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Thank you very much :)

Hey, thank you very much for making this video and the positive feedback. You are not the only person who struggled a little with the mechanics and we all agree that they possibly need a rework.

You might want to take a look at the video description though, it looks like some other content slipped into it.

Well what helped me in my first game jam was to not think about the best idea possible and just pick one idea that sounds simple enough and fun to make and just go for it. Amazing that you're going to participate. Game jams are a lot of fun while also being productive, I personally love it!

Yeah I thought about that. I chose that speed mostly because I feared that people would just rush through the game and wanted to force them to take it slow. I guess it didn't work out that well :D

I'm glad you liked it though

Nicely done, and good fun!

It was a nice game. I liked the way you dealt with the unfinishedness. And the idea to switch between the different camera perspectives, that a really great idea! The only thing I disliked were some letters being blurry. Good job!

Thank you very much :)

Thank you for your nice comment and your feedback!

Thank you for the nice comment!

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Nicely done! Not the type of game I usually play but I liked the feeling and the music. I missed a hint button on how to play and/or something like a score which tells me how I did.

It's a nice game, sadly my laptop couldn't handle it and only registered a some of the jumps so I always fell after one or two buildings. I watched the playthrough though to listen to the music. I think it must be really nice when it gets into a flow. The changes between the music pieces felt a little rough because they are really different from each other. Maybe putting them into different levels with a slightly different colouring would sort this out. I imagine it to be a lot of fun when it runs smoothly.

Very nice athmosphere. I like both the visuals and the music, the story is well embedded and also the progression of difficulty works very well (I wasn't able to finish the last stage).

The only thing I'd like to mention is that during a stage my eyes were constantly dragged to the left bottom part of the screen which felt a little like: "Why is something on the rest of the screen when I'm not able to look at it?"