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yep! i love when people do LPs~ thank you for asking though!

if i give everything away, where's the fun in that? ;)

there are let's plays that show how to get the endings if you really need it though haha

thanks! next game will be about treat :D

not yet! might be quite a while before i'll be able to start on it.

sorry, this game is windows only. i can't export to web sadly :(

i never really bother to figure out canon ages for my characters but they are all intended to be around 20

you'll have to buy it from its page my dude

wow thank you so much!! glad to be a gateway developer(?) bringing new folks into the land of yuri games heehee. more games are always coming, slowly but surely~

oh not at all! all of the movement was really fun (and purposeful haha), it went really well with the script~ thank you guys for such an inspirational experience, it really gave me the feeling of being young and free and making whatever crazy thing comes to mind. if that makes sense!

love the all-around light-hearted silliness. amazing use of transforms and stuff for comedic effect, really made me feel like i'm under-utilizing some stuff renpy can do! my favorite part was when they went to the beach <3

it's made with flash mx!

yuri is relationships between two girls, and poly refers to polyamory, meaning multiple romantic partners!

i've looked into this stuff a bit myself, and if i upres the tiles i'd have to redo all the character sprites as well... it's just not something i'm interested in doing. i'd rather remake the whole thing from the ground up in gamemaker since i've wanted to learn how to use that program anyway. thanks again for offering though, it's very kind of you.

thanks but porting to mv would require me to redraw all the tiles, which is more effort than i'm willing to put forth at this time. i'd rather make the rest of the series before worrying about porting it and keeping all the versions current.

on the title screen theres a button to date treat, and a button to date moxie. the moxie one will take you to her scenes haha

vx ace!

yeah that would be great! email me if you need anything, have questions, etc. (my email is listed on my profile)

try to avoid fighting until you pick up your other party member! she can heal haha

oh i've never done that for my rpg maker games, but maybe i can change it in the next one... i've been meaning to update the interface since it's mostly default aside from the color, so that'd be a good excuse to do it. the rest of my games have the names displayed at least! since they're visual novels and the system is set up for that haha

LOL my fault for making their names so similar. you'll be seeing more trick too!

oh, directx is a program that comes with windows, i think yours just needs to be updated or something? very strange that you could run the other games and not this one though... sorry i can't be of more help, hope that can get figured out!

in the download instructions i included a link to the RTP, but it seems to go overlooked pretty often... you could just download the first file (treatrpg3.zip) instead, that's the standalone version.

sorry for the trouble!!

thank you!! yes you'll absolutely be seeing more treat. although we already saw so much of her in that comic... kya~!

sorry i can't put in a screenshot button, you'll have to use the print screen key or use a program that does screengrabs :(

eleni's house after you do the sidequest

hmm no idea x_x i can't think of why it wouldn't work, and don't know of good alternatives... oh, one person mentioned they used windows magnifier? so maybe that's your best bet? good luck!!

wow thank you so much for all this!!!! seeing people talk about all the parts they like in detail always makes me think "you're the kind of person i'm making this for" haha. i can't wait to make the next one! there will certainly be more expanded backstory stuff and plenty of new characters to love too <3 I LOVE MAKING THEM!!!

oh thank goodness! i'm so glad <3

yes he is

she'll forgive you if you get the true end :)

yep, the art collection has ending guides in it! sorry that those ones were a little tough haha

huh.... never heard that before. i don't know what to tell you except to keep trying :(

hmm, it seems like if you hit f1 while the game is running it will give you the option to launch in full screen? then you can close and reopen the game and that might solve it...? sorry that it's being weird! alt+enter should definitely work if the game is your active window.

she identifies as female

you can take the insterail somewhere special if you give a certain character something, and there's a story sidequest that has to do with mango!

don't worry, i'm definitely planning on it heheh

sure, what is it telling you? is it like, starting and then stopping? because that might be an issue with your internet or browser maybe....? people have run into some troubles downloading from itchio before so i won't be surprised if that's what's happening haha, it tends to work out if they try again later or something? sorry about the trouble tho :(

ah, yeah it's not an official translation (as in the people who did it never contacted me) sooo that's why it's not here haha

neither. trick is agender!

heheh, that comic will be alluded to in the next game. so i guess it's a hidden story line! i just want to keep the games sfw so everyone can play them.