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there used to be one hosted on another site, but that site seems to be down and the translation group has dissolved. it might still be on the internet somewhere but i'm not sure... sorry about that :(

alt+enter should work

this game IS part 2 in the series--you can find the sequel, clever fox moxie, here. the games are also listed in order with links on each of the game pages :) have fun!

the followers thing is pretty vague yeah but it can be all kinds of love. maybe ezel had a sex cult lol

i think a lot of things in this game in particular were left a little abstract--if i rewrote it nowadays i'd probably be more explicit/add more detail to flesh things out and give a clearer picture of what was in my head haha

i guess when a girl says "i love her" everyone assumes it's friendship. sorry that it wasn't more clear, ezel devoured a bunch of demons who were in love with her so really illi was just next in line, though she thought ezel's affection was real, that's why she struggles with it so much in the true end path.

illi was in love with ezel and wanted to be with her. but yeah it's also left open for illi and searina to develop into something after the true ending.

i'm not that far along in making it so it'll be a while before i can announce a release date

thank you for playing my game! i'm glad you enjoyed it. however it's very sad for me to hear you're not a fan of "girl to girl romance" considering... that's what the whole game is about. i've gotten a lot of comments like this over the years from well-meaning people, but it always feels bad, because to me, when someone feels the need to include that, it implies that enjoying gay media is somehow shameful, and they want to distance themselves from it. i know you didn't mean any harm by it, i just wanted to express my feelings, especially since more people might listen and be able to go forward and not continue the same behavior. thanks again!

i'm working on the 6th game currently. it should be released this year :)

thanks! i started working on it recently, you can find updates in the tag #treatrpg6

i don't handle shipping out orders, you're going to have to contact redbubble about this one. i hope it didn't get lost in the mail!

as one person, it would be impossible for me to make an mmo lol

that article is from 2017. the swf is downloadable. i'm not really bothered if people aren't able to play it past that point because there are videos of it on youtube so it can be experienced in some form either way.

yeah i just started working on the 6th game in the series :)

it's a flash game so there's nothing to install (unless you mean installing a flash plugin for your browser?) the DL version might work if the web version is giving you trouble.

yeah to put it simply, the good endings are canon. gumdrop is alive in the treat games so she didn't get eaten haha.

treat games are canon for this universe, another piece of candy is its own canon because i have more freedom that way.

yeah that's been the pattern, but i also have more stuff going on in my life than i used to when i started the first one, so i have less dedicated time to buckle down and make them. having a bunch of other work to do has extended the dev time more than anything, honestly. i should be getting some time off in march/april so part 6 will probably be started by then!

i just finish getting all the endings, i love the art and story! thank you for translating this!

yes, a spanish translation is in the works! i'm excited for your friends to be able to play too :)

i made this one before making lonely wolf treat so technically it's the other way around :) thanks for playing! glad you're enjoying them hehe

i love the premise for this, and it was executed perfectly! great job to everyone involved :D

oh, you just downloaded the wrong file, sorry for the confusion! the one you want is called

there will be a 6th game, i haven't started on it yet so i can't say when it will be released, but i can assure you that it will definitely be made!

there's a link to the sequel at the top of the game page. it's unfinished but i've moved on from the series so unfortunately that's all there is!

not sure at the moment, but the next one will not be the last!

no, it's singular "they". trick is non-binary!

thanks! considering i've made 5 now, i think it's safe to say i won't get tired of it before the story ends.

going inside atelier sweets in the beginning of the game is optional but other than that there aren't really any extra areas this time

OH how strange--i've heard of certain keyboard issues happening with rpg maker, it would be weird if the other games worked on the same system and yet this one didn't? my first guess is to try redownloading it maybe?

she's slow on purpose because she's tired, then once you get dressed she moves at normal speed.

thanks so much! i used rpg maker vx ace to make this game.

i've been too busy to plan stuff like that but it's a good idea... i think i'll try to make a new design before december, yeah!

thanks! haha for some reason everyone asks if there will be a sequel even when i put "to be continued" at the end... i don't have an estimated release date for it but i'm definitely planning on making it. thanks for playing my games!

what a lovely story! i love how the busts look against the out of focus backgrounds, it really makes the character art shine! such a sweet little vn <3

this game is so cute! i really loved the art for the cutscenes, i'm a big fan of the abstract color choices for the different areas too. it was so neat how parts of the background were transparent with a background pattern showing through, very stylish! the ending was satisfying as well :) a few parts were a little buggy but it didn't really take away from the experience. great work!

the next game you'll play as mochi! i'm not planning on introducing more playable characters at this point. depending on what i think of after part 6 it might follow the pattern or it might not. (thanks for being understanding about the moving thing also, i'm just now getting settled into the new place haha)

no there isn't a translation for dreaming treat yet but that person has done the previous four games so i can only assume they're going to continue haha

they're actually only sold at conventions right now--unfortunately i don't have a dedicated online store at the moment.

a spanish translation exists already, though it's hosted on tumblr instead of here. thank you for offering though!