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thanks! there's no onscreen button but if you press "h" the text will be hidden until you click or press h again :)

this game is so interesting! the character busts are really expressive and i love the little voice barks they have, it adds a lot. the mix of art styles is really cool to see as well! you should totally dress up this page more, definitely add screenshots to give people an idea of what to expect--i think there are a lot of people out there that would be interested to play this, and having a mostly-blank page is selling it short!

good work!!

this game was made in rpg maker vx ace, so there are a lot of stock assets included in the project that go unused

thanks so much! as far as the ones who appear in this game, aside from trick it's just the cat kid by the fountain and chai. it's not meant to be ambiguous, just the way they are :)

thank you! i'll write those down~

ohhhhh this game is so wonderful! i love everything about it! the ending was exactly what i'd hoped for too <3 GREAT WORK!!!!

thank you so much, i'm glad you finally got to play! the full series is planned to have 8 or 9 parts but i love making spinoff games and comics so treat is potentially endless.

games are really fun and rewarding to make so i hope you do decide to make your own! thanks again <3

thanks! yes, moxie will be returning as the main character for the next part :)

thank you so much for your feedback! i agree that drag and drop would be better, so i'll look into reworking the code next time (i've never done drag and drop stuff in ren'py but i'm sure it's possible!)

oh this is really helpful feedback, thank you! while i was testing i actually ran into the main menu problem too (you have to right click to get to the button to take you out) so i should've taken it as a sign it needed to be built into the quick play menu like you said XD

i will definitely add illustrations to the tutorial as well! i'd like it to be as easy to understand as possible so players can relax without thinking too hard (it's not meant to be a difficult game haha) so i'll definitely revisit that in the next update.

thanks again!

thanks! and hmm i think i would rather you didn't since the songs feel so attached to my games, but if you really want to then go ahead as long as you link back to me somewhere ^^

thanks! i make these with rpg maker vx ace. i draw the sprites myself in paint tool sai :)

the way it works (as far as i understand) is that you have a copy of the save data in the game folder (that goes away if you uninstall the game/delete that folder) and another copy in your program files somewhere with all the other renpy games you've played, if that makes sense. so uninstalling only gets rid of one copy of the save data.

i updated the game so you should be able to play it in browser with no problems! hope it works~

there's no chirval end at the moment unfortunately! but i'm planning on releasing this game for mobile later this year so i think i'll be able to add it ;)

no, it should still have kept the data somewhere else on your computer so even if the game is uninstalled you'll be able to see the extra ending if you cleared syrup!

i'm finishing other projects at the moment, but part 7 will definitely happen in the future :D

here's the full list :)

i'm not able to port rpg maker games at the moment unfortunately, so there are no plans right now.

of course :) have fun!

gracias ♥

thanks! i haven't started working on it yet but there will be a part 7.

i draw them using clip studio paint :D

nah i haven't heard of that, i use rpg maker vx ace.

no, to be honest it's too expensive and not worth the trouble haha

ahh no, ren'py is a visual novel engine. this game is made with rpg maker vx ace.

alt+enter should work :)

this game is so cute! it was a lot bigger and longer than i expected too--i was happy to get to explore this little world and meet all the cute little characters :) i really enjoyed marron's upbeat attitude, and the ending was so sweet. i love all the detail in the art collection as well! i'm really attached to emma for some reason... once again, great work kc!! <3

added today :)

it's made with Ren'Py :)

if you mis-clicked on the language select screen at the start, you can change the language settings from the options menu! click "Ajustes" then "Idioma..." and you can change to english from there.

aww wow, thank you so much! (and your english was perfect, no worries!)

it's unisex in this universe.

 rpg maker games can be built as a standalone game with the runtime package (rtp) included, OR the rtp can be downloaded separately from the rpg maker site, allowing any rpg maker game (of the vx ace version, in this case) to be run just by downloading the unique files for that project. the download size is significantly smaller in the no rtp version, and considering this game has 6 parts now, you don't really need so many repeat files, that's why i offer it, haha. (...though it seems like most people just grab the standalone version and don't really care!)

i hope i explained that in a way that is easy to understand lol

unfortunately rpg maker doesn't export to mac or linux, but a lot of people have gotten around that through a program called wine. i hope that helps!

oh no, okay i have two solutions for you:

if you download the rpg maker vx ace rtp from here, you should be able to run the game.

otherwise you can download the first "" since it's the standalone version--i'm assuming you downloaded the smaller one by mistake, which is causing your error.

hope that helps!

you should be able to get it from the game page, sorry for the confusion!

i'm planning on releasing mobile versions of all my visual novels, don't worry! this one is currently scheduled for october~

i'm sure treat would be happy you remembered :)

i don't have a public discord server unfortunately but maybe one day i'll open one up! thanks for your comment~

CONGRATS ON RELEASING THIS!! i love to see you putting out amazing game after amazing game. it's so impressive how quickly you can put something like this together, when the content is so genuine and like. important!!!! i really love your games :)

i had never gone back and seen all of the endings for one night hot springs (i was so satisfied with the erika 2 end that i never got around to it!), so before playing this i made sure to see everything from the first game. it was a nice refresher, and even nicer to get to the new story right afterwards! your characters are so well-written, from haru's anxiety about causing any sort of trouble, manami's relationship with haru as a longtime friend who just can't be open with her, and erika's drive to make a fun thing happen for her friend(/crush!) AT ALL COSTS... it was all just really well done and i think will be relatable for a lot of people, and that's not even touching on the lgbt stuff! GREAT WORK!!

there's a lot more to be said but i won't leave spoilers in the comments on release day, hehe~ i hope you have a restful may <3 treat yourself to a spa day too, kc!