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Arvid Nygren

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I wish laundry was this fun irl.

It's quite fun even tough it's hard! One thing that i see in a lot of Unity games is that the text is really blurry. I would recommend using a text solution like TextMesh pro for much much crisper text. But still, great work!

All thanks to you!

Thanks for the feedback! Maybe an ingame tutorial would be better than just a description in text but unfortunately we didn't have time for that this time.

I uploaded a new file now. It worked on my mac so hopefully it will work on yours as well. The only thing is that the UI does'nt scale very well. I hope for that to not be a major problem tough :)

19.16857 ;)

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When u hyped for a new complimentary comment but u see its your jam teammate xddd

Thank you!

Glad I proved you wrong there with the controls! Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I think a honk sound would be really nice. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! My score is 19 seconds ;)

Yeah, there is a few bugs, glad you liked it!

I dont know why i like this game so much but its just so good! Good job guys!

Nice artstyle! With some Sci-Fi music this game would have been amazing!

The purpose of tilting the truck is that you can tilt your truck back up if you are on the side. Glad you liked it!

There is now an updated version which fixes that problem you have!

Unfortunately i wasnt able to play because the jumping didnt work for me when i jumped i barely jumped at all so i wasnt able to get out of the tutorial area. Looks like a nice game tough.

Ahw sheit, i forgot to do that. Do you think I can upload a new build now when the jam is ended? Alternativly maybe you can disconnect one of your monitors?

There are quite a few bugs, i know. But i didn't have the energy to fix them. So I decided that it was better to just release the game than not releasing it at all. I still hope the game was somewhat playable.

I understand what you mean with bad controls, the jumping feels quite bad, i know. This is my first game jam and i'm not a experienced developer at all. I'm sad that you can't play more but I'm glad you like the puzzles!


Finally finished! Well, even tough i didnt have the time or energy to create the last level i'm quite happy with what i've done during this month. I hope you guys are going to like my game and i look forward to trying all of your amazing games!


Update #2

Here is a video of my progress in the jam so far, right now it's very short but i aim to make at least 10 levels in total for the game.  I wish all of you guys luck making your awesome games!

I love the look of your game!



I'm trying to make a 2D puzzel game where you  use mirrors to see and interact with things on the other wall. This is my first Jam so i am very excited! Good luck to everbody!