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Rules for the jam Sticky

A topic by Matthewpalaje created May 30, 2017 Views: 1,814 Replies: 31
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Rule #1: Develop your own original art assets

Rule #2: Develop your own code/blueprints 

Rule #3: Your game must be in an executable format that people can play. It can also be web based. Any format that people can easily access and play. 

Finding team mates:
I recommend creating new topics to find team mates. Don't be afraid to ask! 

Pre-jam announcement video:

Can I use animation from mixamo ?
I create my own model then import aniamtion form


Any asset you've paid money for and wasn't your own work I think counts as against the rules.
Some clarification might be needed if people need to figure out what means what.


I would prefer that everyone creates animations themselves. Part of the spirit of the jam is to finish with something completely your own. I of course won't "Ban" anyone but I would prefer that people go into this jam creating everything from scratch. The only things I don't mind relates to music/sound effects. 

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Never done a game jam, we can interpret the Theme anyway we want to yes? Like as long as the game is inspired by "Mirror" we won't get negative ratings or anything.

Pretty much :)

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As long as you can explain the link


Yeah! For sure. Just take inspiration from the Mirror theme and get creating once the jam starts :)

So audio from someone else is ok? Also, teaming up with others is ok, but is there a limit?

Yes, music/sound effects from other sources is allowed. Team with whoever! :D

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It's not if you get the licensing, but that's money. Same rule for any game you'll ever create for the rest of your life. :P

Do we have to record everything that we do in video? It's a pain in the a** to do it... 

No you dont, Matthew will pick some games out from the game after it ends and do a spotlight video talking about what he likes etc.
All you or your team gotta do is code a game (linked to the theme of "mirror" in some way) and make art assets


What would you say is too short and too long in regards to the games play time?

Just a little something I'm wondering about: would it be a good idea for some people to make a thread about their progress on here? I would think so for multiple reasons, like helping keep the developer(s) on track, helping inspire others to join, seeing ideas and concepts to play off of, and so on. I would prefer to wait for an official answer before I just go ahead and make my own thread.

I am new to this so what is "Mirror" theme?

Basically, you have to create a game that is somehow related to mirrors in its mechanics and/or setting. (note that you can understand the term "mirror" however you want.)

Hm.... i thought of mirror's edge. Is that valid?  

From the responses I see, it is valid. I'm not the jam organizer though, so my opinion is not exactly authoritative.


Hey Pekira! I answered this in my jam announcement video :) Check it out here

Can I use other peoples fonts? Or do I have to design my own font?

Almost 100% sure you can use other peoples fonts as long as you got the license for them.


Feel free to use other peoples fonts :) As long as the author of the font allows the use of it.

Nice, thanks for the answer!

Is it alright to make a game that can be used with a game controller like the xbox controller


Yes I can't see why not, just keep in mind that not everybody got a controller tho, so try to add keyboard controls so they can enjoy the game aswell

will do thanks


Can we use openly licenced photos, for example for textures?


As far as develop your own code, I have two questions:

1. Does following tutorials (not strictly, customising and changing as needed) count as someone else's code? (Okay, one related question to this too: If so, can we use the built-in FPS controller?)

2. Are we allowed to ask for help on troublesome code problems on sites like Brackey's forums, Stack Exchange, etc.?


Yep! That's all good.




Are Particle Effects included in Art Assets or could it be any free asset from Unity Store?