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Arvid Nygren

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There are quite a few bugs, i know. But i didn't have the energy to fix them. So I decided that it was better to just release the game than not releasing it at all. I still hope the game was somewhat playable.

I understand what you mean with bad controls, the jumping feels quite bad, i know. This is my first game jam and i'm not a experienced developer at all. I'm sad that you can't play more but I'm glad you like the puzzles!


Finally finished! Well, even tough i didnt have the time or energy to create the last level i'm quite happy with what i've done during this month. I hope you guys are going to like my game and i look forward to trying all of your amazing games!



Update #2

Here is a video of my progress in the jam so far, right now it's very short but i aim to make at least 10 levels in total for the game.  I wish all of you guys luck making your awesome games!

I love the look of your game!




I'm trying to make a 2D puzzel game where you  use mirrors to see and interact with things on the other wall. This is my first Jam so i am very excited! Good luck to everbody!