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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain. · By Sipho, NinjaKyat, Dominas, DanTM

Feedback wanted! Sticky

A topic by Sipho created Jul 10, 2017 Views: 2,562 Replies: 81
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The game is under heavy development and we're looking for some feedback on what works and what doesn't. If you have any observations or opinions about our game, we'd love to hear them. Feel free to comment or start your own thread. Please help us shape this game into something that's fun and challenging!

Don't default to tank controls. Default to twin stick. Tank controls are a horrible invention in general.
First time i spawned in a place in which after buying some upgrades i couldnt leave


The game looks great, the controls are pretty nice and the design is really likable. 

Now there  are  two bugs I want to report: 
 • When you remove a part, it's ability icon stays
 • The AI is pretty impressive, but still needs some work: when an enemy sees a green blob inside a wall, it tries to get to it through the wall.  When you get behind an enemy, frequently ij just starts to ignore you.

Still love the game, keep up the great work!

Made a mistake? I found 'ij'.

cliping... it happens alot and had 35 cpus in forest trap me on a wall cause i killed someone and some of his resorces clipped me. oh and the frost area boss fight took forever caus he spawned in my char


Just leaving this here.
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Firstly, I've been getting some weird crashes and frame rate dips, though that could be because I'm playing on the browser version. Still, these issues ought to be worked out.

Might just be because I'm bad, but there's a bit of a major difficulty spike after the tutorial. I seem to just get violently demolished by clawed creatures, with just about no food in sight.

But this is a nice concept, and the execution is almost there! Keep going!


Thanks for playing!

Sorry for sub-par browser playing experience. We highly recommend playing downloaded versions. We now also will be including Linux and OS X versions, so everyone can enjoy the game.

We are aware of difficulty step in first level and we'll even it out in future builds. With recent versions it has slightly increased as we don't give that much food drops to slow the player down in levels. Little guys are just too fast for player to catch and snappy ones are too deadly.

There is a few bugs here and there like the leach glitch ware it launches across he map then I start lagging and have to I have to refresh the page but its a great game, nice work, please add more races and parts, thumbs up from me.


Thanks for playing! We are sorry to hear that "launching out" issue has manifested for you. We haven't had a tackle at it, but it's pretty rare - that usually happens when Sipho loses its last zooid leaving just Head zooid - either by ungrowing or zooid dying. We'll fix it for next release.

I really think things flow smoothly for the most part. I just thought it was hard you had to build a certain way to get results going. IE in my video the weapon zooid had to be pointing a certain direction you couldn't spin it or direct it at all. (not to my knowledge) The tutorial was helpful but, I felt like I was a bit bombarded by information on the start how to build and, what things do. Would have been nice to be shown the various parts as you went along once again minor nitpick you learn as you go anyway. Part of the fun is the experimenting with building your own zooid and, making it unique just takes trial and error of how to accomplish this.

The game is great but there is a bug where it spawns me in a wall and on a piece of a diffrent factions block or building piece.The game is great and i hope that it can get better.


Hi! That's really odd, could you tell us what were you doing before the issue? Were you in a normal level or in an arena with a single boss enemy? Do you remember how the enemies looked/which level was it? Did this happen after entering a whirlpool? Did this happen after you pressed "continue"?

We've only ever had this issue with loading a previously saved game, but that should be fixed. We haven't seen anything like this on our end,  so any further information would help us a bunch :)

I was in a green area in a normal level and after entering whirlpool i was in a wall. I will continue to play and report any other bugs I find.

The pictures arent the best quality.

Feedback: I can't get the game to Run, I get the launcher to open, select my options, hit play, than it quits.


Hi! We'd love to fix the crash, but we need a bit more information in order to  understand why the crash is happening. What operating system are you running on? What are your specs? Did you extract the archive before trying to run the game? Are there any crash dump files in the folder where the game executable is? Every bit of information helps!

I think you should make it so you can't get a part without a unique ability when you defeat a boss, because it's always disappointing when you beat the boss and get a basic connector, or a worse version of a part you have.

Because one time i was the one with the repair ability with its connectors, and i got a basic connector, when in a different one I had both the push-eater, and the bomb eater, making a cannon.

