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yep, they're nonbinary! it comes up in the toffee ending hehe

you can press f5 to enter fullscreen. controls are in the readme included with the game.

and yeah, maia is human haha, i didn't mean for that line to be taken literally--it's more of an anxiety thing!

yes, it's currently broken... i plan on updating this game at some point to make it accessible again. sorry about that!

i used vx ace! thanks for playing :)

when all of the games are finished ;)

thank you! happy to help <3

you can give it to moxie :)

butterscotch+atelier sweets

not yet! planning for future releases though :)

it's available for $5 on the nintendo eshop :)

sure, have fun! :)

i'd like to one day! other projects are taking priority at the moment.

it's been a while but if i remember right, i used that song for the secret little area you can reach at the end of the game.

and yeah that line is a callback to the first game :) good catch haha

streaming is ok for all of my games :) enjoy!

oh wow i forgot that had to be taken out recently... i will try to update this game when i can. thank you for bringing this up!

yeah streams are totally allowed! have fun :)

yes it does! you can change it in the options/language menu.

i wanted to try it out, since there are older games i like that are made with it. the battle system is set up differently too (not that i usually make games with fighting... it just seemed cool)

if you email me i can send the files :) my email is listed on my profile.

it's windows only but you can use a program called wine to play on linux and mac!

yeah it's just a oneshot! but if people are interested i might do a short comic about that :) thanks for playing!

thank you for the honest feedback! i think you're right in that i left too much up to the imagination... specifically with the reason maia wants to stay underwater--i decided not to specify the details because i thought the exact reasons aren't necessarily what matters? just her feelings about it. i left it up to people to fill in the blanks with whatever made sense to them based on what was presented (like in the trench) BUT it seems like that approach doesn't work for everyone...

the response i hear over and over with my games is that people want to see more, so i think i just need to work harder to make sure i put in enough by the end. i'll definitely keep this stuff in mind for the next one. thank you for playing, and for taking the time to write all this!

yep that's the one! haha

there's one alternate ending, but it basically just cuts the story short. i'll leave it up to you to find because i don't want to post spoilers in the comments so soon hehe. thanks for playing!

don't worry, i'm working on the next one :) thanks for playing my games!

this game has such a nice atmosphere! it was a sweet story, thanks for making it :)

yeah just draw in whatever you're most comfortable with haha

i use vx ace :) thanks!

thanks! i'm working on the next game so i can hopefully release it this year

the game is made in rpg maker vx ace, and i draw in paint tool sai and clip studio paint :)

having the coin gives a bit of extra dialogue in ginseng, but the lantern doesn't do anything. thanks for playing! love your dedication :)

thanks, unfortunately rpgmaker vx ace does not export to mobile. i'd have to remake the game in another engine to do a mobile version ;_;

thanks for the suggestions! i definitely have some thoughts on all of those things i'd be glad to share when i have the time hehe

oh wow thank you for pointing that out, just fixed it!

thank you so much! glad you got around to it hehe <3

i honestly started making a sequel but i couldn't figure out the ending so i haven't been able to finish it. thank you for playing my game :)

of course, i'm always happy when people do let's plays :D have fun!

i just think pointy ears are cute :) but yeah, that and their non-human skin tones haha

yep! their stories take place over the same time period. eleni and kamilla show up in friendly bunny mochi as well!

currently planning for 8 or 9! the 9th game would be an epilogue.

hopefully i can finish the series in the next 2 years :) thanks for playing!