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Use echos to find your way through a dark maze
Submitted by Nathan Glick, David Liu, Max De George (@Max_DeGeo) with 8 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline

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I tried several times getting past the intro, but unfortunately haven't been able to. Following the man by his voice is quite hard when he only speaks every ten seconds, and there is no real sense of progress.

So I haven't played the echolocation part! Which apparently seems to be the core or the game? It looks nice but, well, I just couldn't get there.

I don't think I'm the only one stuck at the beginning. I see how the intro is interesting (asking players to use only their hearing to navigate, yeah that's a cool idea actually), but practically it works just as a wall here. Nothing that can't be fixed, but in the meanwhile maybe it could at least be possible give hints/instructions in the page's description so that players know where to go?


Sorry you had trouble with the intro! I know some other people had the same problem, so we'll probably work on making that part easier. If it helps, the room is set up in a sideways 'L' shape, where you walk straight for a while then turn left. You'll know you're close when the voice gets louder (and narration plays when you are in front of the echolocation device).


Alright, I've made it! =D Well, I got stuck again sadly, but at least I've been pretty far!

The echolocation is nice to use! I actually like the detuned piano sound it does. And the mazes are well designed: tricky, but not sadistic.^^ It's also great that the emitter is upgraded early (the first version being, as the game put it well, a bit lame :p).

The text is fun too! =) Sometimes a bit too mean toward the player. I liked when the character made fun of the player condition, and showed to be pretty insensitive. But him getting impatient or angry when the player has effectively trouble to move on might be a little too much. The game is actually challenging, and sometimes it can feel discouraging.

One thing especially that made the game hard is the absence of landmarks in the levels. Well, since it's a maze, I expect to get lost of course. But some distinct shapes or sounds in specific rooms could at least tell the player if they're going in circle. The emitter thing to shut down in the later levels helps greatly in that regards.

Cool concept anyway! It offers a good orientation puzzle, as well as an interesting claustrophobic and dark atmosphere (without being too scary).


Glad you got past the beginning! Thanks for all the feedback too, we really appreciate it!


The concept for this is pretty freakin cool and the green effect is cool but a bit intense.  Overall really nice work and unique! :D


Thanks for the input, and I'm glad you like it! We've heard about the green problem from a few people, so it's definitely something we have to change in the future


Challenging game! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


The volume is so low I can't hear anything at all! >-< So frustrating


We're sorry to hear! Not sure if that's on our end or not. Many other players seem to have had very little to no problems with the audio volume., but we will still check it out. If you have another audio output device, such as headphones, it should increase the volume of the game and make it a bit more enjoyable. If that's not the issue, your sound card might have trouble outputting the game audio. We apologize that you were unable to receiver the best experience during game play. We are going to check it out and see what issue may have caused this disruption for you. Thank you for the feedback, and we look forward to improving our game so that we can increase your future experience. 


The weird is, I connected my headphones and upped the volume to the max, and I got even quieter sound. xD
Thanks for the consideration anyways. Maybe a volume slider at the beginning of the game could help with that.


Some of the audio in the game is based on your position in the level. If the audio gets quieter, it could be the narrator moving away or you moving away from the narrator. If this isn't the problem, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Regardless, we'll make sure to put in a volume slider in a future version. Thank you for your feedback once again!


This is a great concept. My only crticisms are that the green echo is really hurt my eyeballs. I would prefer if the echo spread out more slowly or had a darker green.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the suggestion! We really appreciate it! We'll check it out on future fixes with the game!