This will add a layer of consistency, knowing that beating a boss will make you stronger.


Hi, thanks for playing demo of Sipho!

We agree with your insight - there should always be an upside to getting a new part and that is what we have planned to do. Every part is going to be unique and contribute to your build in one way or another. We haven't had a pass on structures yet.

Another problem is that the cost to buy parts scales with the size of your creation, but not the price to sell.

This becomes much more annoying in the end where you buy a connector for 5 nutrients, and sell one for 2.

This (and my potato computer lagging) are the only problems so far. Keep expanding and improving the game!

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nice update! still getting the occasional useless connector, but overall really great! You should add a sandbox mode, where you have all the parts, and everything is free, but auto-grow is turned off (so you don't constantly regrow your parts). I always have ideas for stuff, but i either lack the parts or the nutrients. i would love to test stuff against things.

This is a lot of fun! The aesthetics are beautiful. And the crippling enemys zooid mechanic feels brutal and sets it apart from other games of the genre. 

added 10 year old computer graphics setting cause it lags a bit but still playable in the most part i just want to get more then 45 fps and fps drops with there bunched up rocks or whirlpools.


Hi, thank you for feedback!

Did you play in browser or through downloaded executable? We haven't done a major performance optimization pass, however we would like to identify where to look at in the future. In what place did fps drop happen? Maybe you have a screenshot? Also what are your GPU and CPU models?

Whenever I move my mouse, the screen flashes white in certain places, and it makes the game basically unplayable. Any fixes? Thanks in advance!

Oh, and this happens only after I add parts.


Hi, thanks for playing!

And thanks for reporting the issue. How often does it happen for you? On what OS do you play the game? How good is your performance, does the game seem to run well? We've had similar issue when outlines of Zooids would scale up to infinity due to wrong delta time with dynamic timescale.

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This game is AMAZING. 
1 (and a half) suggestion(s), though: 
I know that in reality, a Siphonophore's zooids are basically only individuals by concept, and don't actually do whatever they want, (or maybe I read the wikipedia page wrong... oops...) but maybe it would be interesting if, once the main-control-zooid-thingy was killed, the other, remaining zooids would still struggle and kinda fight back (e.g., the claw randomly snipping, jets propelling), and maybe, if enough zooids survive long enough and/or somehow collect enough nutrients/health-orbs, a controller-zooid could even regrow?

And maybe it would look a bit nicer if, on the growth-mode tutorial, instead of always showing the "Shelly" structure zooid, it showed the currently selected parasite's control-zooid? (In the screenshot below, not sure if you can see it, but the parasite breed is Advena )

the GUI layout update btw, you're a legend 👍

sorry for making this unnecessarily long .__.


Hey, awesome post, thanks for playing our game!

Dead zooids could use some twitchy animations or struggle for a little bit, I think that would look cool, but they need to look dead, otherwise it might get confusing. We haven't planned giving the ability to regrow the main zooid, so it would require effort that is better spend on other things.  But this idea is really cool, I'll make sure we got it logged down.

Nice catch with dialog icon, thanks.

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Nice game you have here, I look forward to see how it evolves.

Now on to the feedback:

1.For the love of SWEET BABY JESUS,  stop spawning enemies out of nowhere next to the player.... It's really annoying and gives the feeling of an unwelcome element of luck that can cause you a premature game over with little that can be done about it. If you still wanna do that then do it off screen, or make a visible, delayed warning sign like bosses do.

2.The zooming distance is a bit small compared to how easy enemies can ambush you. Getting jumped from behind by a second enemy is pretty shitty. 

3. Some parts differ only in appearance, the connectors are a good example. Maybe tinker the stats so that different zooids from different species have different stats. Example: species 1 connector: 1 and 2/ species 2 connector: 2 and 1. Same for all other parts, different stats to make the races more interesting.

4.This is just an aesthetic, but changing the color scheme of a zooid of another species to the one of your own core/species would look better than making a frankenstein creature like you do now.

5.An armor block zooid? A plancton collector that generates nutrition over time? A directed shock emitter that disorients enemy zooids? A pheromone zooid that pacifies enemies for a short while? A storage unit that is heavy and frail but holds lots of resources?

