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it's here: http://nomnomnamidev.tumblr.com/

haha, i've wanted to for a while i just haven't gotten around to making the post. not enough time x_x

there's a link on the page, sorry if it didn't stand out very well haha: https://mockoff.bandcamp.com/album/syrup-and-the-ultimate-sweet-ost

yep ;)

yes it is canon, and yes it will be alluded to.

this game was so sweet! the puzzles were really cute :D and the world was really neat, i love your designs! thanks for making this!!

just hit alt+enter :) thanks!

it should show up on your feed when it comes out if you're following me here ^^ i'll also announce it on twitter and tumblr.

i'm making part 5 right now! i should be able to finish it sometime in the next few months :) thanks!

in version 1.2 you can select your language at the start of the game. you can also change it from the upper right of the options screen!

thank you so much! i'm working on the 5th game right now actually :D i don't have a release date yet but it's definitely coming soon~

sure! i've actually really wanted to do mobile ports for my VNs, i just keep being busy with other things. nice to know people are interested though, it really makes the work feel worth doing haha

sure, always happy when people share my games!

but hmm i don't know about cameo stuff, treat in particular is really special to me so i'd feel a little uneasy about someone tossing her into their universe. i'm happy that someone would like her enough to want to, but i think i'll have to decline for now!

your trailer for it looks cute :) congrats on releasing your demo!

OH okay you just need to download the RTP: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages it will run after that!

oh no :( the french version doesn't use a different font than the english one so it might be your computer... i'm sorry! i think if you can download and install the font it's telling you, it should work?

heheh, yeah it'll probably be best experienced in full! i'll try not to keep everyone waiting too much longer ;)

i list the order on all the game pages... it's under "GAMES IN THIS SERIES", they're all numbered and there are links to the other pages.

if you make the image the right size it can tell automatically how to break up the tiles and stuff--the default is like a 384x256 sheet, which would fit 8 32x32 characters. you get 4 rows per character: 1st is walking down, 2nd is left, then right, then up. you also get 3 columns: 1st is one foot forward (doesn't matter which), 2nd is them standing normally, and 3rd is the other foot forward. that way it can do a walking animation :D i hope that explained things?? to make 32x64 sprites i just made the whole image 384x512 and it just worked. also we could probably move this conversation to email so we don't clog the comments with all this general rpg maker talk... lol

oh right yeah 32x32 is the default for vx ace-- i make my treat sprites 32x64 tho. you can find some base assets in the rpg maker files, i used those as a base especially for making the tilesets. i think there's a lot of tutorials out there specifically for making rpg maker stuff, good luck!!

uhh hm i make my games at the default size so i don't know if i can help you on that front D:

haha, thank you! i really like doing pixel art so i have a lot of experience with it. a while back i made a tutorial for how i do sprites, i hope it helps get you started! thanks for being so considerate too, i like responding to questions whenever i can, so don't be afraid of bothering me <3

no worries, i use paint tool sai for pixel art but there's also aseprite, graphics gale, idk lots of programs are out there but even ms paint works just fine :D

thank you so much for playing! a lot of people are asking for my games to be put on steam, i haven't done it yet because you have to pay to put them up but i plan on looking into it sometime soon <3

i use rpg maker vx ace, it's pretty easy to make something nice with :D good luck on your projects!!

probably not--rpg maker is windows only so there's nothing i can really do about it :(

here's my important answer: i just love cute things so i try my best to make more ;)

THAT'S SO SWEET!! thank you for sharing <3 love to hear when kids play this series haha

thanks so much! hope you enjoy~

if you choose to wear something warm when you leave the house you'll have money, but it's not necessary to complete the game!

sometime this year!

THIS IS SO NEAT!!! great work <3

no worries, i'm working on the next game right now :D thanks for playing!

it's being worked on currently! sorry to keep you waiting~

i think i made it so as long as you clear the game it counts! you don't have to get all the endings to unlock it.

not yet ;)

the translator contacted me about this and i told them it was okay--i think they mentioned the pronouns thing in the readme so people will know if they check that? it's tough with some languages, like from what i understand, with spanish they pretty much gender everything? so you're kind of forced to pick one or the other? in which case it's like... ok. i guess go with feminine then. thanks for letting me know about "elle" though, i didn't know that was a thing!

yeah i use vx ace--i can't easily port these games to mv because the tile sizes are different (among many other issues haha)

darn :( there's nothing i can do... rpg maker is pc only so i can't port them.

i think you can play them through a program called WineHQ! hope that helps~