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Loved this entry! Great work! Trying to leave the tab long enough to write this. Both fun to get beyond the initial set up before you run out of HP as well as customize the performance with the variety of different lvl1-4 forms. As with other commenters, I look forward to added variety in future releases post jam.

Wave progress indication would be nice, as well as the ability to buy amps without interrupting the game view though I suppose those moments of panic did add to the fun :) I like repetitive music loops, so I have to admit that part didn't bother me. I love the synth mechanic!

Thank you so much!  And excellent suggestions too -I will definitely have to add a wave progression indicator although I'm not sure what would be the best approach for the amp menu w/o obscuring anything -maybe it'd be better if the amp menu covered up the sequencer at the bottom or just a smaller simple menu instead?  Then again maybe the amp panic moments are worth it lmao ohhhh decisions decisions -if you have any preference on that I'd be interested to hear it!  Anyway, thanks again! :D