Think outside the box, don't just have connectors/movers/weapons/mouths. 

6.The Ai is good at pursuing and running away, but clumsy at avoiding terrain and untangling creatures from one another. The bosses are pitifully easy because of this.

7.Optimize the game pretty plox. The frame rate can  suffer near multiple whirlpools/large number of enemies/very large creatures like the box fortress beasts in free roam.

8.The ui and menus are really bland compared to the rest of the games aesthetics.

9.The music is chill and nice, a good direction given the games nature.

Thats all I can think of right now. Good luck and keep at it.


Hi, thanks for playing!

That's some good amount of honest feedback. Did that enemy spawning happen in other than first 3 levels? In first levels we spawn a little guy to give some goal to the player. In later levels, the max distance could have been too low. We plan to tweak enemy spawning in the future, currently it's still too random.

As for variety for Zooids, we wanted to start with 4 balanced Zooids for each Breed and we might have some drop-only variations of less balanced ones. Thanks for suggestions

Rest of the points are valid as well. Looking forward to hearing comments from you on future updates.

This is awesome!

     This game is my favorite game so far, I really enjoy the combat and being able to build your creature as you progress. The game looks great and the controls are pretty good! The game is very challenging and takes a lot of time to build a creature that can defend itself and attack, so your all good with the challenge! I do like the collision, like if you place two spikes facing each other they collide when they hit. This brought along a few problems, if one of my melee weapons hit each other they either, get stuck on each other and then are unusable, or they start shaking violently. Other than that I love what you have done with this game, I have a few ideas to enhance the game. Here's a few, after killing a certain amount of creatures with a weapon it upgrades the weapon to be slightly stronger. Making a new creature that is faster than the others but it is weaker than others. Making a new creature that can spit of mini versions of itself that are very weak, but when you have a lot surrounding an enemy it suddenly becomes harder to get rid of them all. The creature would have average defense and no weapons but the creature summoner. I hope you like some of these ideas, thank you for making this game and if you have a team I thank them too!


Hi, thanks for playing Sipho, we're glad you liked it!

We are hoping that Unity update will fix the spikes getting stuck in each other and rocks. If not, we'll have to stop relying on physical joints and fix collisions ourselves.

Thank you for ideas, cheers!

Hi I found this game on youtube and downloaded it to play it myself and i've came across a problem with the bosses(2nd one's the worst) the player doesn't get  enough time to build a good "zoid" base on there creature because of the new level whirlpools they just rush the player to much to the point where 3/4 of the species are unplayable either make it a option to go down like a single whirpool that goes down so you can grow larger or just tone down the bosses.  I also believe ??? Need's a small "buff" there amazingly fun to play but they loose most of there zoids fast make making leach take more health form the enemy or making it so it does more damage. Other than those points i truly love the game and want it to less of a rushed game.  

Thank you for reading -GamingGud


Hi, thanks for playing!

We agree that the second boss needs more work. And we'll also be tweaking forced whirlpools - that's a new thing we've added and hasn't gotten much love.

This is an in-development demo, your feedback will help us to make it feel less rushed. Cheers!

Thanks for replying!
1st off I recommend a kind of marker system or even a map and I would like to retract my statement about the classes ??? is possible but very hard and for the whirlpools maybe a challenge/speedrun mode.


After a period of time, the game forces you into the next level, and sometimes the whirlpools force you into other enemies. Maybe make it that you descend when you feel like it.
The clawy parasite is so so OP, the shooty guy can just shoot from afar, the spike guy can just thrust it's spike from afar and the guy with the sucker can latch on to the combat zooid, but fighting with the claw is really dangerous and every claw creature I made just perished to the first boss after I was forced into a whirlpool.


Hey, thank you for playing Sipho!

We are working on forced whirlpool improvements, both mechanically and visually, so they would feel like the world is crumbling down and everything gets sucked into them. As for Sea breed boss - it should be easier to deal with same breed. We'll look into how can we solve that.

0.81 play testing ;3


Hey, good stuff! Good dealing with Bug boss :D

Thanks, I managed to kill the bone boss after trying like 60 times... I'll post a video here tomorrow. I was wondering hows the progress on the new update is coming?

