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I came, I saw, I insynth'd.

This game tickles my brain in such a nice way. I found myself struggling to understand how it worked, then it clicked. Gradually, my mind began to absorb the booze and I started making simultaneous pours with the chords humming through me.

Conceptually, this is a really smart twist on solitaire! It has tremendous education potential. However, I'm musically inept so I wish the game either had a starting sheet that showed players viable combinations or was more aggressive about helping beginners form working matches.

This is a great concept. My only crticisms are that the green echo is really hurt my eyeballs. I would prefer if the echo spread out more slowly or had a darker green.

Okay this game drove me absolutely fucking nuts holy shit but I made it. I think the difficulty is a little rough at the beginning, right around the first couple of levels, but the mechanics are incredible.

For an easymode idea, it might cool to add an instant red/blue slider hotkey.

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I found a bug where the game won't ricochet you back into the center and just keeps you stuck on the side. Luckily you had the foresight to stick rocks on the far left after 100km! Wait, nevermind, that's just rng! Either way, insanely fun game. I'm trying to figure out the stuck bug but it seems like it's just random when you have velocity from another turn into the wall.