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dev just leaveing my my thoghts for a 5th game.

i wud love the relationship of mochi and treat expaned on. cuz frome what i can tell thay have dreprssion [tell me if im wrong]

mabe a bit more as far as normal life go's for the main careters [like how dose treat get food? can mochi just walk thro the gate or sumthn?]

mainly just more treat and mochi i find them to be the most intristing and thar games wer the best

[side note. longer game plz the games are so short!]


heheh, i'm writing a visual novel at the moment that's all about this stuff. lucky you <3 dunno when i'll be able to finish it but this comment certainly gives me motivation to!

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just a qwstion but are thay depressed? [just asking cuz all the signs are thare]


if that's what they come off as, then they are.  probably not something that would be named in the series itself (like a lot of other things) but if people relate to it that way i encourage them wholeheartedly!