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thanks for playing! I thought about music but decided I wanted a more "real" ambient cave sound feel.

Just one guy actually! But thanks for playing

This was fun! you weren't kidding about medium being pretty difficult but it felt right to me

I really liked the sounds in this game, and the color choice

thanks for playing!

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thanks for playing! Yeah there is an early save room but I was wondering if people would find it or not, something some playtesting might have helped. Thanks!

Hard to believe it's your first game! I enjoyed it and look forward to whatever you make in the future.

fun game! thanks for making it!

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I loved this game so much. I would have loved for a game like this to exist when I was learning assembly in college, it makes it all so much more palatable. Excellent work!

If I had any complaint at all, I was wanting the cmpkey instruction sooner than I found it because I immediately wanted to write a character controller haha

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I'll make sure everyone sees it. I'm sure you tried this, but believe the soft lock can be broken by restarting the game so you at least don't lose your save. Locations of blocks only save when you go through doors.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I think the concept is more interesting than fun, but I wish I'd had some time to add polish like sounds and music.

oh yikes, thanks!

Hello it is Alex; Pobsy is the cutest bab

Thanks, I'll look into that

This was really fun, I think you really nailed it on the difficulty level. Kind of a pat your head, rub your tummy thing going on.

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Perspectrum is a minimalist puzzle platformer set deep under a long dead mountain. You will play as the tall stranger, a mysterious figure trying to find their way through this underground labyrinth. You will solve puzzles, evade dangerous traps, and discover just what happened to this place.

The game's main gimmick is an element shift system that switches between 4 (3 in the demo) "elements" comprising of 6-color palettes. These shifts change properties of things in the world, and also look pretty. The demo isn't very long right now, but it communicates the idea of the game.

It's a project we have been working on for about a year, and we are dying to get some feedback! Thanks for reading.

Play Perspectrum Here!

This was adorable, but I agree with the others it could use some user friendliness tweaks

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Hugs is a neat little game I made for my university game dev club's arcade machine project, but since it's in libgdx I also put up an html version. The point of the game is to make the two squares meet. I made it with coop in mind, but I've seen plenty of people play solo, including myself when testing. It is my first release, and I consider it quite the success. I'd love some feedback!

Link here: