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Can users on non-Windows machines be able to download and use the Itch app to keep up to date Windows games? I understand we couldn't use it to launch the games, but we can still use the app to keep them up to date and manage them and use Wine or other comatibility layers to run those games.

Big thanks for all the hard work!

I've seen a lot of engines/platforms that are opensourced but still have a paid licensing model. Any plans to open this?

Not on the Play Store anymore? Can you host the APK here?

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Reddit Link

Can we assume that what's here on Itch is the correct times?

Any plans to support Linux? Would love to use it!

Yeah I found the non-itch web version. Good enough.

What is required to play this on linux?  It just hangs on a white screen.

Nice music. Kind of fun to piece it together. Maybe it would be nice to have the icons be a little more symbolic of the sound they're adding. Would be nice to have more visuals too. Maybe an oscillator or something, or some colors. 

Any plans for a web port?

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I think you have to click on the actual enemy to shoot. Gave me quite a headache for the first run I thought I just had to get the angle right. The background art is very nice, but the rest of it is kind of a weird mix of low and medium-high res art. The difficulty ramp at the first speed up is pretty intense too. Maybe a more gradual speed up would be nice or smaller increments. As it is, it's very hard (and I want to say it's a little buggy, because I'm sure I was clicking them) at the higher speed. I didn't make it very far past the first speed up, so I don't know if there are more levels. I can't imagine there's another speed up it would be way too fast if there is. Music is nice and fitting for the theme, and I really like the pixel backdrop. Looks nice. 

Edit: I would add that the jumping is a bit floaty, but I'm not sure if jumping really is needed for anything anyway. Is it?

I like the concept, but I think for the actual jam you didn't bring much to the table, if the gfx/sfx and music were all already made, and you only have a few lines of 1 song. 4-5 timing based guesses at lyrics for 1 song I don't know didn't really engage me as a player. That said, it is a nice idea, and with a little more time, development and maybe a wider array of more commonly known songs it could grow into a nice project. Also, if the arrow could some how be a little bit synced to the rhythm of the lyrics coming out I think it would have a better effect. As it is, sometimes the arrows passing by just as the blank is becoming visible, you have to (or can) wait for a second or even third pass before making your selection. It's less fun/challenging with so many opportunities to think about your choice. Hope you continue development though, it's a great idea.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it

There's a rather large key index on the start screen, although you're not the first to mention having overlooked it. Those are the official glyphs for pico-8, which supports 2 player controls. So each player has a o/x button and a different set of directional buttons if they're using the keyboard. We opted to stay true to pico, and compromised with the instruction display and a note on the game page. Might have to do some research and see how other pico-8 devs dealt with publishing to non-pico user markets I guess. Just for clarification, did you overlook the key index or just misinterpret it?

Cool concept. Liked the humor throughout. Not crazy about the wobbly camera. Would be nice if the 'exercises' were more musically oriented. By that I mean like guided. I couldn't seem to put any nice sounded beats together. I was just kind of hitting keys and making noises (programmer not a creative). I couldn't help thinking of a particular gif of someone playing a train simulator while on a train though, as I sat emulating tapping a desk and computer in front of my desk and computer.

Yeah I think we both would like to, at some point extend the game to have a few more 'areas' with different backgrounds, obstacles and maybe music, just didn't want to over extend for the jam. Pico-8 gets the credit for the portability, and I know the feeling, I'm on the same turtle-net you are I think. :) Anyway, thanks for the kind words

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This game is really fun. The timing on some of the area has got to be down to a few frames, man they are hard. Really like everything, It's very well balanced, leaning a bit on the hard side (which it should). At level 8 I started thinking "Man, I hope there's only 10 levels because I have things I need to do today". Really fun, hope you continue development! 

I'd say it's more than 'influenced' by LoZ, most of the sprites look like the came straight out of Link's Awakening. AI doesn't really do anything but mill around aimlessly. After the fist couple rooms it turns into - here's the rest of your items, go fight the boss. Maybe just not enough time? Also, looking at the screenshots, it looks like the hearts didn't render the correct size for me, because they were huge and overlapping each other. If you continue the project, I'd say try to find a way to make the game "your own".

Pretty cool idea! Not very much in way of upgrades, but I get that you can always add more stuff later. The concept is good though, I enjoyed it. I wonder if maybe there's a flaw in that players will value the strength of the wave vs the actual music produced. If you do continue work on it, maybe it would be cool to have waves that are susceptible to certain combinations/rhythms to encourage players to tinker with the melody.

It's not a limitation thing, it's just those are the official button glyphs for Pico-8. We were talking about it during dev if we should stay true to pico which might confuse people here, or just use the literal keys. Compromised with the giant instructions display on the start screen.

Man I was really struggling to figure out how to start the game. I couldn't really read the buttons, I'm not sure if that was an issue with the game or the sizing you used for the embed, but the right side of the screen was cut off a bit. The different resolutions of the graphics was a bit weird. The scenery is all low res, then the player is a bit higher, the notes are high res(ish). Why the different fonts for 'Q' and 'W'? At times I thought the notes were falling in timing with the music, but as soon as you get in sync you realize it's just a coincidence. I agree a little feedback would help. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I was catching them or not. I like the idea, just needed more development.

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I liked it. Not quite sure what I was supposed to be doing at first. Once I found the second vapor I figured I was supposed to be collecting them. Music fit the atmosphere well. IMO maybe the default controls should have been arrows and space, a little less cramped, but you allowed for customization, so +1 for that. Some of the platforms were a little wonky on the corners, player seems to get stuck for a few frames/seconds and then gets affected by increased gravity and kind of thrown straight downwards. Happened 2-3 times in my 1 play through, can't imagine the cause. All in all, the stuff you said you were working on (particles and composing) seem to be coming along nicely, they sounded and looked good. Good job.

It's kind of fun once you get past the initial movement change. Few questions and a few constructive points. What is everything? What is the thing in the middle and why are there eyeballs flying at it? Do the eyeballs move to the rhythm at all? It might be a but out of sync if it is.  The collisions are a bit off also, a few times the eyeballs slipped past my shields but didn't end the game, just treated like a shield hit. Game states would help a bit. The first time I loaded it, I guess it started when I wasn't looking and I died. So when I looked up and saw the 'sphere' in the middle and it was moving when I pushed the buttons I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do because there were no enemies. Maybe make the 'R to Restart' a bit bigger or more stop movement/remove the sphere on gameover. I played it a few times though, got 1300 on my last try. A good start.

I don't even.. I tried to figure it out. I was building powerlines or something, but I'm not sure why I was doing it. Controls are a little hard to use the mouse and the keys and space. But then I don't know what I was trying to do so it didn't really matter. Is it like a wind chime? Does interaction do anything? Can we get some instructions?

A little short, but it was enjoyable to build the bands. There was a bug where if you pick up an extra note after completing a level, but before moving to the next one that it would seem like it flagged as hands full, but you couldn't drop anything, you just couldn't pick anything up. Also had the issue with losing a note out of bounds and couldn't pick it up again.