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there's a link to the sequel at the top of the game page. it's unfinished but i've moved on from the series so unfortunately that's all there is!

not sure at the moment, but the next one will not be the last!

no, it's singular "they". trick is non-binary!

thanks! considering i've made 5 now, i think it's safe to say i won't get tired of it before the story ends.

going inside atelier sweets in the beginning of the game is optional but other than that there aren't really any extra areas this time

OH how strange--i've heard of certain keyboard issues happening with rpg maker, it would be weird if the other games worked on the same system and yet this one didn't? my first guess is to try redownloading it maybe?

she's slow on purpose because she's tired, then once you get dressed she moves at normal speed.

thanks so much! i used rpg maker vx ace to make this game.

i've been too busy to plan stuff like that but it's a good idea... i think i'll try to make a new design before december, yeah!

thanks! haha for some reason everyone asks if there will be a sequel even when i put "to be continued" at the end... i don't have an estimated release date for it but i'm definitely planning on making it. thanks for playing my games!

what a lovely story! i love how the busts look against the out of focus backgrounds, it really makes the character art shine! such a sweet little vn <3

this game is so cute! i really loved the art for the cutscenes, i'm a big fan of the abstract color choices for the different areas too. it was so neat how parts of the background were transparent with a background pattern showing through, very stylish! the ending was satisfying as well :) a few parts were a little buggy but it didn't really take away from the experience. great work!

the next game you'll play as mochi! i'm not planning on introducing more playable characters at this point. depending on what i think of after part 6 it might follow the pattern or it might not. (thanks for being understanding about the moving thing also, i'm just now getting settled into the new place haha)

no there isn't a translation for dreaming treat yet but that person has done the previous four games so i can only assume they're going to continue haha

they're actually only sold at conventions right now--unfortunately i don't have a dedicated online store at the moment.

a spanish translation exists already, though it's hosted on tumblr instead of here. thank you for offering though!

rpg maker doesn't export to linux, but you can use a program called wine to run it.

thank you for the fan art, she's so cute!!! salt and pepper and annie and may have ambiguous relationships but it's safe to assume theyre couples haha

LP is let's play, it's a type of video where someone records themself playing a game with their commentary included, and sometimes facecam.

thank you for catching these, i'll look into it!

aaaaa thank you so much for sharing! i love to hear fan reactions, and your LP was so sweet! i was so honored every time you remembered the names of characters from other games <3 thanks again!!

i love seeing LPs! please go right ahead :D

yay, so glad to read all of this! thanks for playing!! and yes, now that moxie is living in the witch town her hair changed color. it happened with nutmeg too :)

definitely not anytime soon! i usually announce when i'm working on things on my twitter so that's the best place to keep an eye on for updates. thanks for playing!

the images are archived in the public release. i leave them unarchived on patreon though!

wow, thank you for sharing this! i'll be sure to send it along to anyone else who asks.

i can't make a port but there's a program called wine that should help you run the game on linux (and mac!)

yeah seems like everything is trying to get rid of flash support :(

i made a DL version, thank you for all you've done to help people play this little game, i really appreciate it.

this game was made in rpg maker vx ace

thank you!! this is so cute aaaaaa

it's called "Dreaming Treat" and i hope to release it next month or so!

thank you so much for this kind comment! i'm glad you're enjoying the series :D i hope i can release the next one soon!!!

thanks, i'm working on the next one! here is the link to my patreon

thank you!!! (also nice, laid-back camp!! heehee)

aww gosh what a nice compliment! thank you so much!!

the korean translations are done by my friend KyleHeren! translations are sporadic because they are done on a volunteer basis.

hmm i'm not sure i understand the first part of your question...

i learned programming just by doing it! there are tutorials for basic things, then after that you just build on what you already know to make more and more complex events. it helps that rpg maker gives you a big list of options to pick through, so i'm not typing out each line of code on my own.

thanks! and yes, trick is agender. their pronouns are they/them :)

aaa thanks so much! the 5th game is close to being finished, i hope to release it during august of this year!

thank you so much!! i'm glad you enjoyed it, hehe no one really points out the options screen so i appreciate the fun i had there not going unnoticed~