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congrats on releasing the full version!!! i think it turned out so wonderful~ i hope everyone falls in love with this cast as much as i did!

aww wow so kind! thanks for taking the time to comment <3

this story was so fun! i watched DCS play through last night and we were all laughing a ton. dr. frank was my favorite character, ahh so many of his lines were so endearing! and all the puzzles with the items were really neat, it added so much to the experience! all the little animation touches you added to the menus and character busts too i thought were really nice. such a charming game!!! so happy you could finish it, even if it took a while--i know how tough it can get with a big project looming over you so congrats!! your efforts were not wasted <3 thanks for this lovely gem of a VN!!

you can reset it by clicking "restart" on the title screen, or go into options>memories>next page>erase memories. sorry that it was unclear!

sorry for the confusion, they're in the version 1.14-all zip! the 1.0 builds are from when i originally uploaded the game, so maybe i should take them off the download list...

vx ace!

sorry, rpg maker exports to windows only :( but i think theres a program for running games like this on mac/linux, it's called wine? that may be worth looking into!

hmm, if you skip too far into the "hey you should rewind" loop you won't be able to get out, but you can hit reset on the menu and start from the beginning--the game will remember what you've seen and you'll be unstuck! sorry it gave you trouble, i just updated this so i hope i didn't actually break everything when i did that...

aww, cute!! thank you for sharing :D

of course! i'd love to see~

i recommend this one! https://illydna.itch.io/the-stairway

there are currently 4 games out, and more are in the works haha

if you go to my page there's a big list of all of them! hope you enjoy~

warm curry-flavored heart...! this is so sweet, thanks for taking the time to comment! glad you're enjoying my stuff~

aw wow thank you so much! yeah if you finish that cosplay i'd love to see it!! always happy to see moxie fans <3

aww i'm so happy to hear that!! glad everyone's having a good time :D

thanks, i'm glad you're enjoying the series! unfortunately i don't have a date for the next release but i am working on a visual novel about mochi next, that should be out before the end of the year! the next rpg is still quite a ways off since i'm trying to get other projects finished and out of the way. thanks for your patience!! ♡

x is cancel. i'm sorry the menu trapped you ;o; hope you're enjoying it anyway~

yep yep, the main series is intended for pretty much all ages! there's little to no swearing (a character might say "damn" at some point? that's the only instance i can think of), no explicit nudity, very few instances of suggestive dialogue (you'd have to go out of your way to find it and kids would probably not understand anyway), and of course no on-screen character death or over-the-top violence. there's one battle in the second game but there's no blood and you can choose not to fight. i think that's all as far as possible concerns go?

thank you for asking, i hope she enjoys them if she can play!!

thank you for playing! i'm glad it didn't disappoint <3

i think it's alt+enter but your screen will stretch weird so it's not that great :(

for this one it was all 3x osc since it was the only one i knew how to use haha, i started using fruity dx10 later on though.

haha this was the first original game i made so my "previous works" were actually made after this one. thanks for playing it though!

fl studio 12!

thank you! there's no need to contribute <3 i appreciate the thought though! the next game is on its way ;)

heheh, thanks so much! yeah don't worry, moxie is here to stay. trick's place is elsewhere but they won't be gone forever <3 glad you're enjoying my games!!

it should load automatically in your browser, regardless of OS. if it doesn't, flash plugins might be blocked or something, i'm not really sure how to help :(


oops you're right, i keep forgetting about that page lol

...? but i posted on my dev blog just the other day?

if that's what they come off as, then they are.  probably not something that would be named in the series itself (like a lot of other things) but if people relate to it that way i encourage them wholeheartedly!

heheh, i'm writing a visual novel at the moment that's all about this stuff. lucky you <3 dunno when i'll be able to finish it but this comment certainly gives me motivation to!

not yet, i'm taking a break from the series to work on other things but i'll get back to it for sure <3

that'd be really cool! i'd love to see it!!

sure you can make a fan game! i made the assets myself so i'm not comfortable freely handing them out... plus mv's tile size is different so you'd have to upscale them anyway :( sorry. good luck!

thank you! i used ren'py, it's a free program :D good luck!!

salt is a girl haha

yes ;)

1+2. yeah all animal folk can do it whenever they feel like it really, it's just inconvenient more often than not so they generally don't.

3. probably, but it's not the focus of the story

4. i'm cutting you off NO MORE QUESTIONS hahaha

1. i don't have a name for it, i've just been calling it candy universe

2. yes  3. probably not?  4. yes  5. until someone forces her out lol  6. probably!  7. no

and 8. i don't have an estimate sorry! but i have a lot of things planned so there will be at least a few, and probably a lot of spinoff games involving this cast.