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Fury On The RoadView game page

Action game based in Mad Max movie
Submitted by JfranMora (@JfranMora), Sergio Font Gómez — 1 day, 6 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Movie Interpretation#154.1034.103
Gameplay Innovation#442.8622.862

Ranked from 29 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

IMDb link

Movie scene description (plus video link if possible!)
A action scene in the desert.

Does your game or video link contain movie spoilers?

No (completely spoiler-free)

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
Free assets from the asset store and unity editor extensions.

How many members in your team?


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Super fun, well made game! I included it in my Movie Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out! :)


Wow! This game is AWESOME! :D
It not only looks and sounds amazing, but it's VERY addictive as well.
The music is absolutely SPOTT-ON to the film, it almost sounds the same!
I think the best I managed was only killing 3 or 4 cars.
Can't really think of any faults, other than it's a bit too easy to die?
Congrats and good luck! :D


A smidge more work on the audio  and this would be perfect. Did have some soft crashes happen thoug, not sure if my memorycahe isn't clearing propperly or if its an optimization issue on your end. Something to look into.


 addictive arcade action. great work and the best max entry I have played so far. It runs great on my machine but my stream drops some of the frames. not sure why. It's only my stream that drops though locally it plays fine. It's a great game. thanks for making it!



Nice work! Interpretation close to the source, great intro and tutorial done right.

But I'm usually dying within first 5-10 seconds because I go fast and don't see where I'm going.
I demand a zoom out function )
Also why any low-speed slight obstacle bump leads to an explosion? These war carts were built for destruction, so please, give me an option to lay waste everywhere for longer and with bigger error margin.



Really fun game and really captures the feel of the movie! I would have liked it to have a high score displayed somewhere so I could know whether I'm doing better or worse each time, with those numbers being so big I tend to forget them easily.

Great job, this game is a lot of fun and rather addictive!


Really good game feel and polish! Well done!


That's one of the most polished game of the jam, at least the most polished one I have played yet! I really like the way you explain the controlls at the beginning. I was only able to find one bug: The camera is a bit buggy if you try to drive in the wall of the starting-area. Very nice game! 5/5

If you have time, it would be nice to get some feedback on our game too! We still need some ratings ;)


I liked this one a bunch! I was pretty horse-sh*t at it, but it was really well made so take some mad props for the (+23451 mad props)

Included your game in my Lumps Play compilation! You're the very first one, sorry I wasn't better at it :D Cheers, and keep making games! 🍻

Oh man I love this one, the art style, effects and sound are great. I think the turning drift might be a little higher than what I'm usually comfortable with, but otherwise this was super solid - thanks for making it :)


Excellent entry. Only stopped playing so I could check out some of the other games. 


Oh! Thank you! I'm glad you like it


Really excellent, wonderful presentation for a jam game.  I do think the gameplay itself could use some refinement, the controls feel kinda loose.  But seriously, the UI really captures the right aesthetic, the low-poly visual style works really well, and most importantly you recreated the pounding drums from the movie quite effectively, and it's awesome :)


Nice work. Love the look. 

Couple minor complaints: 

1.) I'd like to be able to see a bit farther or enemy range should be less. I often get destroyed by enemy fire coming from off screen. 

2.) Friendly fire. Occasionally I get destroyed by my own shots, when I lose track of the mouse.


Hi Dennis!

In the next update we will fix the friendly fire bug and we will make that the camera follows the mouse.

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing! :)


Wow well done!


Nice. The controller is a bit rough, but it's well to play.