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Try the correct uploaded version if you interestet :)

Nice one remembers me of Mirrors Edge :D

Thats a really hard confusing game

the browser Notification is weird but the game is fun :D

Cool puzzle game I had some fun ! :D

hmm for me nothing happens when I click 

Haha really nice idea I like the music and lose orientation all the time :D

It didn't submit then it did submit my first upload attempt.

after submiited this I had two submission accidently.

I removed the second and hope it is fine now phew :D

same problem here it says I don't have a game that can be submitted O.o

Every screen inside the game contains of only 8 squares. Outside the game you can decorate and write text as you want.

It's a game jam about minimalism so no credits and title screen needed I guess?

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Thank you very much for playing and you detailed feedback :)

this is indeed the very first prototype as there wasn'nt enough time to polish the design :D

The level is random generated and can have surprises no one seen before

Nice check out the comments for a paly guide and playthrough it's very chalenging yes! more easier mode is planned.

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yeah you realy need 120% focus to beat it its hard but always fair and possible. The changes was not intentioned first we just hadn't enough time for more level and wanted somehow highlight all artists. There was even more than just colour change in mind ;D 

Thanks for check it out :)

Try again I needed like 40 tries to beat it and it's always possible just don't be shy with mouse movement when you have a big gab from left to right :D

we should add an easier mode with limited left right distance :)

Very nice puzzle plattform action mix. Very rewarding if you spend patience and observation.

I don't understand the hold spacebar sequence

Here is a playthrough :)