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Great prototype!

But I couldn't get the cash register to open to save my hard earned cash :'( Not sure if it's a bug or just me, tho.
It also took me ages to notice there were 2 kinds of guitard handles and other subtilities like that (cue to me shoving the wrong giant speaker in a customer's face multiple times yelling "TAKE IT DAMMIT IT'S THE SPEAKER YOU ASKED FOR I SWEAR") but I still had a lot of fun which is all that matters!
Loved the fact that you can just wander around the shop randomly messing everything up, I spent an ingame day throwing things at customers while cackling, it made for a  great stress reliever ;)

Great game overall, would love it if you made things a tad more comprehensible but it's already super fun!

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Hi Myu!

We wanted to make difficulty with the items that are very similar (like finding Wally haha). If you want to open the cashier you must do right click (when the crosshair turns green) and the cash register will open :) 

Thank you for playing and for give us feedback :)


Omg it was the right click yeah! That was so simple... Thanks a lot, great work on this game! Hope you had fun makign it :