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PHENOMENAL game, game play was interesting, it had a really nice difficulty curve as through each level the music building made it harder to listen for those small audio queues, the visuals were really nice, and despite having no tutorial whatsoever, the you knew exactly how to play.

Despite not using unique music, I suggest that the sound effects of this game actually qualify it for a spot in the music genre due to that perfect placement of collectibles that add to the music SO WELL. Amazing game, would recommend to others.

Controls could be a bit more fluid, especially around the doorways, but this is still a REALLY nice submission. It's fun just to mess around with stuff, searching around trying to find the stuff you're looking for to give the customers. Visuals were appealing and well stylized, environment was cool to explore even when not trying to complete orders. I never could figure out how to properly build a guitar, but I had fun trying anyway.