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Submitted by José Guerreiro, Daniel Kim (@danielkimaudio), tay4tes, albertpaixao, lolmanQ, Martynyuu, RicharPK (@PkRichar) — 21 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline

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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
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I didn't get far at all, so I ended up watching the video you posted below. The music is indeed very nice and so is the concept. I also like the sleek artstyle.

I'm usually pretty good at these 3D platformers (played a fair bit of Recore which is also made in Unity) but I wasn't able to get used to this one for two main reasons I think:

- The transparent platforms are super offputting: in a game like this where precision is needed, I like to see where exactly the current platform ends and where the next one begins.

- Why the "W" binding instead of Space, which is usually used for jumps in similar games? You could even bind both of them and let the player choose his favourite.

Aside from that, there is a difficulty problem as is often the case with jam games (it's so hard to make a game and balance its difficulty in so little time). Again, I want to refer to this Quill18 video on game jams. It was frustrating to stumble so much on the very first obstacles, without getting to hear the rest of the (great) music, and also having to click on "start" again each time instead of being spawned at the start / last checkpoint again. Here again, the different levels (or are they randomly generated?) are nice but also make it harder to learn the first steps.

I hope this helps, and I look forward to see you in the next jam! Take care!

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you very much for playing and you detailed feedback :)

this is indeed the very first prototype as there wasn'nt enough time to polish the design :D

The level is random generated and can have surprises no one seen before


Excellent soundtrack! And I like how the game use it to create dynamic animations, and sync the platforming to it.

I didn't get very var because of the difficulty though. I think my best record was around 15 buildings. Since there is no separation between orientation and direction (making the controls hard to understand at first), zigzagging is quite tough. At least levels are procedurally generated, so it's not too repetitive. But that doesn't prevent from hearing only the beginning of the song each time, and the cool animations only appear later in the game. So I feel the game works as a "hard mode", but maybe difficulty could be reduced a bit, or at least be less punitive.

That being said, the game is still visually and musically fantastic! And its basic runner concept is working great.


Very challenging game. I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Nice check out the comments for a paly guide and playthrough it's very chalenging yes! more easier mode is planned.


It's a nice game, sadly my laptop couldn't handle it and only registered a some of the jumps so I always fell after one or two buildings. I watched the playthrough though to listen to the music. I think it must be really nice when it gets into a flow. The changes between the music pieces felt a little rough because they are really different from each other. Maybe putting them into different levels with a slightly different colouring would sort this out. I imagine it to be a lot of fun when it runs smoothly.

Developer (1 edit)

yeah you realy need 120% focus to beat it its hard but always fair and possible. The changes was not intentioned first we just hadn't enough time for more level and wanted somehow highlight all artists. There was even more than just colour change in mind ;D 

Thanks for check it out :)


Any plans for a web port?


I came, I saw, I insynth'd.


The soundtrack is top notch!  Graphics are perfect! I love the way everything goes crazy to the music -the yellow boundary bars bouncing esp look good.  Plays smooth and fun!  Really awesome work! 


Thank you so much!

Submitted (2 edits) (+3)

The game lacks a bit of instruction, at first I thought you only use the W key, until I've moved the mouse. I can't play it properly on my laptop, because it can't handle the "Ultra" quality setting at full power. So I guess the config dialogue (the one with the Quality Settings) should be enabled, or an options panel containing it would be good. By checking the playthrough, the music and visuals are stunning. The gameplay experience can be a dizzy one, because the action for jumping over to the next platform can be really quick. Anyway, great work on the game :D


Very fun, though I would have preferred it if the levels weren't randomly generated. I think I ended up getting an unbeatable config since I got a really wide gap that I couldn't even come close to clearing.


Try again I needed like 40 tries to beat it and it's always possible just don't be shy with mouse movement when you have a big gab from left to right :D

we should add an easier mode with limited left right distance :)


Here is a playthrough :)