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A musical game of protection
Submitted by WVUGameDevelopers (@WVUGDC), Proud Mom Games (@ProudMomGames), FriendlyFrog (@TarrataG), MasterReeses (@MasterReeses), mikethete — 11 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.

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The core concept for this game is strong. I think there's a lot of directions that this game could go, especially with the stellar music that it has. Just wish for this version that the paddles were a bit more predictable when you tapped on A or D. Which would make intercepting the incoming missiles a bit more tactical. Overall a pretty good submission. Nice work. 


The visuals are cool! I like how it evolves with the music. The game itself gets more intense as the song progress,it's well done.

The game might be too easy. But it's still enjoyable, and at least it let the player enjoy the visual and musical show. Great work!

Colorful game, great music! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


It was okay, the gameplay gets too repetitive and boring after a few loops. Regardless, the graphics are visually pleasing for a trippy game experience, and the music was also decent.


This is really fun and I love the music!  The visuals were messing with my head (in a good way). I personally think the difficulty could of went up a bit higher. Around 2500 it became a little repetitive. Overall, great game and I would love to see more! :D


It's kind of fun once you get past the initial movement change. Few questions and a few constructive points. What is everything? What is the thing in the middle and why are there eyeballs flying at it? Do the eyeballs move to the rhythm at all? It might be a but out of sync if it is.  The collisions are a bit off also, a few times the eyeballs slipped past my shields but didn't end the game, just treated like a shield hit. Game states would help a bit. The first time I loaded it, I guess it started when I wasn't looking and I died. So when I looked up and saw the 'sphere' in the middle and it was moving when I pushed the buttons I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do because there were no enemies. Maybe make the 'R to Restart' a bit bigger or more stop movement/remove the sphere on gameover. I played it a few times though, got 1300 on my last try. A good start.


Pretty cool game!  but wow that gets difficult / intense fast xD  -nice work!

Simple, fun, and addicting scored around 1800 on my third try!


Very enjoyable! Music was great. Visuals were a bit trippy, but not in a bad way.


There's no music playing on MacOS Sierra, Safari browser.


Thanks, I'll look into that


The visuals dancing to the music is a nice effect and the music is fun to listen to as well. Simple yet enjoyable. I died shortly after the enemies start to orbit around you (which, by the way, is a nice touch) so I am not sure if this already happens, but may I suggest to see the player shrink/grow making them an easier target to hit or having the barriers break after a while and need time to repair like tapping a key to the beat?

Very easy to play, an Atari 2600 sort of simplicity to it. I'd enjoy it if the enemies were more thoughtfully timed to the rhythm and came in more challenging formations, there's that one big jump in intensity when the music picks up but otherwise the one-by-one trickle is a cinch. Blocking a whole string of enemies with the shields would probably be quite satisfying. Good start to something and a nice tune! :)


Difficulty level is strange. When the enemies changed for the first time I was able to remain in the same spot and continually block them. Functions well and looks nice but doesn't exactly feel too fun to me, and also doesn't seem too musical.


I never got past the point where the enemies(?) started spinning around me.. it's an interesting concept, but the difficulty ramps tooooo quickly.