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Given that it's still kinda early access, I don't think it's strange for it going up in price the more updates there are available.

Oh, that makes sense! The .aseprite will be provided for all the characters too? It's really useful to create an export format (png + json) which can be imported easily then to a game engine.

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Hey @Penusbmic, I was wondering if you could update the .aseprite file from the original with the new animations. It would help a lot to export all animations in one Spritesheet file + .json with animation frame data to import into game engines later on. It looks really cool :)

Played it all though and it's a shame the tilling issue that GodotEngine has because it's really bothersome. Good job!

Do we have to record everything that we do in video? It's a pain in the a** to do it... 

Hey Exen, sorry for the delay. The thing is I've little experience with Unity, like next to none... then if you believe that you can take on the lead programmer role, because maybe you need an artist, I'd have no problem. In case you don't feel like it, I don't know... what do you think?

True on that 😂

Hey, I'll be joining on the Jam too as a two men team, me and my brother. Really looking forward to your Löve2D game, and hopefully OpenSource :D

A great fan of Löve2D gotta say, but porbably will go for Unity, to sharpen my poor skills.

Good luck to all!