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Hice el juego en 48 horas, y lo hice demasiado dificil. Si quiere verlo al fin, hice un video del juego.

Gracias para jugar y lo siento para mi español mal.

Thanks for playing!

Yep, not much we can do about it with the development workflow we had (python/pyinstaller). We included instructions for a workaround for Windows Defender --- we could technically contact Microsoft to get the exe whitelisted, but we would have to do that every time we update it.

Thanks for trying the game out!

Strange. Glad you got it working though!

That's a generic error that could be caused by any number of things, although happening during loading makes me suspect it's occurring when loading the images and sounds.

First thought is to make sure you're running the EXE from the folder it's living in (e.g. by finding and double-clicking it) rather than from somewhere else (e.g. searching it in the start menu). Otherwise it might get confused on where to find the asset folders.

If that doesn't help, I can make another build with error logging tonight that could give us more info, if you're still up for trying to get it working!

The game uses PyInstaller, which Windows Defender loathes, so it might be trying to stop it from running. There are instructions on the game page to whitelist it, so you can see if that helps. It's also possible other antivirus software could cause problems as well.

If that doesn't help, I'm not sure what the issue could be, although it's worth mentioning the game has only been tested on Windows 10 on relatively modern hardware.

There definitely are some odd bugs, as tends to happen when you make a game in a week! Sometimes the game doesn't realize all the balls have stopped moving if one is getting pushed into a wall, especially by the 4 ball.

Theoretically, there is a ten-second breaker that starts the next turn if nothing has changed, so it's possible waiting a few seconds would have fixed it. And if not... jam games can be a little rough around the edges.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hm, I just tested it again, and was able to extract and run it. You might have to whitelist the containing directory (for instance, your Downloads folder) before extracting it, otherwise Windows might try to delete the EXE before you can do anything.

If that doesn't work, you might want to make sure it's not being removed by any other antivirus software you have installed.

Hi, I'm potentially looking for a music/SFX person for the upcoming jam! 

You can reach me on Discord (plasmastarfish#9054) and see some of my previous games at

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Thanks so much! Definitely a welcome surprise, especially with such a big jam and so many great entries.

And congrats on your own rankings!

Excellent work for a game jam. The story was compelling and moody, and the art and audio work were fantastic. My only complaint is that it ended so soon, and with so many loose ends!

Amazing entry, had so much fun with it! The atmosphere, gameplay, and graphics really tied it together. Had a hard time getting to the moon, even with full upgrades, owing to the randomness. Would make a great mobile game!

Excellent work for a month.

Really solid entry. The visuals were super polished and unique. The gameplay was pretty simple, and maybe could have been improved by leaning more into that chess theme (perhaps an attack that goes diagonally, since you're a pawn).

The music was great as well.

Overall, great work for a month.

Congrats on finishing a jam game, if you're new to development!

The game was interesting, although some parts the gameplay felt a bit clunky (for instance, you had a laser, but really didn't use it that often). It might have helped if there was a clear goal or some way to see progress other than finding more notes and more secrets.

Simple sound effects and music would be a good thing to add to future projects!

I did find one bug, which was falling off too far to the left in the first dimension, as mentioned by another commenter.

Great work for a month!

Awesome work on this! The models, audio, and narrative are all incredible.

It would be nice if there was a stronger indication of when the player was attacking (e.g. some sort of particle effect), since it can be hard to tell which animation is playing with the zoomed out camera. The gameplay also got a little bit stale after a few rounds, but the intermittent fights with the demon jumping from the moon helped to mix things up.

The music is fantastic --- is it original?

Great work for a month-long jam!

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Nice entry! The combination of a card game with party synergy is promising, although I think for a full game it would need a bit more card types and effects.

Graphics were nice, but the different styles clashed a bit. I adore the eel illustration!

The public domain sounds and graphics you used suited the game well.

Overall, great job making a game in a month!

Nice little entry! The gameplay was simple, but you fleshed it out with the different planet types.

I would have liked to see more levels, but I also see the value in making few enough that people will play through to the end.

It would be nice if the player got a little more fuel; the strategy I found most effective was mostly guessing, and flinging myself in a direction, since it's so expensive to course correct (especially turning the ship).

Overall though, had fun. Great work for a game jam!

Really solid entry! It's really impressive how built out the environments were, especially since they're different for each of the three characters. It's cool that they all have their own tools and personalities, although it would have been nice to have more interesting interaction between them (other than just "I need X to progress").

Some of the hazards could use better telegraphing --- especially the lasers and the white platforms that change colors gradually. I liked a lot of the tight timing on the puzzles, but it would be nice to have extra visual indicators.

Great work for a jam!

Awesome entry. The worldbuilding, art, and atmosphere work together really well, along with the public domain assets you used (love me some Chopin nocturnes).

The game is obviously short and not "complete," but there's definitely the glimmer of a full game in there, and I would love to play an expanded and fleshed out version of this.

The pixel art is phenomenal. It does get a little jarring with the very low-resolution images in the introduction, but obviously there was only a month in the jam and you made an enormous number of assets.

Excellent work!

Nice entry! The dialogue was really funny, and you did a good job of making increasingly difficult and complex tasks from simple mechanics. I appreciate that you didn't need to collect *every* pickup for each level, so you could move on if a challenge felt too tough, but it still keeps track of how many you do so you can gloat to your friends.

