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cliping... it happens alot and had 35 cpus in forest trap me on a wall cause i killed someone and some of his resorces clipped me. oh and the frost area boss fight took forever caus he spawned in my char

"Not available on windows" what did you fuck up devs? :P but really fix this plz

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tumblr says 2 days and i wasent timeing it so.... well any way if you dont use tumblr mutch atleast update ur info i mean it says ur still working on the moxie game!

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as of now 12:02 7/15/2017 the dev has ben compleatly silent on tumblr for 2 days

USELESS GAME 0/1234567434543234565434543454343

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just a qwstion but are thay depressed? [just asking cuz all the signs are thare]

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dev just leaveing my my thoghts for a 5th game.

i wud love the relationship of mochi and treat expaned on. cuz frome what i can tell thay have dreprssion [tell me if im wrong]

mabe a bit more as far as normal life go's for the main careters [like how dose treat get food? can mochi just walk thro the gate or sumthn?]

mainly just more treat and mochi i find them to be the most intristing and thar games wer the best

[side note. longer game plz the games are so short!]

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ummmm when will it be out?  if you have any way to folow developmet that be gr8t. i hope you can keep that lonly wolf feel.

i was expecting a furry fan service but this is above that this is a good rpg? if you call it that this the frst game ive been "emersed" in for years now this was amazeing and im hopeing for more stuff frome this dev brillant game keep it up!

wad play it but its not instaling

is this form dead? cuz he same game is in closed beta on steam. so is it the steam team being dumb or is this a clone?