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yes! my plan is to finish the rest of the series first, and then release the paid version on steam.

part 8 will be released sometime in 2023. the epilogue will come after that, so my current estimate for the steam release is 2024.

thanks for playing treat!

some of my older games are hidden because i no longer wish to update them. thanks for doing my survey!

yes i was able to add it recently!! so happy i could put the full soundtrack on <3 glad you found it hehe

part 7 came out earlier this month actually! you can play it here:

it breaks my heart to read this, but i understand completely. i will try to be more careful when including specific cultural references in my future works (i usually avoid them in general since i write fantasy...) i'm sorry that this ruined the game for you. the intended message of the story is that who or what you are doesn't determine whether you're good or bad, it's how you treat other people. there's still one more chapter left, so i hope i can make it as clear as possible for the ending. thank you for your comment.

there are a few parts with unique dialogue, but most of it is exactly the same! i recommend just playing from chapter select in your case.

hmm it looks like those games are made with MV and not VX Ace. the plugins are different :( so i can't use it.

i've been looking for cutscene skip scripts, but the only good one i've found so far needs special permission for commercial works... the others all seem to require a ton of extra work to implement ;_; i would love to add a better skip function though if i can. i'll keep looking into it.

the completed game will be a commercial product, so i've opted to only include my own original IP as to not cause any potential issues. the scale of these games when i first started making them was so small that including guest characters as a fun bonus made sense, but it doesn't anymore. that's why i changed it!

if you decide to play, i hope you enjoy it :)

ahh i saw this typo in a let's play x_x thanks for mentioning it though, it'll be fixed in the next update!

you can reply to her before sitting by the campfire. i blocked it off at the end of the scene because it felt like it interrupted the mood, but maybe i'll unblock it... thanks for mentioning this!

there's a better fullscreen if you hit f5 instead. it's listed in the controls at the beginning! (and thanks for playing!)

...omg the missing attacks thing is a bug, i'm pretty sure i coded it out for the original version but forgot to add it back to this one. thanks for pointing that out! i'll fix it soon. thanks so much for playing!!

ahh yes someone else had reported this glitch too, it will be fixed in the next update! (i should get around to it sometime this week.)

thanks for playing treat! it makes me really happy to read messages like these <3

chapter 8 will be released for free! the epilogue will be in the paid version only, since it means the whole game is complete.

thank you for loving treat, i'm going to try my best to finish it all within the next two years!!

ok! i just found a script that does this, so it will be included in the next update :) thanks for the suggestion!

there is a way to play rpgmaker games on mac with a program called wine, but i've never used it so i don't know if it's complicated to set up! i'm not able to port it myself, but i hope that you're able to find a way to run it so you can enjoy the game.. good luck!!!

the old versions have been delisted from's search function, but the pages are still up! you can find them here:

the only reason to play those versions now though is if you wanted to play in a different language, since all those chapters are included in the complete release with extra content!

unfortunately, the engine i used for this game isn't easily ported to mobile. i think there are ways to do it, but they're pretty buggy... so it's pc only for now! sorry about that, i hope you can still find a way to play it!!

those ones are comics! they're separate and not necessary to the plot. just fun bonus stories :)

the russian translation is currently being playtested! it will be included in the next update :)

i finally fixed this... it turned out i could've made it that way all along, but i put a line of code in the wrong place when i was first trying it. sorry it took me so long to figure that out!

thank you so much, i was so happy to read this! and yes, treat is demisexual :) all my characters should be assumed to be somewhere on the ace spectrum by default hehe (moxie is a notable exception)

i've made a lot of progress on part 7 during the past week, so i can confirm i should be able to release it in august! i hope it will be worth the wait :)

hmm maybe it's a site issue, i haven't touched the file since originally uploading it so i'm not sure why it isn't letting you download!

let me know if it still doesn't work, and i'll just go ahead and email you an external download link. glad you enjoyed the game :)

thank you, i'm so happy you're enjoying my games!

the extra assets are a consequence of it being made with rpgmaker. that's why there are two versions to download (with RTP and without). the RTP is required for the game to run, but you can download it separately from rpgmaker's website to save on filesize. sorry for the confusion haha

thank you so much! yeah i can definitely turn off that little tutorial tip after a while haha. a challenge mode sounds interesting too...! i'll see if i can do something like that for a future update.

in response to your second comment as well, i can absolutely do that! i agree this one is pretty heavy, so it'd be nice to have a much lighter story with chronically ill characters next time. this is really great feedback, thank you again!!

sure, i can try to do that! the only thing is the ending theme wouldn't be included since it isn't my song... that one is the most requested to be on spotify, so i'm sorry in advance!

oh, thank you for pointing this out! i don't know why i didn't write a description for that when everything else has one... i'll add it in the future.

glad you enjoyed this game! it's my favorite chapter of this series :)

yeah, go right ahead!

i'm so glad it resonated with you! my experience is only secondhand, so i was really nervous hoping i would be able to portray it well. i'm really happy to hear that it hit for you!!

thanks for loving witch boys too <3 your comment made me so happy to read :)

this is actually intended... if i leave the customers on, you can click them from underneath the menu, so i had to compromise. gonna see if i can find a workaround in a future update though, because you're right, it does feel wrong!

anyway thanks for playing my game <3 glad you enjoyed it!

the chinese translation is now available! i hope you enjoy it :)

the chinese translation is now available! thank you for playing my games :)

looks like there was an upload error during my last update, thanks for bringing this to my attention! it should be fixed now :)

my games are for everyone! love is universal <3 if you do decide to play it, i hope you enjoy :)

the ones by nomnomnamiart go to me! the rest do not.

thank you for your enthusiasm :)

i will definitely make a part 2 in the future!

yes, it's free DLC! instructions for accessing it in the description:

thank you, i'm currently working on it! :)