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it's added! :)

thank you for your comment, it gave me the motivation to finish the android version :) you can play it now, hope you enjoy!

thank you! i'm saving translations of this game for after the whole thing is finished, since rpgmaker is a little difficult when it comes to this stuff. definitely email me in the future, because i would love to translate the game into as many languages as possible :)

there is a dark and oppressive atmosphere for one section of the game. no jumpscares, it's just a little foreboding.

steam doesn't allow you to put up the same game on other storefronts for a lower price... there's an exception for mobile because it's a different build/platform. that's why the mobile version is free and the pc version is paid now. sorry for the confusion!

sorry for the late reply--yes, russian will be added sometime this year!

hi, sorry for the late reply! this is usually caused by having a custom icon for the .exe file. i've updated the game to remove the custom icon, which should stop it from giving you antivirus alerts.

hope you'll get to enjoy the game!

omg this is so cute... thank you for sharing!!

i think this is an issue for ren'py games in general--because i use a custom icon for the .exe, it sets off the anti-virus alert. i can assure you the files are safe :) hope you enjoy the game!

yes :) it will take a while, but i want to add one!

wasn't sure if there would be interest for this so i initially skipped it--i added them just now! enjoy~!

aaaa i'm glad people caught it, because i wrote the story around that quote hahahahaha

added, thanks for letting me know!

no, it's just a token that tracks progress... thanks for playing!!!!

oops, didn't realize they ran out! i'll refill now, so you should be able to grab one soon.

streaming is fine with me! enjoy!!

the first WIP build for chapter 8 was released to patrons yesterday :) i plan to do another public release later this year, probably splitting chapter 8 into 2 releases because it's very long. thanks for your patience!

thanks for mentioning this, there was a bug with marking that should be fixed now--plus i made it so middle click will let you toggle between paint and mark :) hopefully no one will get accidental errors anymore!

so glad to hear this!! hope you had fun playing haha

working on it! i post updates regularly on my patreon :)

this is really cool!! i enjoy simple games a lot, and the atmosphere and music were really perfect... the writing was really engaging, i played through it twice but i didn't notice much difference, so now i'm thinking of playing a third time... i wanna know all the secrets......

great game, thank you for sharing!

weird!! i genuinely can't think of what would be causing that... i'm sorry i can't help more ;_;

how strange, i've never heard of something like this happening... is there a screen when it crashes, or does it just close out of the game automatically? i know sometimes games won't run correctly if you don't unzip the folder first... what system are you playing on? i hope you can get it working haha

yes! i want to share my code the same as with the syrup rpg framework, i just need to spend some time cleaning it up and making it run more efficiently (since it slows down a lot on larger grids depending on your computer)

i hope more people will make picross games, since i love playing them! hehe, enjoy this one when you get a chance :)

amazing game! i love everything about it, especially the art!! super well told, looking forward to going back and playing your other games now omg

so well done!!! i got all teary in the end... thanks so much for making this ;o;

i really love this, amazing work!!

so cute.... so happy nanala could get a gf. i played both games back to back and it was a lovely experience. thanks for the adorable games!!!

it's back :)

omg thank you!! i downloaded your game earlier today and i was excited to play it hehe. so glad you enjoyed!!!!!

i want to, but it will take some time!

same game! the textbox is bigger or smaller depending on your device, but that's it :)

thank you! the mute thing is a bug that i'm not sure how to fix... i'll try to figure it out for future updates!

wow, i've never heard of this device and now i want one!!! glad the game works well for you haha

yes, i will be sending the files out to translators today :) so far spanish, french, and brazilian portuguese are confirmed!

i hadn't originally planned on it, but yeah i can make an android version! it'll take a bit of time, so i guess just stay tuned for updates :) thanks!

yeah it's still rpgmaker! i've considered remaking in other engines, but it'd be too time-consuming to do on my own. thanks so much for playing!!

the update is live! the photo studio is included as well :) enjoy!!!

i have to test if it will work on touch screen first, but i would like to include the photo studio! thank you for loving this game, it gives me a lot of motivation to know someone is looking forward to playing it again ^^

thank you for your enthusiasm! i will update on android soon.
the reason for the delay was because the current update included some new text, so i would have to remove the languages that don't have the updated translations yet. but it's taking longer than anticipated, so i'll just go ahead and put up the new version this weekend :)