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the art collection pdf has ending guides ;)

there is a toffee ending if you beat syrup and the ultimate sweet!

oh my gosh that's so sweet!! thank you for sharing <3 i'm glad you're having a good time with my games!!

right click and unzip the folder, then inside somewhere there should be a "Game.exe" you can double click to play!

theres a start button in the center if that's what you mean, no logins required haha


if you just let the browser sit for a bit it should appear!

of course! thank you!!

i had retoree on my list but i was trying to avoid licensed stuff--maybe i'll make treat versions for the ones i wanted to do? thatd be so cute... ahhh

ahh yeah i wanted to have a button that does that too, but the version of flash i used is so old that it seemed like there's no code to do it. i'll keep looking for a solution though!!

it's a browser game! so it definitely works on windows!!

yes please go right ahead!!! have fun~!

aiming for february!

it'll be a while before i can do that, but you can try playing through this instead: https://www.playonmac.com/en/

haha, time is a girl! glad you love it <3

thank you!! i'm so glad to hear it!!!

i'm surprised too, people just keep wanting to translate it! it's awesome haha

a wolf named trick ;) i haven't posted too much about it but there's stuff on my dev blog you can check out if you want!

i do but i never update it anymore haha, here it is anyway: http://nami-tsuki.deviantart.com/

yes, treat is a girl.

aww wow thank you so much!! i hope you're enjoying everything!!!! have a lovely day~

theres a sequel to this! it's called friendly bunny mochi

thanks!! i'm aiming for february~

it's never happened to anyone before and this game has been out for almost a year... i'm sorry that it gave you trouble though!

hmm... all i can think is that youre not actually buying it? like, are you hitting z at the screen where you input the amount (x1, etc), then it makes a little cash register noise? if that still doesn't work for some reason, start the game over without putting your coat on in the beginning, that way you wont be carrying money to buy it in the first place and mochi will get it for you haha

alt+enter should work!

alt+enter for fullscreen, there's no volume control in the game so youll just have to turn it down in your mixer or something, sorry! thanks!!

it's free actually!

if you're stuck in a loop you can start over from the beginning! the game will remember your progress.

ah yeah i don't have it uploaded here. do the links in this post work? http://macafake.tumblr.com/post/151146017037/lwt

ah, i can assure you it's not. if it's chrome stopping you from downloading it, there's a way to force allow it?

wow, thanks so much for your kind message!!

to answer your questions: one of my visual novels got chinese translations (her tears were my light) so i'll talk to those people to see if they'd want to work on this one too!

and, the 4th game is coming next year! probably in february? i'm working on it right now :D

oh sure yeah that's totally okay! you have my permission <3

wow thank you! i use clip studio paint.

try checking the lights along the path to the hot springs!

heheh, maybe something like that ;)

oh no! can you elaborate? i'll try to help.

by doing it. btw please refrain from spamming, i read all the comments i get so i don't need the same thing five times haha

hmhm, there'll be another april fools so... ;)

in order: aiming for early next year, yeah that's fine, and yes i saw haha