Developer (1 edit)

Those bosses will require lots of polish. We try to release updates as soon as we feel like game has significantly improved. Each update  requires some additional polish to keep it playable to our standard. Looking at Development Logs, it seems that monthly updates is most comfortable pace for us.

Edit: Added link to Development Log

So after getting to a point in the game, I got so big my game did something as if it crashed, and then teleported me into a spike? is this...suppose to happen?


Hey, definitely not!

What level/area were you in when that happened? Did you get teleported onto spike after clicking continue or was it on the same play?

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well after killing the bone boss and spike boss(?) I went on for about 3 more levels until my game experienced a massive amounts of lag, nearly crashing before spawning me into one single spike ball in the middle of what it seemed to be nothing, all my zooids like overlapped each other on the spike too which probably caused all the lag, having all my zooids die at the same time.

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okay, I finally did it. all the bosses defeated in a single run.  Hope you enjoy and/or learn something! 

EDIT: sorry had to re-upload.

Awesome! How many tries did it take to beat Sipho demo? Did you find any levels (excluding bosses) too hard or too easy?



Could you contact us through one of these sites:
Dominas#6068 on Discord
Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.

in the new update where you can skip the tutorial, if you skip the tutorial, you don't get the 5 extra nutrients form it, making you basically have to play the tutorial if you want to get anywhere. Please make it so that if you skip the tutorial you still start with the extra nutrition. 


Hi, absolutely! Skipping tutorial should not punish player for doing so. Thanks for the report.

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VERY GAMEBREAKING BUG: When i pressed space to enter growth, i got taken to the home screen for some odd reason. After i pressed continue though the entire world was a blank canvas, including missing background and enemies.  I play on windows 7 and have the game downloaded. Accurate description? A blue background with bubbles and myself was all that was in sight, even after 5 mins of moving around. (edit) I was on the first c'thal. (Edit 2) happend twice now, this time on the bugnis boss

3rd boss is WAY to hard for the time given to grow. Please either remove the forced whirlpools or bump the difficulty down, because it heals whatever damage i can do to it in seconds, replenishes zooids i destroy, the leeches make close range attacks impossible and minions render the bugnis useless due to its low duribilty. Please reply.



Current public version is in kind of hard mode and 3rd boss comes relatively stronger than player. This will surely be balanced in future versions. We've also polished level ending - we are leaning towards letting player finish collecting things in level and only forcing whirlpools when there's nothing left.

Thank you for letting me know, i appreciate it!

Hi! Love the game, i've been playing for a couple days (it's actually the reason i made an account here on site!)

So first suggestion, i think a creature gallery would be really cool, the designs for your game are just awesome and i would love to just look at the different parts of the zooids, maybe even adding an in game camera so that people can share images of ther builds without having to use their computer screen cap  function while avoiding enemy sipho guys. Maybe bind it to an out of the way key like C, at first. It would be cool to look at a player gallery of different siphonophore creatures.

My second suggestion would be a sand-box, "test" mode, kind of like a larger, multi area version of the species select screen. The reason for having this would be to get a good understanding of the movement mechanics as you add mover parts and more bulk, as well as maneuvering through spiky rocks. It would give you infinite energy to build up the zooid so you could play around with configurations, and maybe allow for a selection of enemy arrangements to test combat part configurations. It would have been good to know, for example, that if i arrange spikes on an intersecting path, that they would short each other out as though they had hit a rock wall.

My last suggestion would be to nerf the second boss a touch. I dont know if it's as strong as it is because this is alpha or because you want to limit play until you guys can make a finished game and charge for more gradual skill level play, but the second, purple boss with the poison mines and the array of flak throwers is kind of super difficult, because even with perfect timing on the player's part it manages to shove the player around effprtlessly, move them into position and then blast them into the stone age, assuming they can get past the purple poison mines. The only way i was even able to get close to beating that boss is using flak throwers myself to blast away the mines, only to get shredded by a wall of flak throwers myself. To remedy this, i would actually just cut the number of combat parts that boss has in half, and bunch up it's mid section in order to maintain it's defense of it's head part. It wouldn't completely remove that boss's combat power but it would allow the player to have a better chance to get in there and have a chance to hit it in a meaningful way. Another option is to choose one weapon or the other and replace the one not chosen with the chosen combat part, and then knock a third of the parts off and spread those parts on the boss to keep it from just being instant death. The players will still get pushed around allot because the thing will still have obscene mass, but if the player carefully maneuvers they would be able to suceed and it wouldn't feel like such a screw-job. I haven't even seen the other bosses so i don't know if they get even more over powered, but judging from the fact that on of the threads here are "screw the third boss"...

