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Shop management can be funny
Submitted by JfranMora (@JfranMora), Adrián Moreno Gómez (@AdriMG96) — 17 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline

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Shop music:

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Is there a Linux version for this?

I included it in an article of my favorite games from the Music Game Jam!


This was one of the most impressive entry in terms of content and polish: there are even cars going by outside the shop, with sound effects and particles!

The gameplay itself is fun and satisfying. I like the freedom we have in the movement and the chaotic (hah!) aspect of it all.

Graphics were amazing and efficient at communicating the function of each object, the background music was a bit repetitive and could have been made optional by putting it on a radio item with a on/off switch (I couldn't focus on my drum mashing properly!)

The only thing that put me and a lot of other people off (I've been watching every stream and video of this jam :P) is the "hitbox" size when it comes to giving people what they want. It's not that it doesn't work, but it can be a bit confusing because there is no visual or audio feedback telling us whether the customer will accept our merch or not.

Another thing that slightly put me off is the camera jiggle. It feels somewhat unnatural, too regular (no perlin noise?). I understand it takes time to get a good feel for these things, which is why I would have preferred to not have it at all, all things considered. It was more offputting than immersive.

The attention to detail and the fun mechanics really make this one of the top entries! I also like that you spent time making teasers and trailers, it shows the consideration you put into this game.

I hope this helps, and I look forward to see your next games! Take care!


Well that is fun! I've spent some time messing around, picking and interacting with stuff, before realizing there was also a goal. :P It's so cool to have this much details everywhere. The game has its own universe, very pleasant to discover.

Actually playing by the rules is fun too! I wasn't sure at first how to properly give a product to a client (“If I put it just there, will they be happy? Should they react? Maybe if I put it on their head?”), but once I got it, throwing stuff at them felt definitely nice! Main issue was picking the money. Without a mouse sensitivity setting, it was quite hard. I also wish I could interact with more instruments.

It was really cool to play! Great work here.


Very nice idea! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


This is a very impressive entry!  Really cool concept, fun and good clean low poly/stylized graphics!  Great job! :D


Cool stuff! Its fun to mess around and ignore the customers. Controls could use a bit of streamlining, and maybe some more audio involving the customers (like the sims babbling maybe?)  but I did actually enjoy the challenge of meticulously putting bills in the register haha nice work guys.


I like the idea of the sim sound for the customers... I will add to the development board! :3

Thank you for playing Kaotik Shop! ;)


Lots of fun! My two suggestions would be, 1) it'd be nice to be able to adjust mouse sensitivity as it's kinda stiff on my computer, and 2) maybe the ability to pick up money all in one pile, instead of having to shift a bunch of bills individually.  Love the idea of managing the shop though, and had a lot of fun wandering around and figuring out how to put things together.


Thank you! 

In my computer the mouse sensibility works well but we want to put a mouse sensibility slider in the pause menu to adjust this. 

About the money we want to show the player the experience of put a bill in the cash register with coins like in the real life haha

Thanks for playing Kaotic Shop and thank you for the feedback (:


lol, fair enough on the money. Perhaps the mouse sensitivity slider will make that part simpler lol


Great prototype!

But I couldn't get the cash register to open to save my hard earned cash :'( Not sure if it's a bug or just me, tho.
It also took me ages to notice there were 2 kinds of guitard handles and other subtilities like that (cue to me shoving the wrong giant speaker in a customer's face multiple times yelling "TAKE IT DAMMIT IT'S THE SPEAKER YOU ASKED FOR I SWEAR") but I still had a lot of fun which is all that matters!
Loved the fact that you can just wander around the shop randomly messing everything up, I spent an ingame day throwing things at customers while cackling, it made for a  great stress reliever ;)

Great game overall, would love it if you made things a tad more comprehensible but it's already super fun!

Developer (1 edit)

Hi Myu!

We wanted to make difficulty with the items that are very similar (like finding Wally haha). If you want to open the cashier you must do right click (when the crosshair turns green) and the cash register will open :) 

Thank you for playing and for give us feedback :)


Omg it was the right click yeah! That was so simple... Thanks a lot, great work on this game! Hope you had fun makign it :


Really cool idea!


Controls could be a bit more fluid, especially around the doorways, but this is still a REALLY nice submission. It's fun just to mess around with stuff, searching around trying to find the stuff you're looking for to give the customers. Visuals were appealing and well stylized, environment was cool to explore even when not trying to complete orders. I never could figure out how to properly build a guitar, but I had fun trying anyway.