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Wouldn't that be similar to a keyframe animation?

I've delayed the rat at the double spiked until after you get your first potion. I also changed the healing salve to a full checkpoint. I also added a checkpoint in the lava area, and made the spike jump in the lava area a little easier. 

Thanks for the feedback, if there are other issues I can try to accommodate within reason. Enjoy!

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I can try and squeeze the code to get some visual feedback in there when it gets hit. Thanks for playing and for your feedback. [should be resolved]

Nice! Thanks for the LP, I gave it a share. Looking forward to seeing that win screen if there will be a part #2.

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Check to the right of the entrance to the waterfall area

Edit: I guess I could put a skull or something on that gate to make that more apparent. I'll patch something
[should be resolved]

Looks great. Curious why does it need the full network access permission though?

2gb ram

What is it? It wasn't intentional lol

It's every 4000 actually. Thanks for player

Nice game simple, but enjoyable. A little hard to wait for the next section to open up. Pretty cool though. I like the aesthetic too

Nice work, congrats on your first game

I guess the asteroids just increase in number overtime, but it gets literally impossible quite quickly. Nice start though.

Well I couldn't figure out the first puzzle, but it looked like a fun game

Cool game. Some of the chops seemed like they were a bit too close together to get the inputs in in time, but I like the idea

Simple but challenging. I like it

Nice. Great idea. One of my favorites so far

Nice idea. Pretty challenging

Nice idea

Nice work, would be nice to have a little more feedback to let me know I was shooting the right place. I don't really know what was going on. I noticed some hard to read numbers black on dark blue in the bottom left I assume that was money and health? maybe? Would be nice to see that white so it's readable. Nice game

Clever and enjoyable

A complete game is a successful jam. Nice work!

Nice little game. I like the context switching

Nice art! Really like that run animation

Nice. I like the atmospheric sounds.

Neat idea

visuals are pretty intense, and I kind of felt like I was just fumbling around into the goals, but it was enjoyable enough. Nice work

Nice idea. In tune with the challenging theme

I couldn't play it unfortunately. I think it was a bit much for my laptop. Train would just run off the track before it would register any input. Nice idea though, if it's a Good Place reference I can appreciate that.

Interesting idea. Pretty hard at first, but I like it. Well done

Nice game. Some of them are pretty tricky. A bit hard to remember which key does which though. Nice work

Just the right kind of rage inducing. Nice work

Neat idea. Simple mechanic but challenging

Nice idea. Love the chill music

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I only used Pico-8's `O` button which is mapped to `z` and `c`

Anyway, added a hint in game and a note in the itch page. Thanks for the feedback.

Can users on non-Windows machines be able to download and use the Itch app to keep up to date Windows games? I understand we couldn't use it to launch the games, but we can still use the app to keep them up to date and manage them and use Wine or other comatibility layers to run those games.

Big thanks for all the hard work!

I've seen a lot of engines/platforms that are opensourced but still have a paid licensing model. Any plans to open this?

Not on the Play Store anymore? Can you host the APK here?

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Reddit Link

Can we assume that what's here on Itch is the correct times?

Any plans to support Linux? Would love to use it!