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FPP = First Person Perspective.
These types of games have always been known as First Person and that's perfectly fine to call them that. Sometimes people still call them FPS and nobody seems to take offense when there's no guns.

So basically you can call it what you like and so long as it makes sense to you, everyone else will follow.

It's intended as a resource and my hope was that folks could find a use for them. Thanks for your feedback!

That's awesome dude :)
Thanks for posting man.

Community isn't a community without lending a hand!

Created a new topic [FREE MUSIC LOOPS]
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I'm going to keep editing this and putting some loops I come up with in here if anybody wants to use them. The teams I'm working on will have more complex and interesting sounds but these are sounds I find along the way.

Help yourself!



Pretty much :)


Both of these GREAT tools are discussed in Matthew's video below.
There's also part 1 of this series in which Matthew covers where to begin with art.
I recommend everyone watch this series before starting this awesome jam :)

Thanks for your kind words!

Thank you my friend :)

Any asset you've paid money for and wasn't your own work I think counts as against the rules.
Some clarification might be needed if people need to figure out what means what.

Artists should always help other artists :)

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Super happy to help all my fellow devs out with music.

I can point you in the right direction with advice, if you need it OR might be able to make something for your game freshly (0:30 - 1:00 clip max) if I feel inspired by what you have in mind, as that could be quite fun to mess around with.

Also ALL my music will be free to use over on my Soundcloud just make sure to PM on Discord (RogueNord#6411) and I'll hit you with a file. This isn't really a competition guys, let's stay positive, help where you can and "just like make game".

A song inspired by this jam: https://soundcloud.com/xifioff...

Have fun!

I can program c# a little bit (3 years on and off) but I'd like to offer my services as a music producer.
You can listen to my music below but I can make just about any genre if needed.

Hit me up if you're into what I've got.