On an aside, I'm still trying to fix my downloaded version and have been playing in-browser for the last couple days. I know the problem (it's mentioned in the bug section by another user, black screen but the menus work and are visible, some part of code is getting deleted instead of integrated, i just need to figure out how to access it.) and i'll see if i cant fix it on my own, but it would be nice if an update could fix that problem so a player didn't have to.

The game looks great though, i really dig the way it looks and plays! The concept is super cool too, i like the whole idea of playing as a colony organism. Your doing great, don't give up on improving!

one more thing, allowing the palyer to keep more than two new gained parts, but limiting them to two per level, would allow for a level of tactical thought that would be interesting. To facilitate this it would be good to have an in-between loadout menu, in which you have the full catalog of parts you've collected, but you can only take 2 of any given part type into the next level to build with (like how it is set up now, but you chose from what you have). Another good idea would be to have a suggestion marker on parts the player would want to have, based on the upcoming boss. You don't have to go into detail as to why the part is reccomended, just have a little iconover and to the right of the suggested part, like an arrow or claw mark. I understand though that with the game as far along as it is this kind of feature may be difficult to implement.

finally beat 2nd boss! It took a combo of poison belching feeders, and a pair of nerve fibers! Also i see i was mistaken about how many of a given part you can have.

something else that would be cool would be the ability to have a multiplayer mode where the players were bundled onto the same sipho and had to work together to build a powerful colony, maybe each controlls a different type of part (mover and combat parts, mostly. Probably wouldn't be fun to play as mouth zooids unless there was some kind of active play involved). It would be allot more like playing as a colony organism.


Hi, thank you for taking such enormous interest in our game! We are happy and humbled by the thought you put in our game.

That's a nice fitting idea with creature gallery. We base the game on creativity and that would encourage it even more. This could also tie nicely with some kind of sandbox mode you've also mentioned. So far, our plan is to release the game with campaign mode only.

The game is still in development and only the first boss is mostly going to stay the same. The rest are going to be tweaked to follow the right difficulty curve. We occasionally change balance of the game, trying to find the right spot for pacing. For now, the game is in "Harder Mode" for earlier levels. We'd like to push that difficulty up to higher levels.

Multiplayer is a big topic and a big undertaking for us and the game. We didn't plan it initially as it would require to already have a substantial playerbase and more time to develop. We would like to release the game with solid base mechanics and singleplayer mode first. After that - we will have to decide if future of the game would be better with more singleplayer content or a multiplayer mode. We can guarantee that the game is coming out with a campaign mode as seen in the demo.

Once again thank you for ideas. We appreciate players telling us what they like and want in the game because it allows us to focus our attention on the right things. Cheers!

Hello, I've been on/off playing the game for nearly a year now (I'm really glad I can have runs without an enemy spawning inside me now :D) and I love the way it's been progressing and the fact that it hasn't been abandoned like so many other games that I actually want to play.

Now then the real reason I wanted to comment is I had a random idea for the game, I thought it would be really cool (and a pain to impliment I am aware), to have a game mode where you start out with 2-3 "parts" (maybe just what you get from the tutorial?) and you go around killing other creatures like normal, but you can only get new parts from "drops", from the enemys (maybe have a random chance to get a new part whenever you destroy an enemy?).

Again I love the game and really want to find out how it will be when it is finally completed.


Hey, thanks a lot for playing and sticking around with us for so long!

To clarify on your proposal, the game would work like this:  Player has an "inventory" of parts which can either have parts stored or grown. If part gets killed it becomes lost. So player doesn't have a  universal resource to grow new parts, but parts themselves be a resource.

