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yeah seems like everything is trying to get rid of flash support :(

i made a DL version, thank you for all you've done to help people play this little game, i really appreciate it.

this game was made in rpg maker vx ace

thank you!! this is so cute aaaaaa

it's called "Dreaming Treat" and i hope to release it next month or so!

thank you so much for this kind comment! i'm glad you're enjoying the series :D i hope i can release the next one soon!!!

thanks, i'm working on the next one! here is the link to my patreon

thank you!!! (also nice, laid-back camp!! heehee)

aww gosh what a nice compliment! thank you so much!!

the korean translations are done by my friend KyleHeren! translations are sporadic because they are done on a volunteer basis.

hmm i'm not sure i understand the first part of your question...

i learned programming just by doing it! there are tutorials for basic things, then after that you just build on what you already know to make more and more complex events. it helps that rpg maker gives you a big list of options to pick through, so i'm not typing out each line of code on my own.

thanks! and yes, trick is agender. their pronouns are they/them :)

aaa thanks so much! the 5th game is close to being finished, i hope to release it during august of this year!

thank you so much!! i'm glad you enjoyed it, hehe no one really points out the options screen so i appreciate the fun i had there not going unnoticed~

thank you :D

there's no true ending, so all of them are canon honestly! gumdrop's is the easiest to get though i think.

thank you! i made it with rpg maker vx ace.

thank you so much!! i'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the experience hehe. i'd love to make dolls of my characters, but unfortunately that's a very expensive thing to do x_x maybe one day!

thank you so much!!!!!!

their witch versions are thyme and spice--time and space are the originals! it's like an alternate universe haha

aiming for july/august but i've been busy so we'll seeeeeee

yeah! my email is listed on my profile page, if you could send me a message i'll reply with a download link for the files~

what's confusing about it?

oh! hmm i think i will use the other person's officially on the game page, but you're free to share yours as well.

i'm working on it~ i posted some screenshots on twitter a while back.

thank you! when i finish the series i would like to make a complete version to possibly release on steam. that would be pretty far in the future though!

treat is female

rpg maker is pc only, sorry :( but if you use a program called wine,  you can run the game just fine through that!

someone is working on the translation right now :D i don't know when it will be finished though.

thanks! hmm yeah i think full screen is the problem. it stretches out the screen to fit so it gets messed up.

i can do that, i just need to know your email haha

thank you! i hope you enjoy the sequels as well :)

oh, no one has made that yet. my email is on my profile page, if you wanna try it i can send the game files!

thank you!

but one already exists on tumblr actually:

thank you! (your english is just fine!)

the fifth game is going well :D it's about 70% done right now. still aiming to release it this summer.

hoping to release this summer :D

in the art collection pdf it gives away what choices you should make for all the endings, yes :)

pretty sure it's alt+enter!

mkay i deleted your other reply to not clog up the page lol but your problem is you've typed "hotline" when it's actually "hotmail"!

woah i didn't know that could even happen...? i tried sending myself an email from another account and it worked just fine... i'll try deleting stuff anyway. all i can think of is try doublechecking that the address was right haha. or if you're attaching something to the email try hosting it on google drive instead and sending a link? (i don't know if that's what you were trying to do, if not i'm confused as you are lol)

sure! my email is listed on my itchio profile.