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Hey, I will like to submit

Thanks! :)

Thanks for playing the game! <3

Glad you like it dude! ^^

rar files are not supported on Windowns 4-20 :(

Thanks for the feedback, I will fix it soon! ^^

Very good adaptation, although its not the only game remaking the Superhot mechanic I really liked this! The character controller it's good and really like the level design! Good job!

Wow! I finished all the levels and It's very fun to play! Well done! ^^

Neat idea! I really liked the mechanic. I prefer continuous movement, but It's a very good work in level design.

Nice entry! It's a very interesting game mixing necromancer with 2D!

I don't know if is a bug but, I can pass through the snake, also the life isn't working (?)

Btw, good concept and nice result! :)

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My game!


Súper entretenido, me gusta como el crecimiento de las personas pelea contra tu ratón. Me he quedado con ganas de llenar todo de casitas azules :P

I updated the game fixing a bug related with the sensibility of the mouse... and I added the quality settings! ^^

Hi CoalFire!

We don't have so much time to work in the game, but we want to make little updates to put more functionalities and enemies to the game.
We love the idea to make the game a rogue-lite game and we are thinking in the development roadmap to update the game in the future :)

Thanks for playing!

Hi Dennis!

In the next update we will fix the friendly fire bug and we will make that the camera follows the mouse.

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing! :)

Hi Cyberwolf! In the hotfix that we added yesterday we removed the two types of necks and the guitars without strings.

About the money if you have the ability, you can put the money very fast into the cash register, but we are thinking in a easier version of this mechanic haha

Thank you for playing Kaotik Shop and thank you for all the feedback that you give to us! ^^

I like the idea of the sim sound for the customers... I will add to the development board! :3

Thank you for playing Kaotik Shop! ;)

We will remove guitars without strings because all the players confuses with the completed guitars ;( and we will add more visual feedback to help players to play the game :)

When the game jam ends we will update the game with all the feedback that the players give to us :)

Thank you for playing Kaotik Shop!

Thank you! 

In my computer the mouse sensibility works well but we want to put a mouse sensibility slider in the pause menu to adjust this. 

About the money we want to show the player the experience of put a bill in the cash register with coins like in the real life haha

Thanks for playing Kaotic Shop and thank you for the feedback (:

Love your video! Very funny! ;)

Thank you for playing the game! ^^

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We are working in a fix for this bug, thank you for the report! :)

I liked a lot your video, you gave us good feedback to improve the game when the MusicGameJam end :) I give you some tips in a comment of your video to enjoy a little more the game.

Thank you for playing! 

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Hi Myu!

We wanted to make difficulty with the items that are very similar (like finding Wally haha). If you want to open the cashier you must do right click (when the crosshair turns green) and the cash register will open :) 

Thank you for playing and for give us feedback :)

First of all, thank you for playing and sorry for the problem of the sensibility, we didn't had the problem in our computers :(

If we update the game we will add an option menu and a sensibility settings

This is a jam game (made under 48-72 hours)  thats why the game don't have a tutorial, but the same that the sensibility options, we will update the game with a tutorial to have a clear understanding how to do the craftings and how to play "correct" the game. At the moment I only can say that checkout the shop to see how the things are ordered and check out the posters around the shop with the instructions of the game. 

Thanks for the feedback ^^

Code + Music = Love <3

I don't know how to play...but is very relaxing! ;)

Good platformer, good music and the mechanic is simple and fun! :)

I love the music and play the game with the headphones and the closed eyes :)

I like to make sounds while the teacher is talking xD

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Hi! Thank you for playing the game! 

I dont know if is a bug or if you dont know how to play the game, sorry for the inconvenience :/

To sell items all the required items must be near the npcs, prefered in the table. 

If you are selling guitars make sure that the guitar has the strings!! 

When a item is interactable the crosshair changes the color to green. 

If you think that is a bug,  can you send a gif or something to see the bug and make a hotfix? 

Thank you for the feedback :) 

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Thank you for playing the game! I hope that you had fun with the game! ^^