We've thought about this before and it's a pretty neat and hardcore idea. It would enforce "roguelikeness" of the game, but work against player being able to choose what to grow, as it would only be able to grow what's left in inventory. So it's roguelikeness vs creative freedom. I think Such gameplay would encourage "safe play" in which player tries to minimize the risk. We are already punishing player for losing Zooids, but we preserve the creation which automatically re-grows once there is enough nutrition. If game worked by proposed rules, we couldn't preserve player's Sipho design. One game I know that works similar way is Captain Forever. I personally felt reluctant to engage in fights that may result in losses as then I wouldn't be able to easily redesign my ship back to the way it was.

It could work as a separate game mode we could consider adding after release and I'll make a note of it. Thanks!

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Gameplay concept is very nice, making a creature out of functional constructor parts and fighting other creatures with it is quite entertaining. However, you could make it even more interesting if you included an element of exploration and puzzle-solving - having your levels a bit more complex in design and require some usage of parts to progress further (like these breaking stones from tutorial and water streams that require more speed to swim against, they force you to adapt to a task). Perhaps this could be another game mode, I'm sure you already thought of something like this if you included it in tutorial (though, at the very basic level of course). An example of this kind of tasks would be a task to push a spike debris into the big enemy's mouth to make it swim away and clear the path. 

Creature parts and their method of obtaining are another topic: while some of parts are functional and very rewarding to get, there are some parts (like this new energy leech) that simply aren't as good as the rest are. As a result, because bosses drop random parts a player can get a part that is useless or nearly useless to them or just doesn't fit their play style. For a player that just defeated a boss in hope to get something they wanted, this is a let down. Even bigger let down when they reach final level and realize they will not get any better parts that they missed. Partially this will be solved as you tweak the parts to balance them out to make them all beneficial (like, maybe add a tiny bit of instant damage to the mines so that a large cloud of mines would actually destroy something on impact?). Another way to solve this problem would be to give a player a choice to go for a certain parts and work for it instead of railroading them to a boss and giving random reward. An example would be some kind of hub area where player would decide "okay, I want to get pusher part so I'm gonna dive into specific whirlpool that leads to the sea level" they dive into that whirlpool, go through several sea stages, fight the sea creature boss, get some sea creature part, perhaps pusher, then they return to the hub and choose another level. Some new whirlpools appear in the hub area, leading to next levels, but player can choose to dive towards previous levels again if they didn't get the part they wanted. This makes a non-linear way to play through the game as player will have a choice between first few levels and will be able to perfect their creature the way they see it. That hub area could also eventually lead to puzzle levels and endless survival levels where player would fight increasingly stronger opponents (inspired by current final stage). These solutions would improve gameplay freedom greatly and I guess they don't require too much of a change since you already have whirlpool mechanic in place.

Graphics. The art is awesome, it looks intriguing and unexpectedly detailed for an indie game. Staging the game setting in the sea was surely a right decision as it gives player a lot to look at; darker themes of later levels successfully set up a more serious and creepy atmosphere. It makes me want to explore and see more of it. Especially the gray blank walls of nodev facility (I'm not serious, I know it is missing texture at the moment). But yeah, I sure want to see more levels and creatures made by this artist. Perhaps even something H.R.Giger-style. Also, maybe you guys could post some concept art from the game development etc.

Sounds and music are done well enough to complement the gameplay and overall mood, can't say it's extraordinary, but nothing to criticize either. Good job whoever did it.


Hey, thank you for the feedback! In terms of adding puzzles and exploration - some things just wouldn't fit in the current style of the game, since it's based on replayability whereas puzzles are only interesting the first time you solve them and become tedious afterwards. Surely, something could be done in this regard, especially to improve exploration, but it's not as simple as it might first seem.

As for being able to influence the parts you receive, this is something that could be addressed once we have a little bit more parts. We don't want players to get the perfect build every time, we'd rather you guys and gals work with what you've got and make creative use of your current situation. When more zooids become available we could allow to slightly influence the RNG in one way or another, but not too much.  There is also the idea of adding a sandbox mode where people could just go nuts with whatever designs they could think of. The non-linear hub idea is interesting, but it would require us to tailor all of the levels to scale according to the players' progress. If the levels stay the same, the challenge would become a bit of a grind, though it does have the benefit of allowing everyone to advance at their own pace.

