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Just recently got to this, and I think it's excellent. The learning curve is really beautifully executed.

I don't quite like how there's no way to choose which zombie to play as when you restart or select a level. Unless there's a key for that, but I really can't find what that key is.

Good to know, thank you!

Neat tool! Though I'm a tiny bit concerned about how the generated patterns seem to be the same for each card title. Example, the pattern on "Justice" is always the same.

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Firstly, I've been getting some weird crashes and frame rate dips, though that could be because I'm playing on the browser version. Still, these issues ought to be worked out.

Might just be because I'm bad, but there's a bit of a major difficulty spike after the tutorial. I seem to just get violently demolished by clawed creatures, with just about no food in sight.

But this is a nice concept, and the execution is almost there! Keep going!

I don't quite know what's going on in this game, and I suppose that's the point.

I thought the sections with the two different starts and noclipping were really interesting. However, I can't tell which endings are the "good" endings. The least corrupted looking one was still pretty glitchy looking, and ends with a weird softlock with the skull thing that follows you around.

There's a terminal I cannot get to for the life of me after checkpoint 2. It's the fourth one, and I'm expected to make a jump that is pretty much impossible. And when I inevitably miss, I have to go through a bunch of screens again. It's very frustrating.

That aside, this was a really great, unique concept.

I don't get it...

I've been addicted to this game for the past week or so! I like how there's an incentive to keep aiming for a higher score, as the further I go in, more mechanics seem to be added, which I find to be incredibly rewarding. I don't know if there is a manual that shows all the different pieces, but whether there is one or not doesn't impact my enjoyment at all.

A little bug I've encountered sometimes is that sometimes the option for using hints doesn't show up at all, despite having plenty in the "bank", as it were. I do not know what causes this. An addition I think would be interesting would be using the coins/money/score you've collected to "buy" an extra hint.

Hello everyone, my current little pet project is a puzzle game. I'm mainly working on it to help learn and understand the Blueprint system in Unreal 4. I'm starting small, namely with the "tactile" ways the player affects the puzzles, like switches, buttons, sliders, and so on. Because I guess I'm not too bright, I'm having trouble with making these elements as 3D actors. I could just use the UMG Widget designer, which has all these built in, but I mainly want the elements to be 3D objects that feel like they are physically present in the game world, not just flat pictures on a screen.

I have tried looking at preexisting content and tutorials by Epic Games to help with the process, and while it has helped with my understanding, it doesn't really feel like I am understanding to the fullest possible extent, and many things are still confusing to me. If anyone would help point me in the right direction on figuring these things out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Just a little something I'm wondering about: would it be a good idea for some people to make a thread about their progress on here? I would think so for multiple reasons, like helping keep the developer(s) on track, helping inspire others to join, seeing ideas and concepts to play off of, and so on. I would prefer to wait for an official answer before I just go ahead and make my own thread.