

The only thing I'd like to mention is that during a stage my eyes were constantly dragged to the left bottom part of the screen which felt a little like: "Why is something on the rest of the screen when I'm not able to look at it?"


Thank you very much T-ruth for the review!

We are really happy that you liked the game! Even though the game forces you to look to the bar to keep track of buttons, we wanted to make the whole game look good and added small details and effects  :D 

very funny game

Thank you very much Lenuam!


This looks stunning visually! Plays very fluid too!


Thank you very much Stamperino!


There is a surprising amount of polish for a 48 hour rhythm/music game here, visually at least. I liked that I got a sense my notes were being hit not just through the level of accuracy being displayed, but through the subtle animation of the now-bar / strike zone. I like the simple narrative you have goin as well and the art is really nice!

The big issue I found is that the polish may have come at the cost of gameplay? The detection of player input is good (a bit too leniant) but the inputs i'm hitting didn't really make me feel like I was actually playing to the beat or the music. It felt very much like a faux-rhythm game in that you're being awarded for pressing buttons accurately but they don't feel connected to the song at hand.

It's still a super impressive end result for a 48 hour jam though!


Thanks for your review, Cian!

There was so much going on in the game, and as you state, we didn´t have as much time as we´d like to to polish everything, including adjusting the beats perfectly with music (we wanted to make it progressive, from easy to hard). 

We will try to tweak a little bit more the gameplay for future builds, and also add an android version.

Thank you!


I really enjoy playing this game! It´s funny an addictive, hahaha!!! Congrats!


Thanks Xamon! Glad you liked it!