We're working really hard to get Sipho ready for release and we hope that with time we can make the game bigger and better. Thank you again for all the feedback and ideas :)

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i can play the game and its super fun but always when i get to the to the boss that is so big and have that have lech it always lags like 1 fps all the time  even at the lowest settings possible it laggs so pls do more optimaziton 

other than that the game is super awesome 

Edit: i managed to kill that laggy boss by doing kinda a glitch the game is so laggy that i can come behind him before all his parts spawn so it was easy killing him and then i killed the last boss and finshed the game 

i have a good idea wouldnt it be cool if the last boss had every thing from every sepices  so tht he can be really strong cuz the last boss isnt even a challnge


Hey, thank you for playing our game!

We have optimizations for that boss coming in Early Access version. If you've played in browser, try downloading the game, it should have better performance.

after i finshed the game i was putting more spikes and then that happend and its pulling me and i cant do anything about it and the screen is zomed out way to much i hope you fix that 


you should make a sand box mode to make are own parisite 



This is going to be our next thing to work on after Early Access release!

(+1) when will that be


I can't give you any timeline as we're not sure when that mode is going to be up the quality we want. Currently we are working hard to polish Early Access build. After November 13th, we will start experimenting with Aquarium mode. Creative mode itself should work easily, but we want to provide good UX for setting up various scenarios to play around with.

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Don't rage. it exposes how easily you get triggered

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There is no need for advertising your own topics - community pages are easily browsable. Please don't advertise your posts in unrelated topics.

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99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance that you WON'T add Grappler or Sniper zooids in the demo.

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I think it'd be nice if it encouraged creativity more with more more open ended parts IE parts that don't have a single intended use. For example instead of the jaw you could have spikes and muscles and set it so they retract closed when activated. Also some very simple liquid physics

(1 edit)

Here are some thoughts on the last update and game in its current condition:

Overall power balance moves in the right direction, although you over-nerfed claws a bit and over-buffed spikes (or is that just my perception tricking me? Spikes seem to be the new "claws" now in terms of power, while claws are something players want to get rid of as soon as they get something else). But overall it's okay, we understand that balancing is tricky.

Energy leech and sniper zooids are perfectly functional and balanced now, but muck isn't. I won't complain that it slows you down just as it slows enemies down - it seems to be designed not for a chase but for a disengage. But perhaps it shouldn't slow down projectiles like launched thorns, spikes and the muck blobs themselves? Kinda weird that muck helps to keep distance, but at the same time makes your ranged attacks useless.

Jet movement zooid seems to be inferior to rattler or turbine, or does it actually have more forward speed than these two? Perhaps it needs more forward speed to stay unique but viable.

Poison attack seems to be inferior to poison mine due to similar effects but advanced mechanics of mines. To make them more unique, and equally viable I would advice to make poison's poison more... poisonous, in relation to poison mine, while giving a mine some instant impact damage and reduce it's poison damage. In other words, make mines more about explosion damage on impact with little poisoning  and let poison spewers be best at poisoning.

Leech combat zooid is weirdly balanced. This one is tought, though, because it is currently too weak to play with (relatively low damage, I would better kill an enemy fast and eat their dead body to heal than leech them slowly, potentially taking damage in process); but it's also hard to play against due to automatic latching on your zooids and the abundance of enemies that have it. Leech isn't good enough to use it over some melee weapons , but buff it and enemies based on leech will become too dangerous. Perhaps making it cost less energy would allow players to use it effectively in multi-weapon melee builds while not affecting enemy difficulty.

Harpoon. This one is fun but perhaps it could be more effective if it didn't release it's grip so soon (or maybe it should hold onto enemy and drag it to you as long as you hold attack button?). Great idea with a tiny flaw that makes it less useful.

