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Rhythm-based hacker quine game.
Submitted by plasmastarfish — 5 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.

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I included it in an article of my favorite games from the Music Game Jam!


Awesome, thanks for linking it!


The execution of the game was something different, which made me more interested to play the game longer. At first, it was difficult to play due to a lack of instruction (until I checked the page of it). And the spamming of the letter keys + enter doesn't give me a consequence, so it's really safe to spam (cheat) to stay alive (hoping that you won't get tired that easy). I liked the progressive music to let the players stay pumped it to the game. Good work :)

Such a wonderful idea! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Pretty cool game!  The flashing screen bothered me just a little bit but not enough I couldn't enjoy it.  I like the music!  reminds me of mega man for some reason :D  Fun game -nice work!

Unlike a previous comment I was not able to find the instruction to play even on the page. I see them mention "enter" but no matter when and how I pressed enter and whether it was the numpad key or normal return key nothing seem to happened. I was really looking forward to typing to the beat and hack away :/ The music has a catchy easy to follow beat too :D


Sorry to hear that --- enter should work once you've finished typing a line. What version of Windows are you on?

oh, I have to type first and not just hit enter when the two circles meet!? Lol. Now I feel silly. I'll have to give it another go. :)


The game crashes on load for me. Says there's "no executable found". Bummed cause I really want to try it!


Oh, that's weird. Pyinstaller can be really quirky. What version of Windows are you running it on? I've only tested it on 10.

Windows 10, using the Windows Insider Preview program (not sure what dev build I'm on atm).

(1 edit)

It was a fun little game and had me smiling the whole time. I like it but I feel like it lacked depth. If you were make this a mobile game for example (with virtual keyboard) I'd add more actions or varying actions. Twas fun though


# Can't stop

# hitting ENTER now

# pls make it stop

# aaaah

Nice concept! I do  admit I was a bit puzzled until I found the play instructions in the game's itch page. I suggest putting them somewhere very visible so people can play your game properly :)
(it was obvious that a key needed to be hit when the circles meet, but I didn't know which one. maybe make the circle a ENTER key shape instead?)

Since the game is outputting its own code, you could insert a comment at the very top with those instructions (that is already there, so there's no need to press enter to show it. I love the recursive aspect by the way and it's super smart how you have implemented your UI messages (multipliers, game messages) right into the object of our focus!

Aesthetics are very nice! I like the sound effects and the terminal colors (flashy but still usable, nice balance right there!) The music is not my type but it's undeniably well made.

Thanks for this great little game, and kudos on using absolutely no external resources/people!

Take care!


Code + Music = Love <3