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i'm planning to in the future! i've had problems with my google play developer account, which is why i'm unable to at the moment... once i get it figured out, i will upload the game and have a link here :)

aww they're all so cute!! thank you for sharing!!!

oh shoot that's a bug, i'll fix it in a future update!

i'd be happy to add more translations! if you're interested in translating or know someone who could help with that please feel free to send me an email :)

this comment is so kind, THANKS SO MUCH!! i'm glad you liked this game, i hope i can make a good continuation to it in the future!!

ooh you're right, i should add it to the menu once you've cleared the game before. thanks, i'll put that in next time i update the game!!

there is an ingame flowchart if you click the bad end button on the character select screen. i hope that helps!

OMG how did this go unnoticed for so long... thank you!!

yes, and yes :)

planning on it! scheduled for november :)

sorry, rpgmaker vx ace doesn't work with android (though i've heard there are some alternatives?)

once the series is complete i'm hoping to rebuild the game in a more accessible engine, but that's a long way off. thank you for loving treat anyway!

yeah go right ahead!

i'm so happy to read this! thanks so much for playing my games, and i'm glad you were able to figure yourself out!!

CONGRATS ON RELEASE!!! this game is so fun and cute, i wish it all the success. thanks for letting me test and stuff!!

i don't have the time/energy to manage a server but i hope other people will make one!

they're all digital, sorry! LINE is an app where you can chat with your friends and they have all sorts of cute emotes and stickers to use so i wanted to make my own :)

mochi moxie and treat are a throuple! they are all dating each other haha

working on releasing another VN in october, then coming back to this. i have a work in progress build available for patrons, about 1/3 of the game is finished! i might still be able to release before the end of the year :)

I LOVE THIS GAME!! the art and colors are so gorgeous and the writing omg i am filled with romantic feelings... this type of stuff is my weakness... it's so sweet. wow. i played a bunch of the outfit routes and they were all EXTREMELY CUTE!! the music was so relaxing too... what a wonderful game!! thank you all for making it! <3

4 of the 8 characters you can kiss are boys

i think the only direct reference to it in the script is her saying that (spoilers!!) pastille made gumdrop to be her type haha

thanks for playing my game!!

it's an inconsistency that i left in to make the toffee ending easier to reach. you're actually the first person to point it out... lol

if you're concerned about that, this might not be the game for you

they are both boys.

since it isn't my song, i don't feel comfortable giving permission--you can ask @dreamsoundsvid on twitter!

wow, thank you for this comment! i'm so happy to read it!!

i've had many people tell me my games have helped them become more comfortable with their gender/sexuality, and it warms my heart every time <3 i mostly make games for my own entertainment, so it's a really nice bonus that they end up helping others this way too.

thank you for playing my games! i'll be sure to keep making lots more <3 (also your english was just fine! no worries~)

thanks for letting me know--there are multiple new translations in progress right now so i'm expecting to update the game soon! sorry for the wait in the meantime.

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS it's so lovely!!!!!!!

yes she does :)

the chinese translation was just finished! hope you enjoy :)

that'd be really cool! please send me an email and i can get the files to you :)

AMAZING writing... omg. wish i played this sooner. thank you for making it! (really loved the ending sequence too aaaaa)

thank you so much for offering, but there's already someone i planned to hire for this! i'm just saving up a little money first.

oops i accidentally deleted your comment because i thought it was spam! you can go ahead and post the code again if you want haha

i can't stop crying ;m;

thank you for playing..! i'm so happy to read this ;o; aaa always very glad to hear this story resonated with people on such a deep level... (i also consider this to be my top favorite so you're more than valid!!! lol)

and yes please enjoy all my drawings on twitter, i will continue to make a billion <3 love these boys

sure! is there a way you can show me what code you have so far? if ren'py is giving you any specific errors i might be able to spot what's going wrong haha

thanks! the rest of my games are available here:

i'd recommend playing contract demon or her tears were my light first :) they're probably the most popular ones haha

everyone's outfits in the epilogue... <3

what a perfect series!!! i enjoyed it even more than the first time i played all of them. it was so nice reading them all in one go. GREAT WORK AS ALWAYS!!!! <333