Now, speaking of levels... Have I said that they look fantastic, including new ones and the ones that were retextured? I think I had, but I can say it again. Although, progression speed seems a bit too fast, as I clear a level in a minute or so. Some of the later levels get cleared after 1 or 2 kills, so I only have a few moments to look at level art and map design (yes, I also noticed that maps look more detailed now).

I wonder if there will be more levels with different themes. I understand you are currently working on other stuff like aquarium and tuning game mechanics, so it's not gonna be any time soon, but I honestly was curious how Nodev Facility would look like. I imagined it to be a mechanical-themed level, which would feel fresh, but it seems you decided to scrap this idea for the time being. I also assume that drawing all the sprites takes a lot of time and effort.

Speaking of more levels, what about Advena Crown of Thorns boss? Was it cut because there are not enough levels to fit all the bosses? I only see it occasionally on free roam level...

PS:  - can't argue with that, but why is there even a choice if it can only be fantastic? :D

Hey guys, how are you doing? No news for 2 months now, is everything okay?



We are alive and kicking! We are preparing for Aquarium update launch on March 26th.

Awesome, I just tested it out!

So, to start with, the sound, music and visual effects overhaul is great. Everything now makes distinctive sound and visual effect, such as healing zooid's skill, speed pickup effect etc. That's a nice touch. As for the aquarium mode itself, it has a lot of potential both in testing out different zooid patterns and creating player's own level.

I've noticed a few very minor bugs so far. First, whenever I finish the level and push the DIVE button with my mouse to get to the next one, it always triggers whatever skill I have assigned for left mouse button. I expect mouse button not to trigger assigned skill when I push the DIVE button (or any interface buttons). Similar things also happen when I use aquarium redactor interface and place things with my mouse - after I exit redactor mode it triggers my skills for all the buttons I pressed.

Another, really minor bug: I pick a thing in aquarium redactor and start placing it, but during rotation, while my left mouse button is down, I decide to cancel the placement and push right mouse button. Object placement is cancelled, but when I later pick another object in redactor menu, it is instantly placed on the level at the position I previously cancelled. I do not expect objects to be placed automatically in previously cancelled positions.

That's all I could catch for now since I didn't have much time.

As for recommendations: It would be nice to have background selection for aquarium level, so that if I decide to make my aquarium walls and decorations from "fleshy alien" things, I could pick a background that fits this theme. Or maybe there is such option and I missed it?

Another thing is that aquarium redactor interface isn't that self-explanatory as I wish it was. I spent 5 minutes trying to figure it out before I realized how to rotate objects (you do it by dragging the mouse while pressing left mouse button when you place the object). This interface still needs some love and polish :D

Finally, I have a rather tricky suggestion. Let's say I make a level in aquarium mode and I want to share it with community so that anyone could play that level. Will there ever be aquarium level manager that would allow players to browse their created aquarium levels and share them with each other, similar to how content was shared in Spore? I assume my aquarium is stored in a file somewhere in game directories, but I don't really know where and there's no in-game aquarium level manager yet. I know it would be really hard to make so I don't expect any clear answers on that, nor do we really need such manager right now since aquarium isn't developed yet for players to actually make levels worth sharing.



Thank you for getting your hands on Sipho! :D

Noted these issues: skills activating on Dive UI button press, cancelling object placement issues.

Aquarium backgrounds and environments are dependent on selected breed - if you start with Advena, you'll get alien stuff and if you start with Cra'than you will get their fleshy environment. Changing background is not something we have planned to do, but we could, having enough interest from players.

We'll be further working on Aquarium UX - one video I've seen was enough to show how confusing the UI can get. If there are more "gotchas" you find in it, please let us know - it's very useful.

Our current plan is to allow sharing Sipho creations with others and implement a better management UI for them. Aquarium level management is not something we have considered, but least we can do is to expose Aquarium files (in a better way - they can be accessed right now in saved game files). You're right, there is nothing much to use to create shareable levels right now. If we ever add more environmental content, like hurtful obstacles, currents and other things that can make custom levels more interesting, this could be a development vector we could follow. Survival scenarios with hand-placed enemies and fixed awards could be interesting. But that could only come after current Aquarium polish and Campaign improvements we want to do.

Thank you for your interesting thoughts and feedback, I am always happy to read them.