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This was one of the most impressive entry in terms of content and polish: there are even cars going by outside the shop, with sound effects and particles!

The gameplay itself is fun and satisfying. I like the freedom we have in the movement and the chaotic (hah!) aspect of it all.

Graphics were amazing and efficient at communicating the function of each object, the background music was a bit repetitive and could have been made optional by putting it on a radio item with a on/off switch (I couldn't focus on my drum mashing properly!)

The only thing that put me and a lot of other people off (I've been watching every stream and video of this jam :P) is the "hitbox" size when it comes to giving people what they want. It's not that it doesn't work, but it can be a bit confusing because there is no visual or audio feedback telling us whether the customer will accept our merch or not.

Another thing that slightly put me off is the camera jiggle. It feels somewhat unnatural, too regular (no perlin noise?). I understand it takes time to get a good feel for these things, which is why I would have preferred to not have it at all, all things considered. It was more offputting than immersive.

The attention to detail and the fun mechanics really make this one of the top entries! I also like that you spent time making teasers and trailers, it shows the consideration you put into this game.

I hope this helps, and I look forward to see your next games! Take care!