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Ate the tomato. Excellent submission.

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Thanks for the playthrough! It was a fun project and I'm glad you found some parts you enjoyed.

A lot of the pieces you mentioned (health drops, spike spawning, and level counter) were points we noticed but ran out of time to fix. Our team was primarily two people, and we're engineering students full-time.

I definitely agree that a cohesive story would add a lot, and we've discussed adding boss floors and actual plot elements --- we actually had some idea of a story, none of which ended up in the game or Itch page in full.

Sorry to hear you didn't get left/right combo pieces, it's all on a random number generator! Making the first few levels deterministic would definitely make that system feel a little nicer.

Once again, thanks for playing and for the feedback! I think we could have gotten away with less polish for more features, but it was a fun experience and we got the opportunity to make a thing.

Thanks for the play! 

Sorry for the poor rules and UI explanation; we ran out of time to polish at the end of the jam. Great to see someone trying it out!

Sounds great! I'll try it out when I have the chance. UI is always the last thing I make, so it's totally understandable to run out of time.

Was a confused for a while until I realized that wind power gave you a double jump. Nice concept and good execution! The animations are super cool, especially the breath and tree. Well done for 72-hour jam.

Huge number of features for a jam game. You made a 2D and a 3D world, "Kreature" battle system, all sorts of assets, and character customization to boot.

Music is great. Sad you didn't get around to "finishing" the game, although it's impressive how much you managed to make in 72 hours with reasonable polish.

Interface could probably be better; sometimes wasn't sure whether my clicks were registered or not.

Ah! That would explain it. I did get an error window, so you might want to double-check how you're doing the exit.

Nice submission!

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I'm not really sure what's going on in this entry --- I can move around with arrow keys, change tile color with space, and change arrow colors and directions with WASD, but I'm not sure what the significance is.

If there are more instructions, let me know! I'd like to play the game and give you a rating.

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Neat little game. I like the potion inventory system, and think with a few more potion types it could make some really interesting puzzles. Right now, your puzzles mainly just used the reverse-gravity potion, but it would be interesting with potions that freeze, break walls, etc.

The character movement was a bit slow and floaty. I'd recommend doing some research on platformer physics, because there's a surprising amount that goes into making it "feel" like Mario, Celeste, etc.

Nice work for 72 hours!

Interesting game. I was a little lost at first until I read the README, but eventually got the hang of it. Your player control code is a little odd --- you always move in the direction of the most recent keydown, even if you're holding a different button. I eventually ended up with a screen with my player and a large green circle (victory screen?) but upon clicking the player, Godot crashed.

The audio is pretty simple, but charming. I like how each area has a different "personality."

Had some trouble getting the crafting system to work. Graphics are excellent, and it was fun lobbing high-speed potions at the enemies. Super solid submission for a game jam, I could see this being really fun with some improvements to interface and balancing!

Great game! Animation is pretty, character animations are hilarious, and the gameplay is solid. My only problems are minor usability things; for example, I originally aimed my cards at the doors, rather than the lanes, and it would have helped to highlight the lanes as you hover over them. Great work for 72 hours.

Neat game. I like the mechanic of building spells from the spirits you pick up, but it was a bit confusing to learn. The combat was simple, but worked. I like the projectiles, lighting, and overall visuals, even with squares for people. Nice job for 72 hours!

Oh no! We'll see if we can find the reason for the crash and fix it for future players. Glad to hear you liked the characters and the story!

Awesome, thanks for linking it!

Sorry to hear that --- enter should work once you've finished typing a line. What version of Windows are you on?

Oh, that's weird. Pyinstaller can be really quirky. What version of Windows are you running it on? I've only tested it on 10.

It's okay ;)