The music was pretty simple, but I really like how the tracks layered on as you progressed. Little touches like those make a big difference.

The fixed camera angle was a nice touch, and made it impossible to get lost (just move up), but it was sometimes a little difficult to tell what height a block was at (especially when it's floating off in space). Not sure what you could have done differently there, though.

Overall, really solid entry!

Thanks for playing! The idea was definitely a but of a gamble, but I'm glad people seem to be enjoying it.

Best of luck for the rest of the rating period! I'm not rating games yet, but I'll try to get everyone who played mine.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you got a chance to play with friends!

I won't be able to start playing other entries until later this week, but I'll definitely make sure to check yours out --- the video looks fantastic.

Best of luck for the rest of the rating period!

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! It is a little difficult to balance making it feel like a party game when the majority of players will probably be alone when playing (or maybe have one other player). I'm considering making a bot to ping my email when new players join.

Regardless, thanks for playing and congrats on your (zero point) leaderboard placement!

Thanks for playing! We were troubleshooting right up until the submission time, so it looks like you one into one of likely a few remaining errors.

Glad you enjoyed it!

All of your points are very valid, especially about the randomness and it feeling bad when you don't get a lantern in range.

Thanks for streaming, and maybe see you around for LD46!

Really solid entry! The graphics were nice, especially the character, and the sound and music were great (I especially liked the fact that more voices were added to the music the higher you got). As others have said, the UI could be a little more intuitive (perhaps an angled arrow that originates from the player, and then grows longer and shorter). I still had lots of fun jumping between platforms and ultimately falling to my doom.

Great work for 72 hours! Sometimes team projects end up a bit disjointed, but this was really cohesive and it seems like everyone was on the same page.

Nice entry! The sound effects for the wind were great, and the game concept was nice. It was a little bit finicky, especially when wind was added or removed (I would expect the character to gradually recover from the wind, but he just kind of pops back upright immediately). Art is simple but gets the job done.

Nice job for 72 hours!

Great entry! It's super polished, especially with the little bowing animations and spotlights. The use of theme and main mechanic are really good as well.

It took a little while to get the hang of it, but after that it was really satisfying to play (although it would be nice if the platforms were a *little* larger).

The music was nice, and the sound effects helped (SFXR?). I especially like how the beginning of the music ties into the start of the game, although when restarting numerous times I found myself a little impatient through the admittedly charming few seconds of introduction.

Extra animations, particle effects, or Art of Screenshake elements could bring it to the next level.

Amazing work for 72 hours!

Really interesting entry. It reminds me a little bit of 2048.

Like other comments say, the onboarding could be a little better (perhaps have a small number in the corner of each tile for its level? The green borders for upgradeable tiles are a nice touch).

The graphics are simple, but polished. The "age" meters look nice and the typeface matches the aesthetic of the game. A little extra sounds, effects, and feedback on various events (e.g. a tile dying) could push it to the next level.

My high score didn't seem to be written to, but I got as far as having two pink tiles on the board (and then promptly lost because I had neglected the rest of them... oops.

Good work for 72 hours!

Nice work for a game jam! I liked the game concept and the use of the theme. The physics on the boxes were a little bit funky, and the highest score I managed to get was 16.

Music and sound effects would be a nice addition.

The graphics are obviously simple, but I like the little exclamation marks you added to hint at the next box drops; a lot of games are missing this for important information off-screen and suffer because of it.

Great entry! The visuals were really good, and combined with the music it definitely gave me the vibe of old PS1 sports games.

It sometimes felt a little unpredictable which direction the dude would lean; I'd sometimes be mostly balanced and suddenly jerk to the right or left when there wasn't a very strong curve. I think I might just not have the feel down yet.

It would be cool to see this extended with an infinite/procedurally generated mode or with bonuses or powerups you need to lean dangerously far to collect.

Great work for 72 hours!

Thanks for the play! Sorry to hear the online scoreboard wasn't working for you. Was there any kind of message?

Thanks so much! I'm definitely used to scoping for 48 hour jams (e.g. Ludum Dare compo) and that extra day pretty much went into UI and extra polish.

Weird. It should have generated a file called "crash_log.txt" in the same directory as the executable. Your score was received on the backend again.

Apparently not super fruitful. Thanks for trying it out though!

Hi again! There's now a new download that has crash logging linked in the game page. If you're willing to give it a try to send me the log, I would appreciate it, but otherwise no worries.

Hey, I identified the bug! It turns out it's just linked to the "F" key because of some artifacts of game jam debugging code I forgot to remove. You can either avoid typing "F" or get this new download that fixes the issue and has crash logging. Thanks for reporting the crash!

Nice entry!

Use of theme is on point, and the overall atmosphere created by the graphics, background music, and voice lines worked really well. I particularly liked the use of pH as a mechanic.

Well done for 72 hours!

I did get a single submission from a J with a score of 4605. It looks like your score submission may be working, but for some reason the score fetching is breaking (the timeout is a couple seconds, does it feel like you're exceeding that?)

In the meantime, since your scores appear to be going through, here are the current high scores you can try to oust :)

  1. ALEAR: 39534
  2. JARM: 37231
  3. JARM: 26499
  4. XI: 23533
  5. GCCOM: 17239
  6. BOB: 16132
  7. XI: 16008
  8. XI: 15996
  9. GCCOM: 15736
  10. ZEB: 15500