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thank you, i appreciate it! enjoy the game~

of course! feel free~

just made it through to the good ending!! the point and click investigation part and breaking the arguments and stuff was SO FUN, i can tell you put a lot of work into them and they just look so good and were so fun to play?! i was really impressed haha. THANKS FOR MAKING SUCH A LOVELY GAME!

aww these are so sweet!!! thank you for sharing aaa

hmm... i've never seen this before. generally my advice is to just try re-downloading it in case something went wrong? sorry that i can't be of more assistance!

toffee's pronouns are actually them/their! but yes i agree heheh

oh my goodness thanks so much for writing this how-to, i imagine it will be really helpful to a lot of people!!!

yeah there are other endings, and multiple ways to get to some of them, which is probably why you keep getting mochi's haha

thank you for playing! sorry to deprive you of sleep ;)

yeah i don't mind if you mention it in your story! and the first game came out january 2016 (but treat's first appearance was in syrup and the ultimate sweet which came out halloween 2015)

try firefox or internet explorer maybe? i don't know what else to say :( sorry for making a flash game in 2017 lol

ahh hmm yeah chrome likes to block flash plugins sometimes. maybe using a different browser will work? i don't know off the top of my head how to get chrome to enable flash stuff on certain sites.. sorry for the trouble ;o;

thanks! the three of them are intended to be a polyamorous triad in the end. so, no, delicacy is not a spinoff--treat likes them both!

treat is a girl

haha yeah i think treat mochi and moxie actually existed before i finished syrup, then i ended up putting treat in this game since i needed an extra character for the snowy mountain and she fit really well. i'd planned all along to make a game/series actually starring treat, it was lucky that everyone was so in love with her instantly anyway hahaha

I LOVE!! THIS GAME!!! all the backgrounds and character art look SO GREAT!! the designs are very you <3 AHH AND THE FIGHTING PART WAS SO COOL!!! you did an amazing job!!!! sorry i can't help but gush over everything, the music was really cute and fitting too!! i love how clean everything looks... and the color palette is so well done... ahh i hope i'll find the time to draw some fan art soon, damien was my favorite for obvious reasons <3 congratulations on releasing your first game!!!! i'm so happy for you ;o; WAH!!!!

oh! i actually made syrup and the ultimate sweet first, so it's strange to call this a spinoff of the treat series... first kiss at a spooky soiree is in the same universe too and that's not listed either. looks like i need a wiki page or something lol

it's alt+enter!

neat concept!! even if there wasn't too much there, i really liked the atmosphere! great aesthetic <3 looking forward to more if you end up finishing it!


aaa thank you! yeah i hope that i can, i kind of make things on a whim so we'll see haha

i'm so charmed by this game! the busts are so expressive and the characters are a lot of fun--my favorite has got to be latte! really looking forward to the full version~

yes there will be more :) i've been taking a break to work on other things but the series isn't over yet <3

oh wow thank you! unrelated but i recognized your art from your avatar, i actually played "i woke up next to you again" the other day, it was really pretty! thanks for playing my game aaaa <3

this is making me laugh so much omg i love it

oh my goodness this game is so wonderful!! all of the characters were so cute and the story is so light and fun, i really enjoyed it! bell and olive are such a cute pair too <3 i love the style of this by the way ;o; the interface is very simple and appealing, and i especially loved the little illustrations of everyone in the end! ahh it was so sweet... thank you for making this wonderful little story <333

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congrats on releasing the full version!!! i think it turned out so wonderful~ i hope everyone falls in love with this cast as much as i did!

aww wow so kind! thanks for taking the time to comment <3

this story was so fun! i watched DCS play through last night and we were all laughing a ton. dr. frank was my favorite character, ahh so many of his lines were so endearing! and all the puzzles with the items were really neat, it added so much to the experience! all the little animation touches you added to the menus and character busts too i thought were really nice. such a charming game!!! so happy you could finish it, even if it took a while--i know how tough it can get with a big project looming over you so congrats!! your efforts were not wasted <3 thanks for this lovely gem of a VN!!

you can reset it by clicking "restart" on the title screen, or go into options>memories>next page>erase memories. sorry that it was unclear!

sorry for the confusion, they're in the version 1.14-all zip! the 1.0 builds are from when i originally uploaded the game, so maybe i should take them off the download list...

vx ace!

sorry, rpg maker exports to windows only :( but i think theres a program for running games like this on mac/linux, it's called wine? that may be worth looking into!

hmm, if you skip too far into the "hey you should rewind" loop you won't be able to get out, but you can hit reset on the menu and start from the beginning--the game will remember what you've seen and you'll be unstuck! sorry it gave you trouble, i just updated this so i hope i didn't actually break everything when i did that...

aww, cute!! thank you for sharing :D

of course! i'd love to see~

i recommend this one! https://illydna.itch.io/the-stairway

there are currently 4 games out, and more are in the works haha

if you go to my page there's a big list of all of them! hope you enjoy~

warm curry-flavored heart...! this is so sweet, thanks for taking the time to comment! glad you're enjoying my stuff~

aw wow thank you so much! yeah if you finish that cosplay i'd love to see it!! always happy to see moxie fans <3