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thank you for playing! i'm glad it didn't disappoint <3

i think it's alt+enter but your screen will stretch weird so it's not that great :(

for this one it was all 3x osc since it was the only one i knew how to use haha, i started using fruity dx10 later on though.

haha this was the first original game i made so my "previous works" were actually made after this one. thanks for playing it though!

fl studio 12!

thank you! there's no need to contribute <3 i appreciate the thought though! the next game is on its way ;)

heheh, thanks so much! yeah don't worry, moxie is here to stay. trick's place is elsewhere but they won't be gone forever <3 glad you're enjoying my games!!

it should load automatically in your browser, regardless of OS. if it doesn't, flash plugins might be blocked or something, i'm not really sure how to help :(


oops you're right, i keep forgetting about that page lol

...? but i posted on my dev blog just the other day?

if that's what they come off as, then they are.  probably not something that would be named in the series itself (like a lot of other things) but if people relate to it that way i encourage them wholeheartedly!

heheh, i'm writing a visual novel at the moment that's all about this stuff. lucky you <3 dunno when i'll be able to finish it but this comment certainly gives me motivation to!

not yet, i'm taking a break from the series to work on other things but i'll get back to it for sure <3

that'd be really cool! i'd love to see it!!

sure you can make a fan game! i made the assets myself so i'm not comfortable freely handing them out... plus mv's tile size is different so you'd have to upscale them anyway :( sorry. good luck!

thank you! i used ren'py, it's a free program :D good luck!!

salt is a girl haha

yes ;)

1+2. yeah all animal folk can do it whenever they feel like it really, it's just inconvenient more often than not so they generally don't.

3. probably, but it's not the focus of the story

4. i'm cutting you off NO MORE QUESTIONS hahaha

1. i don't have a name for it, i've just been calling it candy universe

2. yes  3. probably not?  4. yes  5. until someone forces her out lol  6. probably!  7. no

and 8. i don't have an estimate sorry! but i have a lot of things planned so there will be at least a few, and probably a lot of spinoff games involving this cast.

nope sorry, you can't get her ending if you give her to butterscotch

1. no they're not planned to be playable sorry

2. yes ;) and yes to 3 as well.

4. i've had some of these characters for quite a while as something i drew for fun, and i always wanted to make an rpg maker game so one day i saw that a game jam was happening and decided to go for it! treat is my fave so i made up a story about her. then everyone liked the game so much it really motivated me to keep making more haha

thanks for the questions!

it's a browser game! if it isn't loading, try opening the page in internet explorer...? i think chrome/firefox blocks flash stuff sadly.

sorry, the program i made this game in is windows only. but you can use a program called wine to play it! i've never used it myself so i can't offer instructions on how, but i've heard a lot of people got it to work through that so i hope it's not too difficult?

I'M SUPER LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE (and making more music for the series heheh), i'm just so interested in the world and where things will go from here! the designs in this are awesome too, i especially like how the whole family is the same colors except for lee. AND THE OUTFITS ARE SO GREAT!! you set up a whole world so fast in one little story... and knowing the later ones will be even better is killing me, i need more nowwwwwww!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!

as of right now i'm not planning on it no

ahh thank you for pointing it out! i'll update it soon.

thank you! yes!! trick is non-binary and will return in the future of course~ glad you love them!!!

there's 5! one is a secret end.

aww she's cute! thank you!!!

i used rpg maker vx ace for this one! renpy is an easier place to start but it really depends on the style of game you wanna make. good luck!

oh no worries! glad it was easy to find. always happy when people are interested in making this style of game!

i'm enjoying this so much!! (i haven't seen all the endings yet but i definitely want to...!)

i haven't watched any mlp in years but i could still hear all the lines in the characters' voices, it really rekindled my love for the series!! i thought fluttershy was especially well-written (she's always been my favorite!) and i was really surprised at how many different paths the story takes, and all the different feelings it explores. there's just so much packed in and all of it is so heartwarming to read!!

thank you so much for making this <3 i just had to leave a comment to say that... i'm really looking forward to any future games you make, too!!

i love this!! it's so unique and full of charm, i really enjoyed the jokes and characters! fishboy made me laugh a lot. definitely playing the full version if/when it happens!!

hm well it's not super visually explicit but the characters have sex, so however nsfw that is to you haha

you'll have to delete your persistent save files, i think renpy stores them in two places on your computer? that's all i really know, hope it helps!

someone was working on that but never finished :( translations depend on whoever comes forward wanting to translate things honestly.

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that's done with multi-persistent data! i set a flag at the end of syrup and as long as people use the same computer and have that data still, they'll be able to see that ending.

thanks so much for the feedback!! i'll make a note of those things, they'd totally be fun to have~ and yes there will be more games in this series whenever i'm able to work on it! i'm taking a break right now to do other games but i won't forget this series ;)