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Yeah, that was my thought. If the laser beam persisted then people could just change mirrors on the fly until they got it right. I was trying to figure out a way to let people see where the laser went, but ran out of time before I could figure it out.

Thanks :) And yeah, trying to find music was a pain. I was hoping for a more thoughtful theme to the music, but all I could find was super-hyper or so calm it made the music in Kerbal Space Program sound upbeat.... and, as I type this, I realize I could have used incompetech. It totally slipped my mind when I was looking for music.  Hm.. less than 3 hours left, there may be time to find a new track and update.

64-bit Windows has no problem with 32-bit software, and this little game doesn't go anywhere near the memory limitation of 32 bit, so there was no reason to make it less compatible (many Windows users are still on 32 bit, since there seems to be a dislike of updating in the Windows community). I didn't realize it was an issue for Linux, or even that the universal option existed. 

Anyway, Linux version is updated. Feel free to redownload. :)

Oops, sorry, I didn't realize Linux had an issue with different versions like that! (I really know very little about Linux other than some command line usage.) I'm just heading to bed now but I'll compile the Universal version as you suggested first thing in the morning, and reply again to let you know. 

I was hoping to add a fourth level, which would have built on the new obstacle introduced in level 3, but my arm's killing me from all the work I've done on level 2 and 3 in recent days, but hopefully, the three levels I have submitted are fun!

Q key would be perfect for me.  Not that I'm asking you to update the game for my sake. :) Originally I only meant allowing right-shift as well would probably have been better.  More for future consideration than anything right now. :)

The menus seem a little touchy, I had to click twice a few times. Otherwise, great game! (Though, limiting sprint to left shift makes it extremely awkward for me with my severely limited number of fingers, but I'm hardly a general case.)

Very cool game! 

'The confusion probably comes from the Overview, where you say: 

'In my pre-jam video I mentioned that the jam will end on the 28th, however this does not give people enough time to vote. We will be ending this jam on the 26th and voting will end on the 30th. The spotlight video can then go up on the 31st.'

Obviously a typo. I hadn't actually paid attention to that and was going by the countdown timer, until I read this thread. :) 

Not doing a video this time, but level 2 completed (except for some final tweaks for presentation)! It's definitely more challenging... I made the solution but even I get turned around and have trouble solving it. Aggravated by the fact that there's no way for the player to see where the laser's going beyond how far they can run in five seconds. Not sure how to fix that without losing the lose condition. Not sure how to fix it, let alone if I have time.

Another update! A playable tutorial level and sound effects (well, just one) and music!

Another report, with good progress! At least, for me. Including my first ever full Blender model!

Thanks! I posted in another thread with a link to my GitHub with the code, and adroitconceptions was able to help me solve the problem. (The logic of the loop was completely messed up.) There was a lot of extra stuff in there - manipulating the positioncount and so on - that was absolutely unnecessary. 

Thank you so much! That logic makes so much more sense, too. That helps me a lot!

Oh, that's very cool. Thank you!

I'm working on a game that's quite similar to probably what a lot of people are doing, but as this is my first attempt to make a game in Unity that wasn't just a textbased adventure, I thought I'd just go for it. The game will involve bouncing a mounted laser off of mirrors to hit a target at the end of a first person maze. 

For the last few days, I've been struggling with a problem with my laser. Until this morning, I thought the problem had to do with getting it to stop when it hit a target that wasn't a mirror. It would, seemingly, veer off randomly when I added the if statement to check for collision. However, in setting up to make the video below, I discovered the problem goes deeper. It's happening whenever I increase the number of reflections past two. The script I use, which I based off a somewhat outdated tutorial, seems to be seriously flawed. However, with my admittedly limited understanding of LineRenderers, I'm not sure where the problem lies. I'm fully willing to start from scratch on this, but if this tutorial isn't working I really don't know where to start.

Since I know I'm not the only one working with reflecting lasers in this game jam, can anybody possibly point me to either where I went wrong, or point me towards a line reflection tutorial that will give me a better place to start?

The script in question: Github Link

Video demonstration:

I'll be posting this video in another post outside this thread as well, but, as suggested to me by coquigames above: My request for help!

Good idea, thanks! I mentioned it in my update video but didn't go into too much detail. I'll post something in a bit. 

And I just realized I forgot to mention I got a pause menu and main menu working. No options menu or save game, but those are bonuses if I can get the rest of the game working. 

Alright, here's my first report! Sorry for rambling and the moment of silence at the beginning. 

I find this extremely impressive, and not just because (as I'll post a video about later tonight) I've been banging my head against the wall for three days trying to get my laser to work in reflecting like that, and stopping when it hits something nonreflective. ;-)

Seriously, that already looks very fun to play.


As far as develop your own code, I have two questions:

1. Does following tutorials (not strictly, customising and changing as needed) count as someone else's code? (Okay, one related question to this too: If so, can we use the built-in FPS controller?)

2. Are we allowed to ask for help on troublesome code problems on sites like Brackey's forums, Stack Exchange, etc.?